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10-15-19 12:45 PM

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About ginger-haired people...
I am pretty sure you'll agree.
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02-02-16 04:34 AM
02-02-16 04:55 AM

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About ginger-haired people...


02-02-16 04:34 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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Alright, yesterday i was watching TV with some friends. Suddenly, a list with 15 cool video's from that day came on TV. There was this ginger boy and he said he was being bullied after he saw South Park was being racist against ginger people. He was being bullied by the entire school and he decided to make a video about it. He posted it on YouTube: "GINGERS HAVE SOULS!" he said in the video. BUT other people on the internet made fun of it, and made songs of what he said.

I don't think this boy wasn't quite serious enough. This video that came on TV hit me, and i decided to accept people who they are. Gothics, ginger-haired people, black people... I think they are all a person, i hope you guys will agree. I posted this here, because it's about an Internet video.

It kinda pissed me off that they made fun of that.
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02-02-16 04:55 AM
yoshirulez! is Offline
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I think people were making fun of it for him taking it -too- seriously..

For one, south park is known for being racist and it's known that they aren't being serious about it.

Another thing is that it's common knowledge that Ginger's have souls, and the only people who believe they don't have souls are very very mistaken people.

He's trying to defend something that isn't being attacked.... which in itself is silly.

Moreover it's kind of hard to justify getting upset for someone -jokingly- saying you don't have a soul because you're a ginger. Could it be considered bullying? Hell if I know. Is this supposed case of being "bullied" important? Probably not. It's not like they're pushing him around, giving him swirlies, etc.

And even if they did, I wouldn't say it's because he's a ginger either. People do it for absolutely no reason and then just say they're doing it for [insert reason that might hurt their feelings here] because they think it'll hurt them more if it were about that.

In the end, he might really have been being bullied but I doubt it was mainly because he was a ginger.

Not justifying their actions or anything but I'm not saying this kid wasn't misguided either. There's no point in defending something that isn't under attack.

And another note, Ginger isn't a race... and Gothic isn't a race either... So they weren't being "racist" per se. Discriminative of haircolor, sure. But not racist.
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