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TheFadedWarrior's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Castlevania - Fan Edition didnt age too well...
InfoGenius Systems - Personal Looks.... fun. Gotta love how you can emulate it on Vizzed. But why is this on GameBoy?
Mario Kart DS Hoping the battle missions return to the Mario Kart franchise. Those were always so fun!
Super Mario Kart Didn't age very well to be honest. Your nostalgia glasses are on too tight.
Animal Crossing: City Folk I personally found Wild World to be better, even though it was earlier.
Minecraft Update Aquatic is way good. Probably the best content update yet tbh
Animal Crossing: New Leaf You can't play 3DS games on Vizzed silly..
FIFA International Soccer fake, where's croatia
Crazy Taxi crrrrrAAAAZY TAXEH
Super Boy 3 G R A N D D A D

TheFadedWarrior's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Crash Bandicoot Wrath Cortex
07-20-18 02:46 PM
Crash Bandicoot? More like Crap Bandicoot (Wrath of Cortex)
It is October the 29th, 2001. The Playstation 2 is thriving, the GameCube just got released, and the original XBOX arrives in just 17 days. Needless to say, the video game industry is about to enter one of its greatest ages. Famous for its excellent games on the original Playstation, the Crash Bandicoot franchise is expected to be a big part of this new era of high-quality 3D games. The PS1 had Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back, and Warped, which were all praised but critics and gamers alike. When it was announced that a fourth mainstream Crash game was going to be released on PS2 (as well as GameCube and eventually XBOX), titled Wrath of Cortex, fans got excited. However, Wrath of Cortex was the first Crash game to not be developed by Naughty Dog, and it shows. The project was sent to Traveller's Tales for whatever reason. Up until that point, TT was pretty much only known for Sonic R and Sonic 3D Blast, which were both... pretty terrible, let's be honest. So why Konami gave TT developing rights, I do not know. Let's see TT's take on Crash Bandicoot.

[b]Graphics - 3[/b]

The graphics for Wrath of Cortex were disappointingly bad, even for an early title. Final Fantasy X came out 4 months before and looks beautiful. The art style of Crash Bandicoot games is cartoony and playful. There are lots of bright colors, and textures are very smooth. In Wrath of Cortex, these "smooth" textures just look low-budget. Weirdly enough the crates have pretty good wooden textures and particles, but overall the models in this game are quite poor. There's also a very annoying problem with depth in this game because of the crappy lighting, so I'm always looking for Crash's shadow to see where I'm landing. The backgrounds of each level are also literally just 2D images that spin around to face you. The XBOX release in 2002 [i]did[/i] fix the lighting and update some textures, but it's still not fantastic by any means.
Examples: [url] Read the rest of this Review
Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition
07-05-16 05:39 PM
Boderbones Episode II: Attack of the Loaders

Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Borderlands (surprise, surprise!). It was developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The original Borderlands revolved mostly around co-op, and so does Borderlands 2, but this game is still great in single-player. There were many mechanic changes that made this friendlier for solo players. For example, better enemy scaling and the ability to move while crippled. I am here today to review Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition for PC, which comes bundled with most of the game's DLC.

Graphics - 8

Borderlands 2 is cel-shaded, meaning that most textures are less realistic and have black outlines. Here is Borderlands 2 with cel-shading, and here it is without. You can notice that the game looks like a cartoon or an old 3D Playstation 2 game without cel-shading. Most people would agree that the game looks a lot better with the black outlines.
With the art style of the game in mind, Borderlands 2 looks very good. Most of the textures look nice. However, for reasons I do not know, there are many textures that seem to be low resolution and blurry, as well as other textures not "fitting" the object correctly. Due to these flaws, I have to give the graphics an 8.

Sound - 8

Borderlands 2 has great environmental music and sound effects. Each type of gun makes different noises based on the manufacturer, barrel, body, grip, sight, and stock. There is just such a large variety of high quality sounds in this game. The soundtrack is also great. There aren't any songs you'll get caught in your head, but they really build the game's atmosphere. Some of my favorites are Flamerock Refuge from Tiny Tina's DLC and the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve theme.

I think that the real beauty of the sound in Borderlands 2 is the voice a... Read the rest of this Review
06-03-16 02:23 PM
Borderlands I: The Phantom Vault

Ah, the original Borderlands, one of my favorite shooters of all time. I've owned this game for quite some time and played it a bit, but then I got Borderlands 2 and played that countless hours instead. A few months ago, the original Borderlands became free on XBOX 360 if you had Xbox Live Gold, so I decided to install it. It sucked me back in, so since then I've played it a lot. So here I am to review it!

