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Five Nights At Freddys 3
Another Horror PC and Mobile Game.
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03-08-15 12:08 AM
03-09-15 04:21 PM

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Five Nights At Freddys 3


03-08-15 12:08 AM
marioplayer657 is Offline
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Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is coming out sometime 2015-2017, Here's a Theory I want to tell you, Its being 30 years since Freddy Fazbears Pizza was closed down for good, because of the animatronics are acting up, If you have a look at the 2nd game if you beat night 5, if you pay close attention to the text in the paper, it says that the new animatronics will be scrapped and the original ones are kept, well, did they scrap the old withered ones, or did they keep them??? I don't know, well, people have being asking Scott Cawthon that there are too many animatronics in the game, so this game sadly has one animatronic Why one??? Or did we call him too much so he put one in it??? So, after they scrapped the new ones, manager and staff found a hook, endoskaeleton, I don't know what pieces they have, but the new ones are used as parts of a new animatronic called the hybrid. It looks like Golden Bonnie, Look at the jump scare screen shot, If you look very closely to the left, you will notice that golden Freddy is part of a decoration. If you look in the Monitors, you will see 2 cameras have a foxy head and Freddy used as decorations, so It is called "Freddy's Haunted Mansion???" I don't know, If you look in the office you will see a crate of new animatronic heads in the box (I meant the 2nd Game) and if you got VERY good spotting that you can see through the green glass, you will notice that the marionette is there, he is the withered one put in acid, you can see its body but you cant see the feet and the head. One thing, in a screen shot, you will see a message that says "I am still here" Could it be the endoskeleton from the 2nd game or what? Well, one more thing, Was the purple guy still there or has he scrapped? Was it a human painted/dyed purple or is it a cop??? Hard to tell.

If you read this whole theory, Thank you for reading this, I don't know the release date yet but I will check everyday on the FNAF wikipedia. PEACE!!!

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03-09-15 08:47 AM
zanderlex is Offline
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marioplayer657 : Five Nights at freddys 3 has already been out and theories like this might have already been posted in the steam forum.

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03-09-15 04:21 PM
pacman1755 is Offline
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Since it's already been posted/been out, this thread isn't needed, so it'll be closed.
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