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02-27-20 02:47 PM

Play Shining Force II Online GEN Game Rom - Sega Genesis Emulation - User comments on Shining Force II (GEN)

Play Shining Force II online with Sega Genesis browser emulation for free! Shining Force II (GEN) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Shining Force II

Shining Force II Title ScreenShining Force II Screenshot 1Shining Force II Box Art FrontShining Force II Box Art BackShining Force II Screenthot 2
Rating: 9.2 (92 votes)
Plays: 21,948 M:94% F:6%
Filesize: 1,493kb

Comments for Shining Force II 

Booker 09-06-15 - 04:02 AM
 Hands down my favourite game of all time, would love to play a new game similar to this.
Dahaka 03-26-15 - 04:58 PM
 what a wonderful game!, a truly masterpiece of the RPG, cannot wait to replay it.
janus 01-08-15 - 03:13 PM
 With the healing trick, this game is soo easy. Also, the secret forest battle (in the elven woods, after getting the Caravan) can boost your teammates to promotion level 24 - of course, leveling them to level 40 first makes them even stronger
FWOJC 06-24-14 - 08:15 PM
 I love this game! =D
Director Freeman 01-16-13 - 04:44 PM
 Yes. We all miss these classic shining force games. I'm thinking about making one myself.
muneer321 01-06-13 - 07:39 AM
 how to play on full screen
ridge01 06-27-12 - 11:42 PM
 how do u talk to people in the game
Dzontras 06-25-12 - 03:07 PM
 someone know how to play fullscreen?
Dzontras 06-25-12 - 10:45 AM
Dzontras 06-25-12 - 08:15 AM
 wtf i cant play fullscreen someone know hot to play on full?
Demonspike 06-24-12 - 08:07 AM
 SLADE is totally s***!
Demonspike 06-23-12 - 11:35 PM
 WHAT THE f***!!! - I keep on dying on the first fight, how the hell do you do this?
suryxmiuq 06-23-12 - 03:52 AM
 wew.di nga
kase550 06-17-12 - 12:05 PM
 anyone know how to play on full screen?
kase550 06-17-12 - 12:05 PM
(X-F)Inuyasha 06-08-12 - 04:58 PM
 im playin shining force
seanandbear 06-07-12 - 03:20 AM
 anyone on?
gamechetnik 05-25-12 - 06:49 AM
Serin 05-24-12 - 10:04 AM
 too bad you can't use the old cheat codes in here
maitlandish 05-19-12 - 04:16 AM
 Is everyone of the NPC's in the game's name capitalized?
dca93 05-16-12 - 10:55 PM
 my screen doesnt load.. i can hear it but thats it
spiderjerusalem 05-04-12 - 02:44 AM
 grayman, you have to be logged in, then press f2, not sure if you already knew that.
dope21 05-02-12 - 01:06 PM
dope21 05-02-12 - 01:06 PM
 how do i skip beginning to play
jordandudley 04-30-12 - 03:46 PM
 i like the kraken misson!!!
Shiningforcebea.. 04-30-12 - 09:29 AM
 Guys how do i do the controls
zxdek 04-25-12 - 01:36 AM
 epic :) i love this
mixalos 04-11-12 - 08:11 AM
 how do i turn off the music?
Woodawesome 04-08-12 - 11:52 PM
 4ever, there is no way to mute the actual game so I just muted the browser on my computer under mixer and then used a different browser for other things.
4ever_ginger 04-01-12 - 05:39 PM
 how do i turn off the music?
grayman8 03-21-12 - 12:58 AM
 everytime i start my game again the save file on the game is never there anyone know why?
grayman8 03-21-12 - 12:57 AM
 anyone there?
alexh42 03-15-12 - 01:06 AM
 i cant save either, but only because i derp and forget to all the time >_>
Xcalibur1984 02-20-12 - 12:59 AM
 lol i figured it out and boy do i feel dumb.
Xcalibur1984 02-20-12 - 12:36 AM
 lol i cant even figure out how to get to or past the school
sabenja 02-09-12 - 06:43 AM
 Protect Bowie at all costs. Keep the healer near him. Keep the weak ones back. And when you start losing your fighters in battle, EGRESS and re-enter the battle. Even if you have to do that a few times, your stats will continue to increase, and eventually
kinggodoflove91 01-29-12 - 02:37 AM
 i beat this game in 1 day before just sat down and said i'm just playing this today and i beat it in 10 hours
Pawnforyourking 01-12-12 - 07:58 PM
 one of the best games ever
8BitUbit 01-04-12 - 05:00 AM
 don't tell me the ending, I'm not done yet. lol
reaper13342 01-03-12 - 12:22 PM
 This is a very nice game. The graphics are superb,battle sequence is amazing. And the turn based strategy is just awesome. However the ending was quite a disappointment. I give it a 8/10
8BitUbit 01-03-12 - 04:37 AM
 I do. It rules
ZeNarcissist 01-01-12 - 12:50 PM
