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National Geographic Channel's 'Mars'
I've seen this a few seconds ago
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07-17-16 03:24 AM
07-17-16 04:22 AM

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National Geographic Channel's 'Mars'


07-17-16 03:24 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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Okay, i've seen there is a new documentary coming soon on National Geographic Channel (NGC). This one is all about our planet Mars. I've seen our Earth in the commercial, but once the 'camera' zooms out, it appears this Earth is a logo on a spaceship. And the ship heads to the red planet Mars. But i need your thoughts to guess what is going to be concluded, explained and, obviously, discussed.

I think they will surely talk about Mars being a back-up home, if Earth is going to die.

I made this thread with my 3DS, and i put it here, because... television?
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07-17-16 04:22 AM
Mynamescox44 is Offline
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I would assume they're going to explain what Mars is like now. Covering everything from the make up of it's surface and polar ice caps, to it's topography and all that junk.

They'll probably talk about to some extent how and when we would eventually be able to make it out there. Such as how long it would take, what kind of tech we would need to pull it off (with humans surviving the trip), and how we would land safely, as well what we'd need to bring and how to bring it. 

I'm sure they'll talk about possible ways to Terraform the planet's surface into making it inhabitable for humans to live on without actually needing a "space" station built on the surface. For instance, I've seen videos that show if we put enough carbon dioxide emitting plants (literally their sole purpose) to release enough greenhouse gases to warm the planet. This in turn would melt the polar ice caps enough to release a lot of moisture into the atmosphere and soil, which by bringing certain organisms with us to refine and add nutritional value to the soil, would allow green plant life to grow. The plant life would then break down the carbon dioxide emitted and turn it into breathable oxygen. Following this process long enough, eventually Mars surface would be a place humans, and other wildlife, could live on without any technological assistance whatsoever.
Granted this would be a huge undertaking, but it's probably an easier solution than finding a planet in an entirely different galaxy to move to when this one is all used up. Can you imagine how much it would take to build a self-sufficient space shuttle that could sustain itself long enough to make the journey to a planet however many light years away? Not to mention how big it would have to be to support any decent number of humans to bring along the way, on top of going through the difficult selection process of deciding who's even worthy to make the trip and who's not. At least with Mars, by the time this is feasible, we could have a more viable way of transporting humans that far.

They could also talk about what early society would be like when colonizing an entirely new planet. It would be somewhat similar to settling a new colony, but there'd be no way for any authority figures to bring reinforcements in if needed (at least not anytime soon), so you have to be very careful about everyone staying in line and following the rules. Anarchy is a lot easier to incite when the current authorities have no means of bringing in back up, on top of the fact it'll be more difficult to police people in this kind of situation to begin with. It doesn't take much for people to rally behind a charismatic leader in these situations, especially if they're unhappy about the conditions such as rationing food or whatever precautions must be taken. 

I can only imagine these would be the types of questions they'd cover. Hopefully I provided the correct insight
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