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02-27-20 02:40 PM

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08-05-13 07:06 PM
08-11-13 05:33 PM

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Considering that this is a genesis game I was expecting more praise.

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08-05-13 07:06 PM
Link | ID: 862028 | 1327 Words

Level: 15

POSTS: 4/41
POST EXP: 27836
LVL EXP: 13896
CP: 3087.4
VIZ: 169288

Likes: 2  Dislikes: 0

When Konami unveiled the Casltevania franchise back in the 80's it quickly grew to be one of Konami's greatest franchises with an exception to a few. Ports to consoles quickly took off with the first trilogy on the Nintendo Entertainment system. More prequels and sequels followed like Super Castlevania 4 on the Super Nintendo and Castlevania: Dracula X. Soon video game developer Sega caught up with all Konami's ports for the Nintendo Systems. It soon concluded that Konami was to create a new Castlevania game for the Sega Genesis. After months of development Konami was ready to release their newest masterpiece to the Castlevania library simply known as Castlevania Bloodlines. Despite all the hype about the game it would take the unfortunate turn for the worse. Once it was released, it was clear that the Super Nintendo was far superior than the Genesis version with better music, graphics, and game play meaning that this game got overshadowed quite badly compared to the Super Nintendo version. But does that mean it deserves it? Most certainly not! Let's see if this so called "disappointment" deserves this much criticism.

Graphics: 10

 Despite the criticism that the Super Nintendo version has superior graphics, I would have to disagree. I find that this game is far superior than Super Castlevainia 4 with the graphics department. First let's see the most important setting in the graphics department : the stages. Each and everyone is different in perfect ways. There's Athens, Greece where you come across the giant Colosseum, Beautiful marble statues and much more to stare in awe and wonder. There's the mechanical factory with it's levers, mechanical contraptions, and other eye-catching monstrosities. Each stage is original in their way making this a super cool looking game to begin with. But what about the monsters? Are they any better? They are in fact. Unlike the Super Nintendo Version which has its enemies 2-d rendered, Bloodlines has more 3-d looking monsters. The skeletons are better looking and they walk more realistically. The same goes with the other monsters like the Minotaur, Medusa, the cursed knights and many more! One of the game's many hits or strengths is the graphics. They are beautiful and can be stared at for hours upon gaming. So with that said what should be the most appropriate rating for the graphics? 10. That is my final rate - 10

Sound: 7

 With every game's strength there will always be a weakness. And sadly the music is where Bloodlines falls short. While the music is fine, Castlevania 4 simply dominates with much better sound altogether. But with that said the sound is pretty good even if it falls short compared to the Super Nintendo. The music still is nice to listen to and the boss music is epic to say the least. This is where Bloodlines falls short. But hey a score of 7 isn't that bad now? Even if it is inferior to its competitor it still is decent among its music. And this is the Sega Genesis so it's excusable. So for me comes a 7 for the sound.

Addictiveness: 8

 This is very addicting for a Castlevania game. You can play as two characters - one with a whip and one with a trident. But there's just one problem - YOU CAN'T PLAY AS SIMON OR ANY OTHER BELMONT! What happened to the Belmonts!?!? This technically is their game. It's as if their is a Mario game that had Toad as the main character. I know it is nit picking but it can be real distracting. Stupid characters aside - this game is otherwise really fun to play and has a lot of replay value. If you died and ran out of continues you could always just type in the password ( which isn't even that long by the way) and continue from where you start effortlessly without any sense of anger unlike other frustrating franchises like Ninja Gaiden. So with that said each level offers something different meaning you can play for hours without boredom making this game not only a must have for the Genesis but very addicting so be careful or you just might be sucked into the world of Dracula. Such high addiction can't be left alone can't it? A true Castlevania game should have lots of addiction and this is no exception. So from me comes an 8 for its addiction.

Story: 6

 What can I say? It's the same rehashed plot used in every Castlevania before and after to date. Dracula rises from his grave to avenge the very people who killed him. So it's up to you to save all of Europe from Dracula's forces. You know this wouldn't be such a bad plot if - I don't know that hero was SIMON OR TREVOR OR ANY BELMONT!!!!! Stupid characters. So yeah that's the story. Nothing special but would be better if you could play as SIMON OR ANY BELMONT JUST NOT THESE TWO STRANGERS! It's the same rehashed story with the same plot. 6 points. NEXT!

Depth: 9
 This game has a lot of depth for a Sega Genesis cart. If you finished the game as one of your two characters ( WHO AREN"T BELMONTS BY THE WAY ) you could always play as the second character which means that you can have twice the fun. Oh and it's not like Super Mario Bros. Where Luigi is literately the exact same as Mario. These characters each have different attack moves. For example the bounty hunter with the trident can hit in 8 directions and charge a super jump by holding his duck move for a few seconds while the second bounty hunter can hit in only one direction and can't charge for a super jump. So while they seem the same as players they aren't meaning that at all. In fact this means that they each give you a different way to play the game meaning more replay value. And like I said before - each level is completely different? each taking place in all the different parts of Europe from Transylvania to France. So with its levels and different characters comes a very fun game with lots of replay value. So for this game I give it a 9 for it's awesome sense of depth.

Difficulty: 9
 Besides this game's flaw in the music there is in fact another flaw only one much much more severe and handicapping flaw that messes up the game - the difficulty. Now don't get me wrong difficulty is necessary in a game if you want it to be addicting. But this game has the same problem as the Nintendo Entertainment System - the control. You simply have no control on were you land your character meaning lots of deaths and deaths and deaths because you simply didn't time your jumps properly and that can be really frustrating - especially if you are a casual gamer waiting for a good challenge. If you are one of those people than stay away from this game. But for a hardcore gamer? It is perfect and is among one of those hard Genesis games and just plain hard games altogether meaning that it ranks up there with Contra when it comes to its difficulty. So unfortunately this game does not have a difficulty setting so you can have an easier setting. But it still is perfectly fine for any hardcore gamer or anyone who has been able to beat the original Castlevania 1,2. or 3 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. So here comes a 9 for the difficulty.

Overall: 9.3

 Despite its flaws - this game still is a blast from the past and is still fun to play. Would I recommend it. Of course! This is a must have for the Genesis. Be sure to pick it up on eBay or any online retailer. You won't be disappointed! Check it out if you have the chance!

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08-11-13 05:33 PM
thephantombrain is Offline
Link | ID: 865238 | 81 Words

Level: 63

POSTS: 44/1205
POST EXP: 117792
LVL EXP: 2054316
CP: 5743.1
VIZ: 121566

Likes: 3  Dislikes: 0
You have a talent. The sentences seemed to flow effortlessly from one thought to the next. There was also humor which, I believe, is important to any review of a game. (Games are supposed to be fun, so a review of a game should also be fun. The only criticism I can give to this writing is that I think that you should proofread a second or even third time.

Another one to add to my list of games to play...thanks!
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