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11-21-19 09:53 AM

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12-19-15 03:48 PM
03-04-16 06:27 PM

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Gamer gets hit by car while playing Fallout 4


12-19-15 03:48 PM
LordGaldan is Offline
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A gamer was saved by his video game chair when a car crashed into his apartment as he was playing Fallout 4. I took interest in this story because a video game saved my family and myself once.  I was playing Actraiser at 1:00 AM when I smelled smoke coming from downstairs in our apartment, so I rushed down and saw the couch where my stepbrother was asleep with a lit cigarette and the couch was smoldering, so I quickly woke everyone else in my family, including my stepbrother and we removed the smoldering couch, opened all the doors and windows to let all the smoke out. But if it hadn't been for me wanting to play Actraiser, we would've all died, probably from smoke inhalation. Anyway, here is the link to the story.
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12-19-15 05:10 PM
Minuano is Offline
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Huh, that's a weird glitch.
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12-20-15 10:05 AM
Eniitan is Offline
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That's really scary. I mean bless the guy that is still alive. But the car to come directly into his house like that? Not a lot of people would always survive that thing and he was indeed lucky to survive and to be alive....
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01-12-16 01:13 PM
jlove92 is Offline
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Talk about 3D game experience! That just beat Oculus Rift! That's crazy but, I have seeing this happen twice. I lived in an apartment complex that the sides were made out of brick and twice two different people two different years drove right into two different apartments. Could have killed or ran over anyone that was present. Apparently, speeding, drugs, alcohol were involved and no one was home at the time. I moved years ago but, drove by recently and saw that the brick fence had been crashed into in two different places near where those two apartments were. Weird coincidence. But, luckily they are all okay and so is your family. See video gamers are essential to this world!
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01-14-16 10:57 AM
TristanTehGamer1 is Offline
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-cue jim norton laugh track from Opie and Anthony- Is it bad i kinda laughed at how crazy the story was.

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01-16-16 09:50 AM
Lexatom is Offline
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TristanTehGamer1 :

Not really, it just means you have a messed up mind.

Just kidding, I find that a lot of people may laugh, not at the fact that the gamer got injured, but about the story. You don't see this kind of news a lot, so it's perfectly normal to laugh at this.
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02-24-16 09:34 PM
Y4123 is Offline
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Ugh I hate when I'm playing video games and then suddenly a car comes crashing through the wall!
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02-25-16 08:22 AM
kittehnat is Offline
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That's bloody mental, but as for them not charging the driver just because they weren't insured is absolutely bulls***. The guy states that he paid out 2 months salary already due to this accident, never mind living in another accommodation and paying for repairs. It is lucky for him his life was saved by the chair. Poor chair will need a reward for that sh** not everyday you hear a chair saving someone's a** lol

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02-28-16 02:42 AM
Oldschool777 is Offline
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Wait,how do they NOT file charges against the driver? So this little idiot (driver) is free to do it again? And what kind of stupid MF cannot tell the brake from the accelerator? But seriously,this gamer was lucky. He should be playing the lottery for real. That driver should be charged,thrown in jail and every cent they make in prison should go to the gamer. The gamer was the one that lost here. It will take two months salary to repair/replace things,not to mention his apartment is no longer safe to live in.
Bite me...

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02-28-16 04:23 AM
Singelli is Offline
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I didn't have much interest in this story, to be honest, until I saw Oldschool's post above. I think then, after watching the clip, I had the same "what the heck?!?!" moment.  How in the world should he be stuck with that bill is just mind boggling to me, and super, super sad.  Like him, I'd be thankful to be alive, but still... yeesh.

For some reason though, I did think he was in a -special- gaming chair.... as in one of those weird pieces of furniture with embedded speakers and stuff. Seeing that it was just a normal rolling chair made things make a lot more sense. haha.

(Also, ... Rose?  Who names their son "Rose"? XD)
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02-28-16 11:46 AM
pokemon x is Offline
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pokemon x
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"Irving police believe the driver accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brakes when she was attempting to pull out of a parking space at the apartment complex."
I bet that person was either they were to used to driving or is a complete newb driver to hold for that long or the parking a lot is just super close.
Either way that is pretty interesting and my heart would be racing if that happened to me but I don't live close enough to where cars can get to me easily.
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03-04-16 06:27 PM
Mangepic is Offline
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First of all.
How the heck do you hit the wrong pedal for long enough to not stop the car from running into a building?! There should have plenty of time to stop, especially since she wasn't going in the parking space, but pulling out! 
And also, now I really wanna get a better chair... *checks out window for cars*
Poor guy though, hope he gets better!
Don't be a salty bagel

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