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Universal Contact - Chapter 2
#2: Alana the apprentice
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09-22-16 05:29 AM
09-22-16 05:29 AM

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Universal Contact - Chapter 2


09-22-16 05:29 AM
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Universal Contact – Chapter 2: Alana the apprentice
Alana was training a lot, at the times she had to train. She learned how to block enemy attacks by pretending the Master was an enemy. She only had to block several of fake attacks the Master used. It went... not so well: She didn’t block most of the attacks well and the Master said:
Master ??? : “That wasn’t good enough, Alana. You need to focus on your opponent. Not on the surroundings.”
Alana: “But... what if an enemy attacks me from behind?”
The Master went to a fence on the training grounds, which was an enormous platform in the tree, surrounded by sugar floss leaves. The Master held his hands behind him again and looked at the distance. There were a few landscapes in his sight: A sunny desert, a forest with almost no lighting because of the leaves and a beach with an ocean.
Master ??? : “You know, Alana... Since you came here, you were worrying too much about unimportant things. That you’re too unsure about things. Like now. If an enemy attacks you from behind, then sense it. Use your mind...”
Someone ran up to the Master. It was one of the people who was downstairs at first, in the hallway Alana, Donkey Kong and Leonardo were in. He lived in the village nearby and his name was Justin. Justin had a job at the treehouse, but what exactly was so important about the treehouse, you’d ask? Well, I’ll let your patience disappear because it’s still unknown. Even to Alana.
Justin: “Master! Another earthquake at the Forest Of Thousand Riddles! And it released a lot more shades than before!”
Master ??? : “What?! Let me see!”
The Master went inside with Justin. Alana was confused again.
Alana: “”But... The training...”
Master ??? : “Alana, stay here!”
Justin and the Master went to a laboratory, where they also can check where the disasters occur. Meanwhile, Alana sat on a bench that was there. She was wondering when she can return. Return to her well known house. She sighed.
??? : “Something’s wrong?”
She heard a voice from her right side. There were two doors that led inside, and she sat between them. She looked and saw a young female there. It was no human from Earth, but looked like one. Just like Justin. The female went up to Alana. She had pink dyed, long hair and bright blue eyes. She was wearing a pink shirt with purple sleeves and blue, short jeans. She also had a white heart hairclip in her hair.
??? : “You look down, miss. Can I help you?”
Alana: “Oh, the Master and I were training here. Thank you, though.”
??? : “Hmm... You’re not from around, are you?”
Alana: “Uh... No?”
??? : “Thought so. I can see it at your face. Planet Earth, right?”
Alana: “Yes, that’s where I come from...”
??? : “Okay, cool. My name is Lana, by the way. And yours?”
Alana: “Well, I’m Alana!”
Lana: “Oh really? That’s pretty funny! To be honest, I used to have blonde hair too... Grr, until my boyfriend betrayed us and everyone on Aeronother.”
Lana went next to Alana.
Alana: “Wait, how is that relatable to your hair color?”
Lana: “Well, if the Master haven’t told you about this, I will. Because there’s not only peace here. There’s a dark lord on Aeronother that listens to the name Zythor X. We believe he’s an X version of the actual Zythor, who is the king of Aeronother. And an X version is a clone of someone, without a history. And no memory of what happened before they came. Anyway, Zythor X tricked my boyfriend Jay, who was... *sigh* ...the best person I knew. I still miss the good side of him, as Jay’s memory is... Poof...”
Alana saw Lana being sad. Lana was almost crying.
Alana: “Poof? As in... gone?”
Alana still doesn’t get how that’s relatable to Lana’s hair color.
Lana: “*sniff* Yes... But I’m okay. I’d bet Destiny wanted this to go like that. Anyway... Do you know the legend of the eight crystals?”
Alana: “Uh, yeah... The Master told me about it.”
Lana: “Darn it.”
Lana went up. Her sadness was gone.
Lana: “I have a feeling it’s 24:45 now.”
Alana: “Wait, isn’t it just 23:45?”
Lana: “Nope. One day lasts 36 hours here. Anyway, I should go to my own district. Going into district 1, 2, or 3 is ‘illegal’ to me. Haha...”
Lana went away.
Lana: “See ya!”
Alana: “Bye...”
Alana was left alone again. She was going to sit on the bench she sat on earlier. She didn’t saw Lana in the treehouse earlier. Is it because she is from another district? What district is Alana in, anyway? The Master didn’t return yet, but suddenly Fox appeared instead.
Fox: “Hey you.”
Alana looked at her left, where Fox was standing.
