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10-19-17 06:02 AM

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no 8120
10-11-17 06:54 AM
EX Palen
10-11-17 07:39 AM

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question regarding owned games


10-11-17 06:54 AM
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no 8120
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  I  noticed in my game profile recently that something has appeared to have changed I remember there was a time once when if there was a game that you owned and no longer wanted to keep you could return it to Viz but now it appears that this can no longer be done I was just wondering if there is some way games that are in my game profile can be returned? not that it,s a problem I know there has been a lot of changes made throughout the years I have been here but I just thought I would ask since I am curious to know
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10-11-17 07:39 AM
EX Palen is Offline
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EX Palen
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Just a theory, but maybe it's because of the items that grant you access to systems.

I remember that, before the site code started to change, once I owned the items to play all systems, the games that appeared to me as owned were just the ones I played before said items were purchased. After that, the games would simply appear in my Game History, meaning that I didn't get to own them. Not sure why this wouldn't allow you to sell the games you owned before the items were purchased, though. 

Another theory is that the game pages are still incomplete because the site code hasn't been fully uploaded. I've lost track of David's progress on this matter, so not sure if the RGR has been fully moved to the new code or if it displays the final version David planned it to have.
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