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It's Christmas Story Week! (Day 2)
6 days left, this storyline just started.
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12-20-16 02:22 AM
12-20-16 02:22 AM

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It's Christmas Story Week! (Day 2)


12-20-16 02:22 AM
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It’s Christmas Story Week! (Day 2)

Ages: 9+

(All names of existing people are changed due to privacy)

“We, Kimberly and I (Joshua McKinsey), were confessing our love to each other in the park. But we saw a certain person coming to us. It was no one other than my father, Bruce McKinsey.

Bruce: “Joshua McKinsey! What in Earth’s name are you doing here this late?!”
I saw dad grabbing his phone. He called mom, otherwise he wouldn’t say “Honey” to others. Dad was mad and said where I was. (I almost rhymed three times there) He hung up the phone and ran to me.
Bruce: “You must have a good reason to leave without permission! No PC for 4 days, Joshua!”
Joshua: “But... Dad, I...”
Bruce: “No “but”, you heard me. We were worried sick about you! And who is this?”
He pointed at Kimberly.
Joshua: “That’s Kimberly, my friend. We were just discussing... about video games.”
Kimberly saw it was 19:44 on her watch. She had to go in one minute or less. She went up.
Kimberly: “Joshua, Mr. McKinsey, I have to go now.”
Joshua: “I understand...”
Kimberly went away. She couldn’t hug or kiss me now, as dad must think we are still friends. But looking at his face, he sort of knows it’s going different.
Joshua: “Bye, Kim...”
Dad grabbed me by my arm and took me out of the park.
Bruce: “Urgh, I still can’t believe you left. You could have been killed, as it’s very late!”
Joshua: “Sorry... But the new sibling we get..."
Bruce: “I don’t want to hear anything now, Josh. Just shut up and we’ll talk at home.”
Dad and I arrived at the car, where mom (Amy McKinsey) and my sister Tiffany McKinsey were waiting. Mom seemed to be worried sick, indeed. She went into the car and let my dad, my sister and me in. Mom was discussing with dad about a punishment. She then went home.
Amy: “Did you take away his phone yet?”
Bruce: “Honey, I think his PC is already enough. Four days no PC and that’s it.”
Once we were home, I went to my room and slammed it really hard. Then, I locked my door. Only I could unlock the door, but dad told me he would break the door if needed. And once, he indeed broke the door to get in. No, I don’t have much problems with my anger. I just get pretty angry if I get angry. And the chance that’s happening is... like 45%. Anyway, I went to sleep on my bed when I got calmer and dreamt about Kimberly and me. Man, she’s beautiful. I just can’t get her out of my head!

The next day...

I woke up because someone used a drill machine to drill into the wall downstairs. It could be dad who did that. I went out of my bed, switched clothes to my blue coat, white shirt underneath my coat and black pants and I went downstairs. I had to apologize anyway, plus it’s time for breakfast. I unlocked the door and saw Tiffany decorating the house upstairs. I said “good morning”. No response. I went downstairs and saw mom watching TV from the dinner table. I went up to her.