 Used to play it on sega genesis but I couldn't save the game It will be nice to finally be able to complete it.
ZeNarcissist 01-01-12 - 12:50 PM
 Man I been trying to find this game for forever
reaper13342 01-01-12 - 09:35 AM
 Does anyone even play this game anymore?
8BitUbit 12-28-11 - 02:07 AM
 i love you ling. i love shining force 2 also. :)
sdixon 11-25-11 - 10:08 PM
 to save you go to the priests, hit the down button, and save it.
einnor233 11-21-11 - 05:18 AM
 why did the game crashed?
azteknlotus 11-13-11 - 07:53 AM
 anyone playing now?
einnor233 11-12-11 - 08:38 PM
 at last, i can save my games. yes
einnor233 11-08-11 - 07:14 AM
 i miss this game so much.
einnor233 11-08-11 - 06:07 AM
 i can't save my game :((
no2341 11-06-11 - 01:49 PM
NemesisTrue 11-01-11 - 11:44 AM
 How i can save my game?
kaylaa 10-30-11 - 07:36 PM
 someone on?
Silvermane 09-24-11 - 03:49 PM
 I love this game.
PandaPuddingnz 09-15-11 - 07:52 PM
 Cannot get past the Kraken. Any help guys?
blizzard13 09-07-11 - 03:03 PM
 The first Shining Force game is my fav.
IrSchmee 08-02-11 - 09:36 PM
 to start the game to press a, s , d which is a b c , enter button is the start
IrSchmee 08-01-11 - 10:45 PM
 pick off all the other monster before taking on the witch, and keep your healers alive
sdixon 07-31-11 - 09:30 PM
 I love how there is a lot more here than in Shining Force I
Helu 07-29-11 - 11:53 PM
65456q 07-18-11 - 09:34 AM
Silvermane 07-07-11 - 10:56 PM
 Accidentally deleted my save file....SMH
jvanhook 07-03-11 - 09:53 AM
 Anybody have advice for getting past her?
jvanhook 07-03-11 - 09:52 AM
 I can't get past the witch either
123pie 06-26-11 - 03:07 PM
 i cant get past start please help
123pie 06-26-11 - 02:47 PM
 what do u click when the hee hee hee you're finally here! part
123pie 06-26-11 - 02:44 PM
 i cant start the game as soon as the witch comes and talks it stops there and the text wont move on
tragicjo 06-11-11 - 08:56 PM
 havent played this game in years xD
tragicjo 06-11-11 - 08:56 PM
rowenisopirus 06-11-11 - 12:02 AM
 I love these mass battles, so many teammates fighting at the same time too!
Silvermane 06-06-11 - 12:38 AM
 Wow, this is more like a comment box than a chatbox :P
antimuffin 05-26-11 - 10:45 PM
 just beat it. game over
dshiv095 05-26-11 - 08:54 PM
 games awesome
antimuffin 05-25-11 - 08:08 PM
dshiv095 05-25-11 - 03:55 PM
 dude if you have xbox or ps3 id go out and get sonic's ultimate sega collection. they have all the shining forces on it
Blade966 05-24-11 - 07:02 PM
 like 4 hours ago x.x
Blade966 05-24-11 - 07:02 PM
 started it just today lol
dshiv095 05-24-11 - 06:28 PM
 what time did you start
Blade966 05-24-11 - 04:46 PM
 i actully just started it x.x
dshiv095 05-23-11 - 01:57 AM
 yo whats up fellas
antimuffin 05-17-11 - 10:32 AM
 came here because of sf3
HellfireExec 05-04-11 - 03:54 AM
 i love this game
d60hanna 05-03-11 - 08:34 PM
 this game was made by n*****s for n*****s
d60hanna 05-03-11 - 11:09 AM
 the priest looks like a rapist
bchisler 04-23-11 - 06:44 PM
 hi fellas
passerbygi 04-12-11 - 11:17 AM
 where is a good place to get directx?
Trecaptain 03-18-11 - 01:05 PM
 lol his name is chester
Shinn 03-03-11 - 12:39 PM
 i like Slade, rogues ftw
keith88 01-18-11 - 07:34 PM
 is anyone else playing the game right now i just got gerhalt and im loving it sarah already 21 cant wait for her to be a master monk she kicc but.....i love this game been playing it for years and it never gets old
mariomaura 01-18-11 - 02:37 PM
 wth why does everyone go for chester?
keith88 01-18-11 - 12:10 PM
 power lvling is great, although i try not to as much because it makes the game to easy but it is fun at the same time lol my fav's are peter, slade, sarah, and gerhalt
scourgefeind 11-26-10 - 07:51 PM
 make sure you find YOGURT!
scourgefeind 11-26-10 - 07:51 PM
 hi all
fossj 09-15-10 - 01:37 PM
Drunkenmax 09-10-10 - 12:42 AM
 Damit can;t equip lemon wit items XD
dolphins_1656 09-09-10 - 05:51 PM
 if u have issues with screen not coming up try pressing reset button works for me
luli_ie 08-28-10 - 08:33 AM
maxdragon783 08-09-10 - 12:50 PM
 what's wrong with the screen?
IrSchmee 07-08-10 - 09:49 AM
 if you guys are a good enough lvl, you can try the battle in the hidden village, ..