Fox: “The Master wants you to come. You’d better come now.”
Alana went off the bench and followed Fox. They went to a laboratory, underneath the ground floor. There, a few scientists were discussing the disaster. And one of them (The leader) had a name tag. He had white hair, but it wasn’t very much: He had one tail on his hand and that’s it. He also had dizzy-making glasses and a white coat.
??? : “My goodness, this is a disaster. A NATURAL disaster!”
Fox went up to the Master.
Fox: “I brought her.”
Master ??? : “Good. Alana, you understand that you can’t return yet, do you?”
Alana: “Yes... Sadly, I do...”
??? : “R-return? Who on Aeronother is that, anyway?!”
The scientist went up to the Master. He wasn’t very tall as the Master was.
Master ??? : “This is Alana. She’s from Earth and went with my explorer Leonardo and my fighter Donkey Kong.”
??? : “I see, but if she dies here...”
Master ??? : “...she is gone, I know. Anyway, tell her the same thing you told me too, E. Gadd.”
E. Gadd, who was that scientist, went to his computer.
E. Gadd: “Ah, things go very bad recently, Alana. You see, natural disasters occur too quickly, and the source is still unknown. We already have sent our three best fighters to find the source, but they haven’t returned yet.”
Alana: “Three? Is that enough?”
E. Gadd: “Well, the colors were great. Green, blue, red... *ahem* But that is why you had to come. The Master gave you enough training to go after them...”
The Master looked at E. Gadd.
E. Gadd: “...Right?”
The Master looked serious.
Master ??? : “She haven’t trained properly. She must know how to handle a sword, and must know decent fighting skills in order to go after li-... I mean... The Legendary Three.”
E. Gadd: “Oh, almost spoke out the first name, didn’t you? Anyway, Alana. Whatever you see or do, do not speak out their names. They MUST be a secret, because...”
E. Gadd looked around. He whispered in Alana’s ear.
E. Gadd: “...they’re undercover and need to find the source without any help. They must be a secret between everyone here, too.”
Alana: “Oh, wait. Before I say anything: Who is Lana?”
The Master gasped.
E. Gadd: “WHAT?!”
Alana: “Eh... I’ve met her and... I heard she’s from another district...”
Master ??? : “Alana... Come to my room, please.”
Alana: “Oh... Okay.”
Alana went after the Master. They went to the Master’s room, and sat at the low desk again.
Master ??? : “Alana... I have brought you here, because if someone else hears this... *ahem*”
Alana was getting nervous. Was Lana a villain?
Master ??? : “About Lana is said that she and her little sister were once in the Dark Divide, a mountain path that leads to the most evil place on Aeronother: The home of Zythor X, who is an X version of our king here. An X version is...”
Alana: “...a clone from someone without a history or memory. I know. Lana told me so.”
Master ??? : “Well... That. And according to the legend, Lana and her sister got caught by Hurricane, a god of who is said he created the tornadoes and creates fresh air by just doing nothing. Hurricane was angry and wanted to curse Lana’s little sister. Unfortunately, Lana was so foolish to prevent that... By protecting her little sister. While suffering, she said: “Go as far as you can, and do not look after me!”. And no one knows if her little sister ever was able to return. They also say that the one who’s worth it receives the soul of Lana’s little sister. Then, that one person will receive the courage and mood to do anything.”
Alana was stunned.
Alana: “But... What was her little sister’s name?”
Master ??? : “No one knows. Only Hurricane knows that. And Lana. But I was surprised to hear you can see Lana.”
Alana: “Why?”
Master ??? : “Because only strong bonds with Lana result into this. And you might not know her, right?”
Alana was thinking deep. She doesn’t remember anyone that had a strong connection with her and whose name was Lana.
Alana: “No, I can’t remember her...”
Master ??? : “Hm... Then she might even notice your presence.”
Alana went up.
Alana: “I have a question: Do we sleep in rooms, actually?”
Master ??? : “Yes, of course. Follow me.”
The Master went up too and went to Room 141 with Alana, a room in District 3. Now Alana knows what district she’s in. The Master showed her what things were in the room and where they were. After that, it was getting dark. Alana looked at a funny looking clock. It looked funny, because the time... floated? Wait! It’s a hologram! Alana decided to go to sleep. Hmm... She met weird figures today: A few game characters, a comics character... What’s next? People from movies? Ha, that would be funny. Alana had no sleeping clothes over there and looked for some clothes. She found some sleeping clothes of her size, for girls. She switched clothes and went to sleep in a new bed. She was dreaming of the day she had today.

