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11-11-19 10:04 PM

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12-20-13 02:21 PM
01-01-14 08:12 AM

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Ever encounter a random act of kindness?


12-20-13 02:21 PM
alexanyways is Offline
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Did you ever see somebody do something really nice out of nowhere?

Today, a man behind me checking out at Target paid for my copy of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Vita) and told me to pay it forward. I've felt amazing since then, and I've been helping people out and stuff all day. Tomorrow I plan on paying for a few coffees when I do my run tomorrow.
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12-20-13 02:51 PM
Raddy is Offline
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If I have seen anything like this, I can't remember it at the moment. But I myself would love to do acts of kindness, "random" or otherwise.
"Okazaki. Don't lost track of what's important to you." ~ Yusuke Yoshino

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12-30-13 08:41 PM
Eirinn is Offline
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Yeah, I remember once when some guy I'd never seen in my life, threw a twenty dollar bill in our car, for no apparent reason. He just tossed it in, said something random, and walked off. Never saw him again.

I'm glad to see this thread, man. I'm trying still to get a program like this started. Glad to see someone out there is doing it, even if I don't know them.
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01-01-14 04:58 AM
NintendoFan0513 is Offline
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I've never personally come across a random act of kindness, but I've heard numerous stories on the news about some of them. I don't think I've ever done one myself, but I might decide to do it one of these days.
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01-01-14 05:13 AM
MechaMento is Offline
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there have been random strangers that help me and other out with little things out of no where. Of course there is the classic opening a door for someone but other great things have happened. 
I went to GAME, a while ago, to buy Forza Horizon and I was £1 short. I tried asking the shop owner if I could have this very small discount because I really didn't want to travel all that way for nothing but he refused. But then out of nowhere this man said hey "I'll finish the deal, it is only £1 anyway".
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01-01-14 08:12 AM
Juliet is Offline
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I've seen some a few times. I also do some random act of kindness whenever there's a chance (ie. holding the door for the kids or the elderly). As for other people's acts, once I saw a man offering his seat in a train to an old woman. There's also that other one when a kid gave some food to a street cat. There are many more but I guess I'll stop with two.
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