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07-01-15 03:53 AM
F. Starr
07-01-15 08:41 AM

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What's the most memorable D&D/Pathfinder encounter that you've experienced?


07-01-15 03:53 AM
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I'm not sure if someone has already posted a thread like this on the Board, forgive me if someone already did. And I know it doesn't really count as a Video Game thread since it's tabletop and all but I didn't really know where else to post it haha.

So what's the most memorable D&D/Pathfinder encounter that you've experienced?

     I'll go ahead and share mine first.

     I was playing D&D 3.5 on roll20. I got into a not-so-serious campaign where the DM, before starting the game, would usually introduce "the drink of the day". It was a bottle of some fancy alcoholic drink. Now, I bet you know where this would lead. Alcohol + D&D could potentially become either a very f*cked up game or a very entertaining one. He would start sober and drink throughout the game. By the end he was piss drunk.

    Despite his drunkenness, he was pretty fair DM. Our party had several memorable and incredibly difficult battles. In one encounter, we encountered a rock golem. We were pretty low level characters so it was quite a challenge. Before the encounter, My character had extremely low health. I asked my party members if they had any extra health potions they can spare. They felt like being jerks that day and gave me empty flasks. Out of spite, my character pissed in one of the flasks. The DM allows it. Fast forward to the Rock Golem battle, we were pretty much getting crushed and our battle options were starting to get limited. Out of desperation, I threw the flask of urine at the Rock Golem. He did his secret DM rolls and well, what do you know? The urine weakened the monster. It corrosively bore a hole in its center. I don't know how that worked, but I guess through his alcohol lenses, it made sense.

   He wasn't fudging it either, the battle went smoothly until one of my party members decided to follow suit with the unusual battle tactics and shoved a lamp into the newly made hole. DM made his DM secret rolls and BAM! The Rock Golem restored HP and gained strength :I all of us were like "Dammit!", No worries though. We were able to defeat the creature.

  There were a lot of epic random battles within that campaign, but it all ended because one of the players didn't really like the DM drinking during the game and they got into a conflict. I didn't mind him drinking. He clearly stated that it wasn't a serious game and that alcohol would probably be involved. Oh well, fun times.

Please feel free to share any memorable pathfinder/D&D encounters you experienced! You could also share any memorable characters you played or other people played as well.

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07-01-15 08:41 AM
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F. Starr
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Mine wasn't just one session, just an entire campaign. I was using a Warblade from The Book of Nine Swords, in 3.5. I had other party members but they paled in comparison. One was a bard that used pretty much only sleep, and the other was a ...honestly, I don't even remember. From the beginning the DM has a habit of targeting me with every single attack. There  was a combat where I was attacked by 9 drow archers with poisoned crossbow bolts and had to make multiple constitution saves EVERY turn. My allies did... Nothing useful, and I took them all out single handed. Warblade maneuvers are OP. It also helps that I rolled very well in combats.

There's also been sessions where my character feels the other members are useless, and states this to their faces, multiple times, so he goes out and does entire sessions by himself. My favorite attack was called Mountain Hammer, and allows me to attack an object, and ignore it's Hardness rating. I've smashed full blades with my bare hands.

  There was also a time where we were chained in the under dark for a while, then I realized that my Mountain Hammer works on anything I use to attack with. So I headbutted the shackles off of me, rescued my (useless) team mates, set my pants on fire, because I can't see in the dark, and then escaped relatively unscathed. Which led to me...

   Being so mad at the Drow, I wanted to smash a hole from the ocean, into their massive network of caves, drowning them all. The DM was giving me multiple reasons why I can't do that, and I countered him every time. He told me that I would take loads of crushing damage, to which I told him I had potion bracers with 2 flasks of Cure Critical Wounds. Then he told me I would drown, but I also had a flask of Water Breathing. Then he told me what I got caught and lost, to which I replied that I had sun rods, that work underwater, and I also have a couple of immovable rods, so I don't get sucked deep underground. To which he replied, "Dude, just don't do that." So, we just walked away... I was so mad, that I had the ability to do this, but was shoved aside from the DM not wanting to change his campaign... 

   That was probably my favorite character I've ever played. When we had reached epic level, the entire back of my character sheet was filled with maneuvers and stances. Including a Feral Death Leap, that pretty much if I attack you, and you fail a massive Constitution save, you die. If you succeed you take, like, hundreds of damage... That Book was nuts.
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