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10-14-19 10:30 AM

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12-08-14 05:45 AM
02-08-15 01:01 PM

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how self-centered are you?


12-21-14 06:35 AM
xxdougiexxfreshx is Offline
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How self-centered am I?
Let's see I'm the most self-centered person I knows so I'll go with a 9.
I'm arrogant and me and my whole demeanor let's you know I just don't care. Don' t get me wrong I do help out but only when it's good for me or just really bored. I don't care about other problem unless it will directly affect me.
Also there was that time in my life I considered myself god and made everyone call me that
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12-21-14 10:51 AM
MattyIce is Offline
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I'm reading most of the posts in here, and I think its somewhat interesting to see people talk about themselves. There is defintiely a lot of high numbers, but there's nothing wrong with being honest. However, I'm a completely different story then most people...

Naturally, my wife would think of me the exact same way I think of myself, and that's the way it should be. So I would say my wife would give me about a 2. As for my mom and dad...they would probably give me a 6 or 7. Growing up, I could see that my parents noticed the way I acted towards other people, but they always told me "sometimes we ( my parents ) wish you treat us the way you treat other people." To this day, I still have no idea why they ever said that, but it is what it is.

I think my friends would give me a low number, a 2 or 3. In high school, I played football and I was in ROTC all four years, but I was always the "quiet" one. If you asked my friends in high school who the least self-centered person is, I bet most of them would say my name with no hesitation. I don't keep in touch with most of them anymore, except by ways of Facebook. My life has always been school, work, bowling...and that's it!

Its really part of my job to not be self-centered, as I work in the customer service/retail business. I'm the manager of a bowling Pro Shop and I always have to "think of the customer" and "the customer is always right" etc. There is about 130-150 employees in the company I work for, and I have met most of them...about 100 I'd say. We all range from Louisiana to Georgia to Virginia, so everybody hasn't met everybody, if that makes any sense. But the coworkers that I HAVE met...I would again think they would give me a low number, lets say a 3. But like I said before, my job requires me to think of everyone else first. If I didn't do that, I'd fail.

Strangers? In my opinion, its impossible to answer that question. There is no way you know what a person is thinking when you've never met that person. The best way I can think to answer this is my customers, but its arguable that my customers belong in my "friends" section. People I've never seen before are always walking in to my shop. I can only hope they think the best for me, but I will never know for sure. All I can do is set an example of myself by smiling, saying "hi", keeping my shop clean, etc.

Notice that I haven't given myself a number yet. Again, its just natural that I think of everyone else before me. I don't have a good reason why I'm like that. But yet I did mention myself when I was talking about what I think my wife thinks of me. Its true though...I'd probably give myself a 2. I feel I build the best relationships with people I meet for the first time when I try to talk about them first.

My life has been pretty good so far. I need to just keep doing what I'm doing I guess...
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(edited by MattyIce on 12-21-14 10:53 AM)     Post Rating: 1   Liked By: Singelli,

12-22-14 09:57 PM
tiropat is Offline
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I would rate myself at 10 easily. If someone needs something and I'm not getting anything out of it I don't care. I am the kind of person you will ask for help once and then regret it to the point where you would not consider doing it again. I am flat out rude and uncaring. 

I haven't seen my family in a while so they would probably rate me a 9 because people rarely remember exactly how bad some one actually is.

Coworkers would most likely rate me at a 6 because I end up doing a lot of work that I feel they are incompetent to do properly and would reflect badly on me if I didn't help them.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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12-22-14 11:54 PM
tRIUNE is Offline
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I opened this thread because I hoped for some sort of test to take, but I'll go ahead and rate myself a 3.

I'm not at all caring about myself, I more-so care more about others, but I'm not denying that I do care about myself, which is why a 3 instead of a 1.
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12-23-14 06:19 AM
SaberToothWolf is Offline
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For me myself I think my friends would at most would rate me as 1.0 for being self centered since I always seem to be so caring and what not,though I actually am,except for around Christmas time. I feel up to a 10 of being self centered for sure! lol Though for the Coworkers I would have to say 0 cause I don't exactly have a job to go to. ^^' Though for my family it depends who you're talking about,though in total from them I guess I'd be around a 7.5. Seemingly none of the family exactly wanna chat with anyone and what not unless you're offering stuff. So in total I guess I am around like 9.5 of being rated of being self centered though my friends see me to be a much better person. ^^

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 12-21-14
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12-23-14 02:14 PM
jack3604 is Offline
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I'd say that I'm a pretty self-centered person. I don't really try to be self-centered it just kind of happens. I will actually go out of my way to do things for people though if it's something really easy, especially if they can't do it themselves because that will just make them think better of me . I'd give myself around a 7 I guess.

