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05-15-14 08:04 PM
12-06-14 09:05 PM

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GUI Help?


05-15-14 08:04 PM
Blubcreator is Offline
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I'm making a script program in visual basic and am not very good at making a design for the GUI. Does anyone know any Photoshop tutorials that would actually help me make some designs?

Please just don't link me to the first video tutorial you google up.

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06-25-14 08:52 PM
lamentofking is Offline
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Why do you want to use Photoshop? Visual Basic is in Visual Studio (VS) correct? A GUI builder should already be present there. Add a form to your code and you can drag and drop elements on and design it the way you want it. This way you can design your GUI and be able to see the limitations of VS all at the same time.

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06-26-14 02:34 AM
saldek is Offline
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I....don't really understand what is it that you want. I said that that you're making a script program and are not good at making a design for the GUI. Ok, from what I understand from that is you need help at designing the GUI, but I got confused when you involved photoshop as I have no idea what you want to do now.

Could you be more specific? So that I may be of help?

Also, since this topic is one month have solved the problem, right?

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12-06-14 09:05 PM
BigBob85 is Offline
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As pointed out by lamentofking, if you are using VB you should be using Visual Studio. It depends however if your project is a VB WinForms (or WPF?) if you get the GUI stuff, as apposed to a console program.
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