The next morning...

??? : “Hey. Wake up.”

Alana was sleeping when she was getting attention from someone.
??? : “HEEEY! WAKE UUUP!!!”
Alana woke up directly when the person yelled. She looked and saw someone that wasn’t human again. This time, it appeared to be a fox with... two tails? He looked pretty cute, with his orange fur and his shoes. And he was walking on two feet, just like Fox McCloud from yesterday.
??? : “Sorry... But you didn’t wake up.”
Alana looked at her clock. 9:00.
Alana: “Ugh... Please, let me sleep... Zz...”
Alana almost went back to sleep, but the fox came up to her and pulled her out of her bed. She fell on the ground with a hard slam.
Alana: “Ow! What was that good for?!?”
Alana went up, with some help from the fox. She said that the fox had to leave the room so that Alana can prepare herself to go. Switching clothes, brushing her teeth, doing her hair... After 5 minutes, she was done. She dashed out of the door, but struggled. She fell on somebody. That ‘somebody’ was a male from her age. He had black, slightly long hair and red eyes. He was wearing a black coat with a gray shirt underneath that. And black jeans. He looked a bit mad.
??? : “Hey! Watch it over there! Don’t just think you can run here, anyway!”
Alana went up quickly. The male went up too and held Alana by her clothing, in front of her chest. He raised a fist and pushed her against the wall.
??? : “If you do that again... I swear, I’ll call out my powers to crush you.”
He pushed Alana to the ground. Then he walked away as if nothing happened. He spit on the floor and turned to the right, towards district 4. Alana went up again, and was ready to go. That wasn’t a nice encounter. What is his name? Anyway, she went to the Training Grounds. No one was there. No training today? Oh wait, it’s in an hour. She went to sit on the bench between the two doors.
??? : “Hey, there you are again!”
Alana looked around and saw Lana again.
Alana: “Oh... Hi, Lana.”
Lana: “Oh, you remembered my name? That’s cool!”
Alana: “Lana... I found it out.”
Lana: “Found what out?”
Alana: “The legend about you.”
Lana: “Oh... That... *sigh* I wished I could still check for my little sister... What happened to her while I am... well... cursed?”
Alana: “I don’t know... You know what? I’ll try to find her for you.”
Lana: “R-really?! That would be way too awesome!”
Alana: “You won’t rest until you found her, am I right?”
Lana: “Yeah... I may be a person only you guys can see, but I still have a mission.”
Alana: “Huh? “You guys”? Who do you mean with that, Lana?”
Lana began to fade away quickly.
Lana: “Well, my family and my...”
Lana faded away. Alana was about to ask Lana to wait, but it was too late. She returned to the bench and was about to sit there, waiting for the Master. But someone was looking all the time. Alana looked at the person. It was a female that looked like she’s 2 years older than Alana. The female had a brown, long ponytail and green eye color. And she had a white skin, like Alana. She was wearing a blue t-shirt with a hammer print on it, whacking something and the zig-zagging waves coming off of the hammer. She was also wearing very short pants in black. And she was wearing plain white shoes.
??? : “So... You can make contact with Lana, huh?”
Alana was skeptic. How can that girl know about her contact with Lana? “Only strong bonds with Lana can result into this” is what the Master said. Unless...
Alana: “How can you know that?”
??? : “Heh... Lana was my best friend. Anyway, the name’s Jessica. And yours?”
Alana: “Alana is my name.”
Jessica: “Aah, you’re a lookalike of Lana! Haha!”
Jessica was leaning against a fence that prevented people from falling down.
Jessica: “So... I haven’t seen you around before. Where do you come from?”
Alana: “Earth. To me, it sounds weird to say that. But I’m from Earth.”
Jessica: “Wow... How’s life there?”
Alana: “Well, pretty rude. But you’re Lana’s best friend?”
Jessica: “Yep. I can say that without a doubt, as she was my soulmate.”
Suddenly, a beeping noise came from Jessica. It was a funny looking phone, or a walkie-talkie... Which you prefer. It had a touchscreen, apparently. Jessica held it on her ear.
Jessica: “Hello? Hey, babe.”
Jessica was calling with her crush. Alana was about to leave, but then...
Jessica: “Huh? You know her? Yeah, she is just leaving the Training Grounds.”
Alana looked at Jessica and was waiting in the doorway.
Jessica: “Well, she’s still a rookie... Do you really think she can handle it? Well okay then, babe... See you at the Forest Of Thousand Riddles. Kisses!”
Jessica ended the phone call. She laid an arm over Alana.
Jessica: “Pack your stuff, we’ll go to the Forest Of Thousand Riddles, the only forest that always stays dark because of the enormous amount of trees.”
Alana and Jessica were walking to Alana’s room.
