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09-19-19 08:41 AM

pikappa2001's Profile -

pikappa2001 is Offline

Real Name: Frank
Location: Petalburg
Age: 17 (10-11-01)  Gender: Male
Registered: 08-11-12 08:19 AM (2595 days ago)
Posts: 43  Threads: 4
Post Words: 1,632 (38 word avg)
Viz: 11,288    Contribution Points: 733
Post Rating: 4   Trust Points: 0
Level: 15    Experience: 14363
Next Level: +2021 Exp    Per Post: 501 Exp
Last Activity: 03-26-19 03:50 PM
  Viewing Buy Stuff
Last Post: 06-22-15 09:44 AM
  Seaside Town (SM64 hack) Review by Pac


If you're here, congrats! You stumbled upon my page!

Who's this guy?
Me? Just a random stranger, passing by. I'm pretty active and friendly, so don't mind sending me a PM. I'm always open to chatting! (don't mind the avatar, I'm just a little busy with school and stuff recently )

For how many time have you been here?
I've been here for a long time, already (3 years), although I've been wasting almost 2 years playing retrò games on the, consider me some kind of newbie with the board. I know everything about the RGR, but that doesn't count. It's something that goes to the staff. ^^;

What are your interests?
When I'm not doing ROM hacking-related stuff, I like playing videogames, hanging out with my friends, doing generic computer activities, such as browsing the internet and ROM hacking.

Ohh, ROM hacking! What do you hack?
New Super Mario Bros (, Super Mario World (SMWCentral), and Super Mario Bros. X. Platformers, basically.
I haven't done much, other than levels, though.

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