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10-17-17 01:57 PM

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Rapper vs Commander-in-chief
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10-12-17 02:25 AM
10-12-17 02:25 AM

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Rapper vs Commander-in-chief


10-12-17 02:25 AM
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  As maker of this neat poll, I get to comment first. That is my privilege. Ah yes. I savour it. Check.

 Hmmm. Tough decision I have made for myself.

 Some observations to get out of the way before I decide.

 Listening to Mr. Eminem's new rap solo sampled from a TV talk show by my local radio, reminded me of how his magnificent wealth has made him quite lazy on the skill development end of things. His career-making muscles [located in the larynx and frontal cortex] have gotten way out of shape. Has it really been so long since he sharpened the saw that he does not at all remember what sharp feels like? Or sounds like?

 Even the Eminem rap song from archives they played afterwards sounded weak. It was him talking in an uninteresting spiel about how he was sorry to all he had insulted when he shouldn't have when he was feeling all negative and depressed. At the end of that bit, he giggled that he's back. Didn't that come out ten or more years ago? That was a time of great business. Why did the rap go south?

 Why is he still trying to be what got his name up in lights? He hasn't got it anymore. Other careers are wide open when everybody knows your name. He could just pick something else to busy himself if that's what he needs. Have I mentioned Mr. Eminem is abundantly wealthy? Kicking back at his private pool might be more preferable when people today are just tuning into his music now for name-only reasons [peer pressure - be cool] and not the actual music.

Moving on to the artist formerly known as Mr. President. I seem to be reminded of a previous President of the USA being insulted by a popular country star in a group. The entire country singing group got raked over the coals and blacklisted in places all over the USA by the unwashed masses who may have assumed they were anti-patriots for standing by what she said. The president at that time was also known as a jerk and bonehead. Cowboys leapt out of their ill-fitting boots to roar that you don't talk about their leader that way. Death threats were reported.

 Does Mr. Eminem want to receive hate mail from New England "Patriots" fans? Is that going to help him get his edge back? Austerity in his early life did push him mercilessly to make something happen with his rap. Still not sure his currently cushy life is anything to complain about but you never know.

 So on to the current president of the USA, many people claim to hate him and mostly started that dialogue only after he declared candidacy. You would think these people were lifelong haters [maybe they are, just with different things] but maybe any current world leader makes a handy target. The outgoing president was not as easy to hate on because observers registered him as a minority.

 These recent presidencies have similarities. Both second generation Americans by their legally immigrating father. Both successful and brilliant in their ways. Not synonymous by name with the 1990s Clinton affair. Great qualifications for the United States presidency today.
How did they receive such unbridled pejorative criticism during their respective campaigns and presidencies and yet still they stand straighter than any Clinton or Bush? Implausible?

 Could it be that the straightest path is through the mud?  Picture a gauntlet of mud-slingers waiting for you with a giggle. Would you duck your head and run away? Maybe you would presidentially adjust your hair and walk calmly through their midst.

 Maybe I am one of the people that do not care about this. I have not been at the bird's nest for a long while and I do not have an account with them. I suppose that makes me deaf to all the tittering of little birdies that really do not matter to me at all.

 Peace out

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(edited by Postman3 on 10-12-17 02:33 AM)    

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