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07-22-19 05:33 PM

marioplayer657's Profile -

marioplayer657 is Offline

Real Name: Campbell Thornton
Age: 16 (02-28-03)  Gender: Male
Registered: 05-22-12 06:23 PM (2616 days ago)
Posts: 87  Threads: 17
Post Words: 4,583 (53 word avg)
Viz: 45,049    Contribution Points: 1,351
Post Rating: 4   Trust Points: 0   Chat: 3
Level: 20    Experience: 41512
Next Level: +927 Exp    Per Post: 715 Exp
Email: Email withheld from guests.
Homepage: Google
Last Activity: 11-25-17 12:36 AM
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Last Post: 04-07-17 02:23 AM
  Leaving Vizzed.


Welcome to 'marioplayer657's' profile. You people rock on vizzed. Now i want my user to be "marioplayer657" because i play mario games, THEN the site was amazing of retro games and thanks to "Davideo7" for making this site. I liked mario since 2011 then i liked megaman in 2012 + sonic in 2012 even pacman in 2011 angry birds in 2012. thanks everyone. Ive also saw game console generations from the book called "Guinness World Records 2014, Gamer's Edition"

If you want to see the console generations, heres the site:

// Test

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