Friends - 4
Close friends - 8 (the really really good friends)
Acquaintances - 6
Co-workers - 9
Manager - 11
Family - 3
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12-23-14 02:21 PM
Fali is Offline
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Very difficult question.  I would say I'm an 9.  If a family member or friend needs help with something and I'm doing something that I want to do, I stop what I'm doing and go help them.  Some people might say that I am too nice, but that is how I am.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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12-27-14 09:57 PM
bombchu link is Offline
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bombchu link
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It's kinda odd for me, It's like I'm a pig physically, but when it comes to words, I /can/ be very helpful.

I'm not exactly eager to help out around the house with chores and such, but verbally I'm very interested in offering advice to others, expressing my thoughts on things, especially those who are younger then me.

I've always had this drive to bring wisdom to those who are willing to stop for even a second and ponder what I have to say.

It's just like... I want them to find this thing called maturity. (when it hit me, it hit hard, heh)

the whole idea that they are not the only thing in the world that /needs/ attention.

So that said, I would give myself a 6 of 10, as action speaks louder than words.
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(edited by bombchu link on 12-27-14 09:58 PM)    

12-27-14 10:28 PM
88amp is Offline
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3 is being not very self centered

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12-29-14 02:56 AM
Brain-Splattered is Offline
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My question is this:
How self-centered do YOU view yourself to be?  (1 being completely self-less and 10 being total lack of care for anyone else)
How would your family rate you?
Co workers?
More importantly, WHY do you give yourself the number you do?  What makes you more or less self-centered than the people around you, and how do you define it?

Ok here's my answer to that : I would rate myself around a 6 because I tend to help people out a lot and am usually the friend you want coming in to help out. I take most people at a standard value ( I guess because I like to think that most people have good hearts or intentions ) until you give me reason not to. Self Centered to me is someone who only looks out for themselves and doesn't care about anyone else. 
Family rated me a 5 or 6. 
Friends rated me 6 or 7 . 
Co workers rated me 4 or 5 because I am always willing to help out and very patient with stuff that would piss them off.
Strangers ? Probably mid level as well if they know me at all. 
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12-29-14 02:27 PM
Singelli is Offline
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MCJungleKitty :  That was awfully kind of you to say. I'm glad you think I'm a nice-person, but it doesn't mean I'm not self-centered. haha!  To me, being self-centered means that you are more concerned with yourself than with anyone else. I think a lot of people equate the term with selfishness, and why both are certainly related, they aren't one and the same.  Besides, you should remember that whatever you see online of people..... doesn't reveal who they are outside the world of pixels.  I do hope that one day I can deserve your high opinion.  

I was shy, but I think I tend to not ask people about their days because I just don't care.  Of course, I could just be thinking too hard, as well.  It gets confusing when I think on it for too long.
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01-11-15 11:04 PM
The_IB122 is Offline
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Well, when it comes to real life, you can say I am extremely self-centered. Mostly all my life, everyone especially didn't really want me to be in their group for projects and what not and when I was in Gym (Phys. Ed. or whatever you call it), the other students never picks me for their team. So that is why from that point one, I might as well be a self-centered person and I'm still a self-center person in real life.

So, yeah, this is what made me self-centered, and never really wanted to care about anyone else in real life, but at least I don't show this on Vizzed, and trust me, it's better it stays that way

If I have to list with all the following, this is where it will stand..
Friends - 10
Close friends - 9
Acquaintances - 8
Co-workers - 10
Manager - 5
Family - 10

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02-08-15 01:01 PM
FaithFighter is Offline
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I don't believe myself to be very self-centered. But I do like to do certain things just for myself, that I don't like being interrupted, like video games and posting on vizzed. I'm pretty willing to do just about anything to help someone else. But with the aforementioned issues, I would give myself a 3. Somewhat self-centered at times under certain conditions.
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