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02-28-20 07:53 PM

FaithFighter's Profile -

FaithFighter is Offline

  I am the FaithFighter. I stand. I fight. I live. By the Grace of GOD, I live.
Trusted Member
Real Name: Branden
Location: Ohio
Age: 25 (06-15-94)  Gender: Male
Registered: 06-18-14 05:49 PM (2081 days ago)
Posts: 1,179  Threads: 172
Post Words: 165,586 (140 word avg)
Viz: 21,073    Contribution Points: 10,678
Post Rating: 120   Trust Points: 6   Chat: 2
Level: 61    Experience: 1846800
Next Level: +29796 Exp    Per Post: 2349 Exp
Last Activity: 07-24-17 11:24 AM
Last Post: 07-18-17 10:52 AM
  Pac-Man Arrangement Interesting Discovery


I enjoy video games a great deal, enjoy spending time with my family. Also enjoy writing and drawing the stories and characters GOD gave me...

Stuff I've done on vizzed...
Got the playstation item
got the laptop
got all the armor (accidentally replaced sword of vizzed)
became trusted member
made my first video
was only 18 points away from helping Team wednesday get to the top. If only I had fought a bit more!
Sold my first layout!
Finally got Trooperness A+ syndrome! 2-8-15!

Become Well-known Vizzee
Learn Layout coding
Beef Up my profile page!
Maybe...become an elite?

Favorite Game Franchises:
1. Super Smash Bros. (before Bayonetta!I hate Bayonetta!!!!)
2. Sonic
3. Kirby
4. Metroid
5. Pac-Man
6. Mario
7. Megaman

Stuff I enjoy outside vizzed and gaming:
Skiing, Snow tubing, Ice skating, roller skating, kyaking,The WARRIOR DASH, and obstacle courses in general, swimming, hiking, Pokemon Go (not really gaming!) and jet skiis (Nothing like zipping across the water at 40 mph!)

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