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08-24-19 05:39 PM

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10-24-16 05:01 PM
10-24-16 09:39 PM

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Skyrim Mod Support for Consoles and 3rd Party Support on the NX


10-24-16 05:01 PM
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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Mod Support announced for the PS4

Most of you are probably aware of the Skyrim remaster, titled Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition that's coming to PC/Xbox One/Playstation 4 in just a few days. It will include remastered graphics and all of the DLC released for the game in one package. However there has been a lot of question marks regarding the possibility of mod support on consoles. Not only for Skyrim Special Edition but Fallout 4 as well.

At first both versions were promised to be released with mod support but after Fallout 4 mods on Playstation 4 were already delayed, this later changed. This was because Sony and Bethesda originally failed to come to an agreement on their implementation for both the Skyrim remaster and Fallout 4.

However the companies now seems to have reached an agreement and it looks like mod support will after all be coming to PS4. In the case of the Playstation 4, mods will be limited to only using assets already part of the game. The size limit for mods will also be smaller 5GB on Xbox One compared to 1GB on Playstation 4.

Considering only assets already in the game can be used for PS4 mods, many believe that the storage space should be enough as more space is primarily required because of the use of external assets. However this does of course mean PS4 players of both Elder Scrolls V: Special Edition but also Fallout 4 will be comparably limited in their selection of mods to Xbox One and PC players. That means no crazy My Little Pony or Thomas the Tank Engine inspired mods.

Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch?

In other news it seems there is a possibility of the remaster also coming to Nintendo Switch, possibly as launch title. While nothing has been confirmed yet, what looked like gameplay footage of it was briefly shown in the announcement trailer of the console. After the release of the trailer Bethesda also made a statement that they are happy to announce a partnership with Nintendo as well as their support of the Nintendo Switch. All of this makes it seem likely that a port will be announced for the console in March along with the other launch titles, possibly even with mod support.

A screenshot of the game being shown in the trailer can be seen here.

While having a chance to play the game would of course be exciting on its own for Nintendo fans, even more intriguing is the possibility of this opening up for ports of existing and future Bethesda games on the Nintendo Switch, notably Fallout 4. This in the wake of the financial failure of the Wii U. one of the main reasons for its fall according to many (myself included) was the very apparent lack of 3rd party support, with most companies who had worked with Nintendo dropping their support after the release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.  A partnership with Bethesda could indicate that Nintendo has shifted their focus to improving 3rd party support and could possibly mean that we will see them maybe trying to work with other big 3rd party companies again. Though as the situation stands, this is still little more than speculation at this point.


What are your thoughts regarding Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition? Will you be getting it on console, or perhaps waiting to see if it comes out on the Switch? If you are getting it this week, what are your thoughts on mods being announced on PS4? Feeling good, or perhaps being bothered by the limitations? Or maybe just feeling really good about owning the original game on PC right about now. Also how do you feel about the possibility of the NX having increased 3rd party support?  Do share your thoughts below!
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(edited by Zlinqx on 10-24-16 08:13 PM)     Post Rating: 3   Liked By: Eirinn, Frodlex, Uzar,

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10-24-16 07:54 PM
Eirinn is Offline
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While I couldn't care less about anything Elder Scrolls related, I do kind of wish PlayStation would be a bit more lenient on the mod stuff since in the end it'll only hurt them. I do understand the security concerns though.

Switch third party support is great to hear. It'll be nice seeing Nintendo become a serious name again. I only hope they continue in the right direction with next gen as well. For now the Switch will be getting them in a better spot I think, especially with third party support, but it won't be a threat to PS4. It's still a huge jump for them and I'm hopeful once more. Glad to hear about this.
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10-24-16 08:12 PM
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It's really great to hear that Nintendo could go back to third party support. That checks off one of the failures that has gotten Nintendo in such a dark well in recent years. Hopefully the Switch manages to check off a few more, and the initial trailer hints it will, more or less.

If Switch does get third party developers in the end, my interest to switch to Nintendo (very bad pun intended) would increase notably. Of course, my PS4 would still get a few games exclusively to it or both for it and Xbox One, the main console all my friends are buying right now, but I'll have to consider if those exclusives are worth of missing out on the Switch.

About Elder Scrolls, all I can say is that Sony, like any other company, wants to make as much money as they can to keep releasing better consoles for the insatiable and never satisfied gamers, and that stands in the way of including mods. They prefer to release DLC and suck the money out of gamers instead. But well, seeing as 2016 is the year of breaking long-standing traditions and how much do Japanese-people value gentlemen's pacts, they have started to change their mind, and like all starts it must commence from the ground with very limited capacity, and only when the fanbase starts welcoming it will they increase the capacity and possibilities. Or at least that's what "logic" dictates.
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10-24-16 09:39 PM
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I am not a huge Bethesda fan, although I love Toddposting as much as the next guy.

Anyway, I have yet to get into Elder Scrolls, but I am going to begin Morrowind sometime this week. I can't say I'm all that hyped for an HD remake of a 5 year old game that still looks okay though. Nintendo is definitely taking a huge step forward, and actually showed a ton of 3rd party developers that they are bringing aboard the Switch. That means we might actually get more than 5 games a year! I hope that the Switch version supports mods, because I need to fight Thomas the Tank Engine on a Tommy Wiseu horse while playing as Sonic. That is the only way I will be getting this game.
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