Videos of Shining Force II Gameplay

03-27-15 03:20 PM
00:02:01  Views: 50
Shining Force II - Ending (Genesis Video Game Music) - User video5/5
Ending (Genesis Video Game Music)
03-03-15 06:55 PM
00:02:15  Views: 516
Shining Force II - Witches Theme - User video5/5
Witches Theme
02-13-15 08:36 AM
00:53:08  Views: 5
Shining Force II - GamePlay Zeon - User video5/5 GamePlay Zeon
02-13-15 08:34 AM
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Shining Force II - GamePlay Tower of the Ancients - User video5/5 GamePlay Tower of the Ancients
03-14-15 01:40 AM
00:02:18  Views: 34
Shining Force II - Castle Theme - User video4/5
Castle Theme
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There is currently no one playing this online

Shining Force II Featured Review

Shining Force II Review by: janus - 9.5/10

Still shining after all those years
It was just supposed to be a routine theft for Slade, the greatest thief of the land. Accompanied by two other people, he went to an ancient, remote cave where it was rumored that two very precious stones were kept. And indeed he found them! But little did he know that those two jewels were in fact the Jewel of Light and the Jewel of Darkness, which were used to seal an ancient evil. And now, it is free to roam again...

You play Bowie, a young swordsman attending Sir Astral's class with Chester the centaur knight, Jaha the warrior dwarf and Sarah the elven priest in the Kingdom of Grandseal. As you make your way to school, you teacher seems upset. And he was right to be: right as he is about to start class, a soldier from the castle comes to fetch him, as the King is very ill. He leaves class for the castle, but Chester and Sarah want to follow.
Once they reach King Grandseal's room, Astral is unpleasantly surprised to seem his pupils. Fortunately, since the Groundseal appears to have been disturbed, Astral summons your party to investigate the place. Once there, he finds an evil Gizmo, a ghost that possesses people. Once you dispose of his spawns, it runs back to the castle and possess the King. Sir Astral exorcises it, but faints after giving such a big effort.
Because of all the problems, King Grandseal summons your party to go look for sir Hawel, a renowned historian, to learn more about the Groundseal, whose history has been lost with time. But once you reach him, soldiers from the Kingdom of Galam were torturing him in order to learn about the Groundseal too. Before he dies, he tells you that Grandseal is doomed; the sacred barrier from the Groundseal has been broken and all hell will soon break loose. But as you make your way outside his house, Galam soldiers capture you and send you to jail. As you wake up, your party confronts Slade, who had been jailed and whose jewels were taken away. As Sarah learns it, she gets mad at him and tries to escape. But Slade knows better and helps you escape the jail. On your way out, you catch King Galam ordering the invasion of Grandseal, since his messenger did not return, lead by red Baron Lemon. Before you exist the castle, you are able to get the Jewel of Light... which mysteriously fuses to your neck.
Unfortunately, as you reach Grandseal, Galam forces had already struck and destroyed the village. As you reach the castle, Lemon is on the verge to kill everyone with his Dark sword, but Astral is able to reason him, as Princess Ellis is captured and lead to the Groundseal. As you reach its depth, you notice that King Galam has.. Changed. After fighting his minions, he brings the princess with him to the World of Darkness with the Jewel of Evil. But fortunately, he fails, as you are able to snatch the jewel out of his hands. But as Galam disappears, the ground starts shaking violently; this is the doom predicted by Howel! You quickly flee to the port, and everyone (at least, those who didn't perish in the chasms everywhere) narrowly escapes the total collapse of Grandseal, leaving a gaping hole in the ground.
What will happen to the citizens of Grandseal? Will they be able to sail safely to Parmecia, on the other side of the sea? Will they be able to return to their continent? Will they be able to destroy evil once again?