Alana: “But... Why? I haven’t finished my training yet.”
Jessica grabbed a badge from her pocket. It said that Jessica was an official trainer, to train rookies like Alana. Alana was surprised.
Alana: “I didn’t say anything! But what was I doing here again?”
Jessica laughed. She was standing in the doorway.
Jessica: “I don’t know! Haha! Probably to...”
Suddenly, an enormous quake occurred so close to the treehouse base, that everyone could feel it.
Alana: “Woah! H-help!”
Stuff fell on the ground or broke, some walls were ripped and a tree outside even fell over. 2 minutes and 34 seconds later, it was over. Alana and Jessica laid on the ground. They couldn’t stand well while the earthquake took place. The Master dashed through the hallway and went to District 2. Apparently something happened there.
Jessica: “Ugh, you okay?”
Alana: “Urgh, yeah... I am.”
The two went up. They went out of the room to check if something happened in the hallway. But they didn’t believe what the hey happened to District 2. On the place where District 2 was before, is now a fairly deep hole. Jessica and Alana saw it through a window. They had sight over a lot of places: On the left, an elevator. On the right, District 2 and District 1. And in the middle, the landscapes that are there in Aeronother.
Jessica: “Wow...”
Alana: “Ho... ly... God...”
They were both shocked from top to bottom. Not even a single bolt from District 2 is left on the surface. District 2 was the only district that was made from iron and metal, placed on the ground floor. And it was basically a huge tower. But now it’s gone.
Alana: “Is anyone you knew on that tower?”
Jessica: “Not that I can remember. Only our well known Fox and one of The Legendary Three were there, but they’re both gone from their district.”
Alana: “Hmm... Wasn’t there something you had to do?”
Jessica: “Yes, but this is more important. An entire district went through the ground!”
Jessica called her crush from the forest.
Jessica: “Hey babe? You need to come here now, District 2 fell in a hole during that earthquake!”
??? (From through the device): “What?! I’ll come right away!”
Jessica ended the call. The Master came up to Alana and Jessica.
Master ???: “Girls, have you seen Jason?”
Jessica: “I just called him and asked him to come.”
Alana was thinking: So her crush his name is Jason? Cool name, I wished my crush has a name like that too.
Master: “I hope so too.”
Alana: “Huh?! Can you read minds, Master?!”
Master ???: “Of course not! I only said that to Jessica. Anyway, I need you two to take Barney, Brian and Draco to Sandy Desert, they need to do their mission there.”
Alana was thinking again: Draco? I can link that name to... No wait. Wait a second, he’s not putting that bully with us, right?!
Jessica: “We will. Thank you.”
Jessica and Alana went downstairs. Alana was asking something to Jessica while they went down.
Alana: “Who’s Barney, who’s Brian and who’s Draco?”
Jessica: “Barney and Brian are twins, they also are called ‘The Telekinetic Twins’ because of their immense, combined psychical powers. They can deform anything you see around and they even can move a planet away if they want.”
Alana: “Wow... Did they ever try?”
Jessica: “That’s the saddest part... They did. It went out of its orbit thanks to them. Rumors are spread that planet still goes through space.”
Alana: “Geez... And Draco?”
Jessica: “Draco isn’t a well-loved person... He even got punished for almost blowing up your current district. Mostly if we get punished, we must train more on the hardest skill level and we’re not allowed to make contact. It can be worse, like what Draco did.”
Alana and Jessica were downstairs. They went to the front gate.
Jessica: “But you can recognize him by his red eyes, as he’s the only one with red eyes here.”
Alana: “Uhm... About him... He...”
???: “Hey, Jessica!”
Jessica and Alana heard two kid voices. Well, not quite kids anymore, but young teenagers their voice. They were greeting Jessica at the same time. Then, two kids with shady glasses and dark brown, short hair came up to them. They were wearing the same type of clothes, only the color was different: The one with a purple t-shirt was Brian and the one with a pink t-shirt was Barney. Yes, those two were ‘The Telekinetic Twins’.
Barney/Brian: “How are you?”
Brian: “You go first, brother.”
Barney: “No, you go first!”
Jessica: “Haha! I’m fine, guys! Thanks for...”
Suddenly, a person with black, short hair and red eyes (The person that bullied Alana earlier) came up to them. It was Draco. Everyone was silent. He looked at Alana. He inspected her from top to bottom.
Draco: “...Hmph...”
Draco went to the front gate. He was waiting there, looking at the sky.
Jessica: “*ahem* Let’s go.”
The four went after Draco and told him that they can go now. They went to the Sandy Desert by feet.