Joshua: “Uh... Mom...”
Amy: “What is it?”
Joshua: “Well... Sorry for running away yesterday... And sorry for being so mad to you all. I didn’t mean to offend you guys.”
Dad heard everything and went out of the kitchen. He had a drill machine in his hand, so he was the source of the noise.
Bruce: “You’d better be sorry, Joshua. Your mom and I thought it was nice for you two to have another sibling coming up. I mean, you’re the oldest after all. If the little one is here, you will have to behave as the oldest too.”
Joshua: “Am I not doing that to Tiffany already?”
Bruce: “ got a point with that. But the thing is, we just don’t want to lose you. We don’t want you being harmed by strangers. We want you to be safe.”
Amy: “And we want you to help take care of Tiffany as you always do. And soon I’ll have a third child and of course need your help with him or her too.”
I pulled a chair at the dinner table back and went on it. I grabbed some cornflakes and some milk and put some of those in a bowl.
Joshua: “Well, I promise I’ll do like I used to do from now on.”
Amy: “Good! But that doesn’t take your punishment away, remember that.”
Joshua: “I know.”
Dad went back to the kitchen and continued decorating the house. It was Sunday, so he didn’t have to go to France again. I ate the cornflakes and was watching the news. It was all just news about Donald Trump, the new American president. It also was about a local challenge gone wrong and a car accident near the closest highway. Nothing really interesting. But the newsman said the weather was going to be cold the upcoming 4 days and in those days even a chance for a lot of snow. Schools are discontinued until the weather is better.
Tiffany: “Yes!! No school!! Yaaay!!”
Tiffany was around the corner in the house, because our living room was connected with the dinner room because no walls were between them. And around that corner I speak of was another part of our living room. Tiffany was drawing there and peeked around the corner to look at me. I decided to play with her for a while. I grabbed my bowl and went up to a shelf where the board games were. Wait... I saw Tiffany upstairs... And now here? Is she a ghost now? Nah, that’s not possible. Anyway, I grabbed a board game. I chose Monopoly, a classical and entertaining game for everyone’s house. No, I’m not advertising for buying it. Anyway, I asked Tiffany if she wanted to play Monopoly.
Tiffany: “Sure! But this time, I’ll win!”
Mostly it’s either my dad or me who wins with Monopoly. Tiffany was putting away her coloring pencils and laid away her drawing.
Joshua: “What did you draw there?”
Tiffany grabbed her drawing and showed it to me. It was a drawing of her and her family, living in peace in their house. And she colored it pretty good. Tiffany is 10,5 years old but can draw pretty good already. And she knows how to color one specific area, instead of all at once.
Joshua: “Nice drawing! They’re... us?”
Tiffany: “Yep! I thought: A little drawing as decoration!”
Joshua: “Cool!”
I laid down the box and was about to sit, but then the doorbell rang. I saw my dad coming to the door.
Joshua: “I’ll get it!”
I ran to the door and opened it, while my dad raised his shoulders and went back to the kitchen. But I saw Kimberly was at the door. I was wondering why she had her hands behind her back.
Kimberly: “Hey, Josh!”
Joshua: “Hi, Kim!”
I still had my bowl with cornflakes with me, just to let you know. I didn’t had any time to start eating my cornflakes anyway. Kimberly suddenly laughed a bit.
Kimberly: “I see you just woke up!”
Joshua: “Heh... Yeah, I was just eating breakfast. Want to come in?”
Kimberly: “Sure!”
Kimberly went in and wiped her feet, as there’s a lot of snow outside. And looking at the clouds, it can be worse anytime. She saw my mom watching the news and my sibling looking at her, because Kimberly never knew my family. Mom went up and went to Kimberly.
Amy: “You must be Mina!”
Kimberly: “Uh, no. My name has been Kimberly for 16 years so far, Mrs. McKinsey.”
Amy: “Oh, my bad. And please, call me Amy. I feel so old when you say “Mrs.”!”
My mom laughed a bit. Kimberly and I looked at each other with a skeptic face. Tiffany went up to us.
Tiffany: “So you are one of my bro’s friends?”
Kimberly: “Well, we’re... best friends! The name’s Kimberly! And you are?”
Tiffany: “I’m Tiffany! Nice to meet you!”
Dad was mumbling in the kitchen and said something wouldn’t fit in something. I don’t know either, he mostly talks in himself when doing something. Anyway, Kimberly, mom and I had a nice conversation in the living room later on. But then Kimberly facepalmed because she remembered something.
Kimberly: “Oh! Joshua! You remember that I got something for you?”
Joshua: “Uh, I think so.”
Kimberly: “Well, I’d better give it now.”
She moved her hand behind the couch she sat on, where the present was hiding at. She moved her hand back and she had a tiny gift in her hand. It really wasn’t big, it was as big as a baseball is. Okay, slightly bigger than that. And it was a cube. She gave the gift to me after she went up and went to me.
Joshua: “I’m curious what it is...”
Kimberly: “Well... Then open it!”
I opened the box and saw a nice watch in it. It definitely was my style, that’s for sure. It didn’t look very expensive, but it looks cool anyway.
Joshua: “Wow... Thanks! May I ask why I get this?”
Kimberly: “Well, to celebrate our friendship! I thought, a small gift would be nice too!”
Amy: “Aww... That’s sweet, Kimberly.”
Kimberly: “Thanks, Mrs... Uh... Thanks, Amy!”
Kimberly went back to the couch she sat on and we continued our talk again. Once it was 11:02, Kimberly went up again. (This was 23 minutes later)
Kimberly: “Uhm, where’s the toilet?”
Mom pointed at the hall way.
Amy: “In the hallway, next to the kitchen.”
Kimberly: “Thanks.”
Kimberly went to the toilet while I was still on the couch. Kimberly sat in front of me and mom sat on the right on a soft chair (in my view). I went up too and I cleaned my bowl of cornflakes at last. I carried it with me as if it belongs to me the whole time. So I went to the kitchen and I saw my dad still working on something.
Joshua: “Dad, what are you doing?”
Bruce: “Urgh, I’m trying to repair a painting but I can’t seem to fix it.”
Dad was indeed working on a painting, of which I saw the frame broke. I assumed he knew what to do, so I left him alone for a while. I cleaned my bowl and laid it away. Then I went back. But once I wanted to sit on the couch again, my phone rang. I looked whose number was calling. It was Alfie’s number. I went to the hallway and accepted the call.
Joshua: “Yes, Alfie?”
Alfie: “Don’t deny it, Joshua: You and Kimberly like each other.”
Joshua: “Wh-what?”
Alfie: “I’ve seen how you two hang around now. I seriously think you two like each other.”
Joshua: “Well, yes it’s true. We like each other. But is it a problem now? No, it isn’t. Because we already have a relationship too.”
Alfie: “WHAT?!”
I almost went deaf due to that yell. I never saw Alfie like that before. Well... I never HEARD him like that.
Joshua: “Geez... What’s wrong, Alfie?”
Alfie: “Joshua McKinsey, I was in love with Kimberly too! And you just ruined my dream! Don’t even think you’re welcome at my house now.”
Joshua: “But...”
Alfie: "I hope you'll get in trouble with your parents now."
Alfie ended the call. And I sighed. A few days left before Christmas and I ruined my best friend’s dream... I was very disappointed in myself, by just accepting Kimberly’s feelings. But... I can’t and don’t want to hurt Kimberly’s mood either. What am I going to do?!

To be continued....

Day 1/7: Completed!
Day 2/7: Completed!
Day 3/7: Not completed!
Day 4/7: Not completed!
Day 5/7: Not completed!
Day 6/7: Not completed!
Day 7/7: Not completed!

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