Graphics: 10/10
Dating from 1994, Shining Force II has very impressive graphics and is quite an improvement from Shining Force I. Characters move quickly and fluidly (and sometimes quicker than the screen can follow). The overworld map is HUGE, and after some time, you can come back whenever you want to past cities. It is nicely drawn, just like the characters and enemies, which are numerous and not simply pallet swaps. You will fight in towers, dungeons, caves (which are realistically dark, making it harder to plan a strategy), cities, on a chessboard... all of which are also nicely drawn. Unfortunately however, you cannot open treasure chests during battles in the US version.
One down point: there are only two slots. It was quite a fight between me and my brother to share it, as the other one was taken by our father

Sound: 8/10
When I first played the game, I was so addicted to the music. It is more varied than its predecessor (there are several battle themes) and matches well whatever situation. The Boss music is especially good and dramatic; the Flying music sounds magical, the Castle music sounds... majestic and the overworld theme sounds epic
However, since I discovered the Symphonic Suite of the soundtrack, I have to admit that the original one sounds... primitive. Even though most people claim it is not real instruments, it is excellent nonetheless. I got fooled by the dwarven theme; I really thought it was the music from the game when I first listened to it! The bests from the Symphony are Princess Ellis (Mitula from the original version), very beautifully played by a real flute (you can even hear his/her breathing) and Wings, which I think about every time I take the plane (the piano is the acceleration phase, and the explosion is when the plane takes off).

Story: 9/10
It's a classical story of a fight between good and evil. It's not every original on that aspect, but the way it's lead is excellent. There are very interesting twists in the story that seem to come out of nowhere. Also, once you accomplish what looks like a simple mission, you are almost left hopeless with the event that unfolds. Also, some triggers can be hard to find, making you wonder around for some time.

Addictiveness: 9/10
This is the greatest strength of the game: there is a TON of things to do! To start with, you can have some extra promotions; with a specific object, warriors can become barons (instead of gladiators) and therefore wield swords as well. Priest can become master monks and wield gloves, which are much stronger than staves. Wizards can become sorcerers, which makes them lose all their spells, but give them much, much stronger ones (although the damage is divided among all targets). Knights can become Pegasus knights instead of paladins; with this ability to fly, they can reach much farther and even fly over mountains. Finally, archers can become brass gunners, which give more defense but less movement range. A trick: you can get promoted at level 40. The more you wait, the stronger your characters will be once promoted. But be aware that they will be barred from using stronger weapons until they get promoted...
There are also tons of hidden, sometimes very strong characters. Open your eyes, and some are fairly hard to spot.
There is even a secret stage I just found while playing online!  Your goal is to kill all the enemies on the screen (some are well-hidden). I was able to do it in 1:20.
There are (very-well) hidden pieces of mithril hidden everywhere (I do mean everywhere) on the planet. If you can find them, and if you can find the secret dwarven forest, you will be able to have the strongest weapons of the game made up for you.

Difficulty: 5/10
This one is hard to rate. Three of the four difficulty levels are rather similar and offer progressively increasing difficulty. The super level, however, would deserve a 10/10, as
every enemy has a 25% increase of their basic attack rate, even with the very first battle. This might incite you to fight enemies until they only yield one experience point...

