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Are you a helping hand?
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07-14-16 04:37 AM
07-14-16 08:07 AM

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Are you a helping hand?


07-14-16 04:37 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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There are a lot of people out there who likes to help out people, but unfortunately they also do it in the wrong time, like when it's not needed whatever you do. There are also people who don't help out friends, family or other people at all. Now, i'm curious for the following:

In real life, do you like helping others out a lot? Or do you just prefer to let someone else take the honor and do your own things?

I, myself, enjoy helping out other people. Mostly it's not needed, but still: I help others out of their rough situation/trouble. And you?
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07-14-16 05:34 AM
Eniitan is Offline
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Yes I am for most people. But, I stopped doing something in the past that affected me when I did it. I still help but in a much different way which I find a lot more easier to do. I won't really explain it here on this thread because of a few reasons. And as for life I am the same here as I am with real life. I wouldn't want people to do things for me in real life that's something, that I mostly will not allow. I rather do what I need too on my own, and in my own way as well so I am a lot more happier.
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07-14-16 06:03 AM
Ghostbear1111 is Offline
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I don't necessarily actively tell people what to do but I certainly challenge them to improve themselves and I help by providing my own insight into experiences that are relevant to their questions or problems.

My job as a director at work is developing my team and helping them improve their skills and career paths. I want them to get better at what they do and go find better jobs. I realize my place isn't a destination employment center but I want my team to continually work on their abilities and do better. I help them as much as I can.

I also help people who ask for help. I won't give unsolicited advice and I'll listen and offer recommendations to the folks who want to hear an opinion or a thought. I'm happy to do it.

I think if everyone went around doing nice things for everyone else and not themselves, the world would be a bit more accepting of everyone and we all might find a little more joy.
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07-14-16 07:36 AM
no 8120 is Offline
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no 8120
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MarioLucarioFan64 : I like to help other people in real life whenever people need someone to help them without telling anyone what to do at my job I work with 4 or 5 other people and everyone works together as a team I also help my family whenever they need help especially my mom since she has a walker and has trouble sometimes moving around
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07-14-16 08:07 AM
zanderlex is Offline
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Poor Davideo7
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I usually always help people out, whether because I like them so its the right thing to do, or because I have nothing else to do and could use the activity.
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