Game Info:
The game was developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games.
The game came out on October 20, 2009 for Windows, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.
Borderlands is rated M for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Sexual Themes, and Use of Alcohol. However, the only concern for anyone would be the blood and gore, and even that isn't bad. Though it is a bit disturbing to burn a midget psycho to death...
There were 4 DLC campaigns released after the game.
The game is full of references and jokes and is a bit more light-hearted than many shooters.

So, onto the review.

Graphics - 8

Right when you launch the game, you may notice the graphics are shaded oddly. This is called cel-shading and is used in many other games, such as Dragon Quest VIII and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Cel-shading is basically normal shading, but with no gradients. This means that, if light is hitting something, the shading would go straight from light to dark, rather than a gradual shift with intermediate brightness. Cel-shading also typically has dark outlines.

With that being explained, you can understand that it isn't an issue with graphics, and that it's an interesting style. I believe it compliments the game very well. It may not be the most realistic, but it is pleasing to look at. I believe Gearbox did a great job in making the graphics of Borderlands, so I give it an 8.

Sound - 7

While Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel have more electronic and c... Read the rest of this Review
Cory in the House
01-21-16 03:48 PM

When it first came out in 2007, Cory in the House was one of the most critically acclaimed animes of all time. It had an all-star cast with incredible acting with a very deep and interesting plot. Shows today look back on it in amazement, barely believing that such a well-made show could exist. However, the show was short-lived due to the main actor, Kyle Massey, being picked by The Great One himself and ascending into heaven to become the Angel of Annihilation after the second season was finished. For the legacy to live on forever, a video game was created to preserve the TV show.

Graphics - 10

Never have I seen graphics more realistic than this. The fact that they pulled this off on a DS game, the most pixelly game system of all time, just astounds me. Though don't take my word for it, see for yourself! They truly captured the "essence of real life" with these graphics. It's hard to imagine that this game isn't just a whole bunch of live-action cutscenes!

Sound - 10

One of the most loved characteristics of the original Cory in the House anime was the catchy theme song. Parents everywhere were drowning in their children singing the lyrics until the parents themselves started singing too. What really captured my heart is the fact that the theme song is in the video game! And it sounds just like the original too! That's pretty much the only song that plays the whole game though so I have to rate the sound a 9.5. WHICH ROUNDS UP TO 10

Addictiveness - 10

This game really captured me for a couple months. My family was worried sick about me. I could not do anything but play this game nonstop. I left my room once to go to the bathroom, but I brought my DS with me so I could do the ol' play-n-pee. It got to the point where my mom called an authority to come pry me out of my room, but he quickly stopped when I showed him the game. Then he immediately left and bought the game himself! The fun never e... Read the rest of this Review
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
12-18-15 06:32 PM
Diablo 3 - Reaper of Souls
Last week Diablo 3 officially became the 10th bestselling video game of all-time (which includes mobile games and free games, so really it should be like 5th). That being said, it surprises me that this game is so little talked about on Vizzed. It did come out many years ago, but then again so did Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Mario Bros. And unlike the latter, this game could be played for 1000 hours and the game still wouldn't feel like it's getting old and overplayed.

But who cares about how much it's talked about, right? All you need to know is how good the game is. So, let's start off the review with anoverview.


Diablo 3 is an Action Role-Playing Game, or ARPG for short, with an isometric view. Ever played Gauntlet, Torchlight, Baldur's Gate, or Path of Exile? Those are all the same playstyle as Diablo 3. For those who haven't played any of those, or perhaps you just want a refresher on what it is, you pick a class with unique abilities and fight monsters.

In Diablo 3, you have 6 attack buttons. A is your primary attack, Right Trigger is your secondary attack, X is your defensive ability, Y is a special ability, and B and Right Bumper are typically your class's ultimate attacks. However, each type of attack typically has about 4 specific attacks, making each class have about 24 attacks they can perform. That's a huge amount considering what type of game this is, but it doesn't stop there.

Each and every attack has 5 runes that modify the base attack. Runes can be many different things. For example, there's a rune that makes an attack where you throw out frogs completely change to a rune where frogs rain from the sky. But there's also a rune for a poison dart attack simply have a chance to stun the enemy and deal lightning elemental damage. There is also 14-16 passive abilities for each character (you can equip 4 at max level) that aren't attacks, but give you a side bonus (like +20% damage against far ... Read the rest of this Review

TheFadedWarrior's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition
09-25-16 03:06 PM
Borderlands 2 Build Guide: Zer0
Heyo! I plan to make a class guide for every Borderlands 2 character (unless I get bored of it). I made a Krieg guide yesterday, which you can find here --

Oh wait...

