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10-16-19 11:59 AM

Skilledtree's Profile -

Skilledtree is Offline

Trusted Member
Real Name: Jason
Location: United States
Age: 25 (11-10-93)  Gender: Male
Registered: 03-08-15 01:03 PM (1682 days ago)
Posts: 413  Threads: 34
Post Words: 60,972 (148 word avg)
Viz: 164,866    Contribution Points: 3,249
Post Rating: 98   Trust Points: 6   Chat: 8
Level: 38    Experience: 344319
Next Level: +26128 Exp    Per Post: 1250 Exp
Email: Email withheld from guests.
Last Activity: 03-09-18 10:53 AM
Last Post: 03-08-18 10:17 AM
  What do you do when you don't play video games?


I'm a social nerd! I love to play any type of game, and I love to play with friends!

I'm really nice to everyone and anyone, so don't be afraid to talk to me. I like long thought out conversations, anything that makes me think really. If you're looking for someone to talk to about anything, I'm always active and available to chat!

Next Review: TBA
Previous Review: The Sims 2 (GBA)

Vizzed Yearly Awards:
2015 Best New Member: Third Place

Personal Achievements!
First Friend (Woot!): Eirinn (9/24/2015)
First Featured Review: (9/24/2015)
Reached 1,000 CP: (10/7/2015)
Reached 100th Post: (10/8/2015)
First(second, and third) Jersey: (10/8/2015)
First Loss of Trust Points (It's a sad day now): (10/8/2015)
The Day My Username First Caught Fire: (10/9/2015)
First Trust Points (It's a great day now): (10/10/2015)
Became Trusted(It's a perfect day now): (10/10/2015)

Future Goals:
Become a Local Mod
Reach 20 friends
Reach 500th post
Reach 5,000 CP

I also am on a mission to review as many games on Vizzed as possible! If you're interested in my collection of reviews, check out:
My Youtube For Complete Reviews & More

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