In conclusion, this game should be played by everyone that loves RPGs. The story is well managed, the music is addictive, it is well-drawn and there are tons of secrets everywhere. Get hooked up today!
  Graphics 10   Sound 8   Addictive 9   Depth 9   Story 9   Difficulty 5

Shining Force II Game Description

In the eerie Cave of the Past, a mischievous thief tampers with the mystical Stones of Light and Dark. The Stones once imprisoned the Evil of All Ages. Now the deadly Zeon is unleashed. His rage will hurl the galaxy into eternal darkness - unless the Shining Force can stop him! The legendary epic resumes with an entirely new story, awesome cinematic battle sequences and incredible monsters! Build an awesome 12-member strike force from over 20 characters and develop them into fiercer, stronger, more magical warriors!

Shining Force II Reviews

Overall 9.2    Graphics 9.7    Sound 9    Addictive 9.7    Story 9.7    Depth 9.3    Difficulty 6.3

Still shining after all those years   janus
It was just supposed to be a routine theft for Slade, the greatest thief of the land. Accompanied by...
  Graphics 10   Sound 8   Addictive 9   Story 9   Depth 9   Difficulty 5

      Review Rating: 5/5     Submitted: 08-17-13     Review Replies: 1

Something from the past   TriXdios
Okay, where do I start? This game has the ability on its on to get you very addicted to it right awa...
  Graphics 10   Sound 9   Addictive 10   Story 10   Depth 10   Difficulty 5

      Review Rating: 3.8/5     Submitted: 06-27-11     Review Replies: 0

Shining Force II - Good or Rubbish?   GamingMonkey
Shining Force is a good rpg, which is slightly long. Lets begin the review. You are a young boy (not...
  Graphics 9   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 10   Depth 9   Difficulty 9

      Review Rating: 3.5/5     Submitted: 05-25-13     Review Replies: 4

Shining Force II Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

Shining Force II Cheat Codes

Secret Configuration Mode
While the Sega logo is on screen enter the following:

Effect Code
Battle Select: Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, B, C, B, C, B, C
Secret Configuration Mode: Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, DOwn, Left, Up, B
Secret Configuration Mode 2: Up, Down, Up, B, C, Right, Left, Up, Down, Up, B, C, Right, Left

Boost L2 level up Trick

When one of your characters learns the spell Boost and gets it to level 2, use it and make sure you get your ENTIRE party in range. This will give 49 Exp. to the one who casted Boost L2 REGUARDLESS of what level anybody may be in (which is, like killing a formitable monster that might be much stronger than you). Then, when the Boost effect wears off, you can repeat this sequence and easily get to level 99!

Quick levels for healers

Give a healer any HP restoring item (I.e. Medical Herb), and use it on themself. This will garner a quick 10 experience points for the healer. If you don't have herbs, use Heal 1 until you run out of MP. You could possibly have Heal 4 and Blast 4 for Sarah before you even finish the first battle in the game if you do it right. Also, if you use Aura and have 3 or more people in the targeted range, the healer will get 25 experience for their effort. If you use Detox on one, the healer will only get 5 experience. Make sure to do this trick if you want easy victories.

Secret Final Battle

There is one more battle you can do once the game is completed. Once you've defeated Zeon, watched the end credits, and reached the ''FIN'' screen with the two jewels, wait for about 2 mins. A message will appear that says ''and more...''. press a button and you will begin a special battle with all of the old greater devils.

Shining Force II Game Genie Codes

When you use the Antidote, it will restore ALL MP
(Magic Points) to ALL CHARACTERS in your party!!
(instead of curing poison.)

When you use the Fairy Powder, it will restore ALL MP
(Magic Points) to ALL CHARACTERS in your party!!
(instead of curing poison and sleep.)

When you use the Medical Herb, it will restore ALL HP
to ALL CHARACTERS in your party!!

When you use the Healing Seed, it will restore ALL HP
to ALL CHARACTERS in your party!!

When you use the Healing Drop, it will restore ALL HP
to ALL CHARACTERS in your party!!

Press B to walk thru buildings, mountains, etc. Works anytime except during

Can move anywhere on the screen during battle. You can even walk thru walls and
attack enemies while standing inside of a wall.

Can equip ANY weapon on ANY character.

Can cast magic spells, even if you don't have enough MP.

Shining Force II Guides and Walkthroughs

Guide / Walkthrough

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