Yeah, I spent 3-ish hours on it and accidentally deleted it. But this time I'll make sure I back it up every once in awhile.

Today we're going to be going over Zer0 the Assassin. I will give tips for each of his skills, as well as provide builds for certain levels. Zer0's skill trees are Sniping, Cunning, and Bloodshed. The Sniping skill tree is mostly self-explanatory, but it also focuses a lot on critical hit damage. The Cunning tree is based on making Decepti0n stronger and giving small bonuses to both melee and gun damage. Finally, the Bloodshed tree is focused entirely on boosting Zer0's melee damage. Without further ado, his skills:

Headsh0t - +4% Critical Hit Damage per level. - Very simple skill. You can get +40% crit damage with a Legendary Hunter or Sniper class mod. I'd definitely take this if you're good at aiming.

0ptics - +3% Zoom and +12% Aim Steadiness (reduces aim disruption when taking damage) per level. - The more zoom you have, the further away from enemies you have to stand to snipe. The aim steadiness also isn't that big of a bonus. There's no real problem with taking this skill, but you might as well take Headsh0t instead because it's better.

Killer - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives you +10% Critical Hit Damage and +15% Reload Speed per level for a few seconds. - The bonuses you get from this skill is quite significant. I would definitely put at least 4 points into this skill if you're going for a sniper build. At 5 points you get +50% crit damage and +75% reload speed. You'll be reloading your sniper rifle almost instantly!

Precisi0n - +5% Accuracy per level. - Very small accuracy boost. You probably wouldn't even notice the bonus unless you're using assault rif... Read the rest of this Guide
Borderlands 2
06-03-16 05:57 PM
Borderlands 2 Class Overview
Presenting the sequel to my character guide for Borderlands 1 (!!! Same as before, I will talk about each character's trees, strengths, weaknesses, and tips to play as them. I am also including the DLC characters, Krieg and Gaige.

Axton - The Commando
Action Skill - Sabre Turret
Playstyle - Close combat/Non-elemental

Axton is similar to Roland from the first Borderlands game. They both have a turret as their action skill, and they both work best with non-elemental assault rifles. Of course, they can't be all the same. Axton's skill trees are Guerrilla (turret bonuses), Gunpowder (grenades and rocket launchers), and Survival (health and shields). The Survival tree is very useful for when you are on the brink of death. You can have bonuses to your damage while in Fight For Your Life, having a chance to gain half your health back instead of dying, and gain extra reload speed when your health is low. The capstone allows you to deploy two Sabre Turrets, allowing for maximum coverage. This can be extremely useful for large groups of enemies, but also for one-on-one.

Axton's next skill tree, Gunpowder, is all about fire rate and grenades. The ability called Metal Storm largely boosts your fire rate and recoil reduction when you kill an enemy. You can literally have over double fire rate with the right class mod, which I find extremely useful for almost any type of weapon. Another great ability is Longbow Turret, which allows you to deploy your turret almost anywhere. See a group of enemies off in the distance? Deploy your turret all the way over there for some free experience! This is also good in co-op if you respawn far away from the battle and your buddy needs some help. Another amazing ability is Do or Die, which allows you to throw grenades while in Fight For Your Life. This can be extremely useful with any grenade mods, especially Bouncing Betties or Singularity Grenades. The capstone... Read the rest of this Guide
06-03-16 01:36 PM
Borderlands Class Overview
If you're new to Borderlands or if you haven't tried all the classes yet, you may be wondering... "Which class is best for me?" Well you've come to the right place! I will be doing a guide for each of the playable classes in the first Borderlands game (and eventually the other games). I will include their playstyle, their potential, and some tips for playing as them! Here we go!

Mordecai - The Hunter
Action Skill - Bloodwing
Playstyle - Sniper/Melee

Mordecai's playstyle is built around getting critical hits. His skill trees are Gunslinger (pistols/melee), Rogue (Bloodwing), and Sniper (self-explanatory). For his action skill, Mordecai throws out his pet hawk named Bloodwing. Bloodwing will swoop down once on a single enemy, dealing large damage. At first sight, this may seem like the most useless action skill in the game. But through the Rogue skill tree, you can massively upgrade Bloodwing. A fully-leveled player can make Bloodwing's damage doubled and have her attack 6 times, restoring your health and lowering enemy accuracy each time she hits.