An insanely fast shade dashed to a cave, where a crystal (one of those ‘Destiny’s Crystals’) was as well. Well, it actually was there first. The cave was nearby Sandy Desert and Candy Meadows. (Where the treehouse base is) Two other shades ran with regular human speed after the shade. One of them jumped in the air and went in a tree. The other one looked at him with a confusing face.

??? : “Legendary Red, it’s not the time to play in trees!”
Legendary Red(?): “But... Ugh, alright-y. I saw another-e destroyed a bird house. You sure he is a here, Legendary Green-e?”
Legendary Green(?): Yes, and I swear on the tip of my sword... HE is here too.”
Legendary Red(?): “Mama mia...”
Legendary Green: “Yes, I think so too. But where’s Legendary Blue?”
Legendary Blue(?): “Hey, guys! Look what I found!”
The blue member of The Legendary Three was in the cave and the other two members went to him. Legendary Blue sat on the ground next to something.
Legendary Red(?): “No...”
Legendary Green(?): “No, it can’t be...”
Legendary Blue: “But it’s true... This was important to our people...”
They saw something on the ground... But what could it be? And why is it so important?

To be continued...

To return to previous chapter: I edited some parts with great tips Ghostbear1111 gave me. And of course you are allowed to give tips too! (Can't say you're not allowed anyway)
EDIT: I apparently summoned someone like 20 times. I can't fix it very quickly now.
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