Mordecai's Sniper skill tree is obviously about sniping, but not completely. Some abilities include bonus sniper rifle damage, gaining extra experience with critical hits, and increasing accuracy. However, the capstone (ultimate ability) of this tree gives you a 20% chance to completely bypass enemy shields. This can be upgraded to a 100% chance. While not all enemies have shields early on, by the time you can get this ability most of the tougher enemies have shields... Shields that don't help them at all! There is also an ability called Carrion Call that can be maxed to make it so any time you hit with a sniper rifle, 4 seconds of Bloodwing's cooldown is reduced. This can be combined with the Rogue skill tree for some massive bird damage!

Finally, Mordecai's Gunslinger skill tree is quite varied. It is my personal favorite to use. Some abilities include shooting two bullets with... Read the rest of this Guide
Super Mario 3D Land
02-06-14 06:38 PM
Super Mario 3D Land Star Coin Guide - Special Worlds 5-8
This is it, folks. The grand finale. The end of an era. The final part of my guide to getting every star coin in Super Mario 3D Land. I'm kind of rushing through this, so things may be a bit undescriptive. Deal with it. I apologize, but... yeah. I hope I help you!


Part 1 - Worlds 1-4
Part 2 - Worlds 5-8
Part 3 - Special Worlds 1-4
Part 4 - You're reading it.
Part 5 - Special World 9 and How to Unlock

And now... It's time to finish this once and for all!


Special 5-1 - The first coin might be seen by you while you're playing. It's high above a red platform. There should be 4 blocks against the wall. The second has a Statue Leaf, so you might want that. Anyhow, just on top of the blocks then onto the platform behind them. Jump off the platform onto the red platforms and hopefully you'll get the star coin. You know how just past the halfway flag there are a whole bunch of large spike ball generators? Go past the first few until you have to go up the stairs. When you get to the top, walk onto the blue platform, but go left. You'll see the star coin with a generator right behind it. The last coin is really easy. Near the end of the level you'll see it above 2 red platforms. Jump onto the blue platform to the side, then jump once more onto the red platform. Keep going until you get to the edge and grab the coin.

Special 5-2 - Go through the level like normal until you get to the big red ! block. Hit it three times and jump up the newly created stairs ito the first star coin. Go just past the halfway flag until you see the star coin on your right. Jump onto the donut bridge to collect the coin, then carefully jump back. The final coin is above a spike platform. Jump onto the platform (make sure you time it correctly) and jump once more to collect the last star coin in this level.

Special 5-3 - When you get to the geyser that has 2 different tracks above ... Read the rest of this Guide
Super Mario 3D Land
02-05-14 10:02 PM
Super Mario 3D Land Star Coin Guide - Special Worlds 1-4
Hello! It's me, TheFadedWarrior, and today I am going to be writing the 3rd part of my Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough. I will be covering the star coins in the Special Worlds 1-4. I hope I assist you in getting 100% completion!

Part 1 - Worlds 1-4
Part 2 - Worlds 5-8

Legal Stuffs: I have nothing to do with any game companies... Except the fact that I play their games and purchase their consoles.


If you're going for total 100% completion, you have to complete every single level with both Mario and Luigi as well as getting a golden flag on every level.
The best powerup you can have is Tanooki Mario/Kitsune Luigi. Why? Simply because you can slowfall. On the other hand, a few of these require you to be Fire Mario/Luigi.
Some of these coins are very frustrating to get and may require many, many spare lives. Go to the section a little past halfway in world 1-2 with all the koopas. Stand on top of the first item block and walk down off the edge onto the Koopa. Stop walking. You should be constantly bouncing off of the shell and be getting 1-ups rapidly.

Without further ado, the 3rd part of my guide!


Special 1-1 - The first coin is at the base of the tower and requires Tanooki Mario. See that L-shaped corner on the left side? Wall jump off of that wall, slowfall back to it, wall jump once more, and slowfall onto the top. Jump on top of the block there and jump one final time for the first coin. Once you get near the very top of the tower, you should see the second star coin. Bounce off of the small moving bouncy platform to get the coin. For the final coin, go below the end flag. See that small pathway? Take it to the floating platform with the star coin on the side of it.

Special 1-2 - I believe this is the first Shadow Mario level? At the section where Shadow Mario first forms, you should see a large block consisted of smaller crumbling blocks. At the top of this collection of p... Read the rest of this Guide

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