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05-31-13 04:22 PM
10-10-14 12:57 PM

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Pokemon Rebirth [REVIEW]

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05-31-13 04:22 PM
Likki is Offline
Link | ID: 807527 | 1496 Words

Level: 44

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Another Review, These take me quite a while to put together, but this is a game I really wanted to review
for quite a while now, due to the fact that there's quite a lot I want to write about this game. Enjoy reading this.
Edit: HaHa, this actually took me 2 days to finish? I have no life..


Pokemon Games are focused mostly on Pixels, So i'll just talk about the colors, and shadows and other stuff. First of all, I've got to say,,, The colors are really nice, and fits the games atmosphere, especially for Forests, and areas surrounded by lots of bushes, grass, tree's and plants. There are a few tile errors and glitches, but they won't harm your save file or game so their fine. There are just a few tiles which are replaced, and commonly occur on tree's or water areas. Some water tiles turn into one of the tree tiles, and one of the tree tiles, are replaced with water tiles. Or they could be replaced with MissingNO tiles. But like I already mentioned, these aren't huge errors, they won't destroy or corrupt your save file. Just walk past them. Let them pass away.
Overall, for the Graphics, I give this a 8, just because of some of the tile errors. But I understand that this is a hack, and hacks are never fully perfect. There will always be a few glitches or errors in each hack. But the colors fit the games mood, what i mean, is that dark and scary games would have darker colors, and not many bright colors, and games with a good mood would have bright colors, and not many Dark colors. The shadows are perfect, and are fitting with the colors. 

Sound? Honestly, not much to say about the sound. The Pokemon Cries are very fitting for each Pokemon obtainable on the game. Their not so long, their short and simple. Tempo is fine, Pitch is fine, and their not bad for your ears.
The music in the towns and cities are also, fits perfectly with the atmosphere. Example, if there is a dark, spooky town, maybe has lots of ghost type Pokemon, would have a slow, low music to it. A bright town with lots of beautiful scenery's, buildings, plants etc, would have peaceful music. A big city maybe, would have some fast music. Music could change the meaning for a lot of things, so Sound is very important for games, especially for Pokemon Games.  
This is a good moment to talk about the battle music. Battles are normally intense, so they may need to have a fast tempo music, which would also make the battle intense. And when you win, there's a happy little tune playing in the background, fitting to your victory. Haha, what I'm actually trying to say, the music and sound in this game is very fitting, not to fast, not to slow, perfect pitch, suitable for your ears. I give this a 10. There's a lots of different music playing in each house, area, each city, town, battle scene, routes, while swimming, while riding a bike etc. There's a lot of music fitting with the area's mood, and that is what makes a game, a good game.

To be honest, All Pokemon games have always seemed addicting to me, and never get repetitive. Why? There's a ton of Pokemon you can catch! Especially in Pokemon Rebirth. There's 386 Pokemon to catch! And you can only have a team of 6 Pokemon. Imagine how many teams you can have if you keep restarting the game! There's a lot of Pokemon to try out, catch ones which are not common, test them out and maybe afterwards say something about them.
Anyways, yes, this game is addicting. You can catch ALL ledgenderies from Kanto (Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Mew & Mewtwo). All ledgenderies from Johto (Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Celebi, Lugia & Ho-Oh), and all ledgenderies from Hoenn (Groudon, Rayqauza, Kyogre, Latios, Latias, Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Jirachi & Deoxys). That 21 Ledgenderies in total. In fact, you can also catch them early in the game (But they would be they will be level 100, so they will be extremely hard to catch, but are still possible to catch, so if you do want to catch one, don't give up. I managed to catch a Level 100, Entei, Level 100 Raikou, and level 100 Shiny Suicune whilst my starter Pokemon was only level 12.  
Overall, I give this a 9, because there's lots of new places to explore after you defeat the champion, Tons of hard ledgenderies to catch, filling up the pokedex by catching all Pokemon, making new teams, re-matching the trainers, etc. It's a lot to do in one Pokemon Game! And if you want to, you could reset, and start all over again!  

The story is technically the same in most of the Pokemon Games, You wake up, get your first ever Pokemon, battle, catch Pokemon, defeat the villains, and defeat the Elite four and Champion then your done. Not quite yet though. After you defeat the game, It's not ALL over yet. There would be a lot more new and secret places unlocked, and a lot more newer ledgenderies will be obtainable. You will be able to have re matches with trainers and keep leveling up your Pokemon. You are still able to catch more Pokemon etc. The game never ends! There are 386 Pokemon to catch! Anyways, i was meant talk about the game story... The story is interesting. Nothing else to say really about the story. It's interesting because you get to battle lots of gym's / trainers, and stop a team of bad people from stealing Pokemon / trying to awaken ledgendery Pokemon etc. I gave this a 8 because there's lots to explore, lots to do, its a never ending game, and you won't ever get bored from it!  

What should i say about the depth? Um. The depth is pretty good for a game boy advance hack. You need to go back and forth to every place, which takes a little time, unless you got a bike, or a Pokemon with Fly, which makes your life a lot easier.
On the other hand, the depth is pretty good, since after you defeat the Elite four and defeat the champion, you can catch every single ledgendery Pokemon from generation 1, 2 and 3, which will take a while since their hard to catch, and their hard to find. Although they appear quite early in the game, yet with high levels, they are extremely hard to capture. It's not impossible though. Another reason why the depth for this game is decent, is because you can fight lots of trainers, and also have a re match with them etc.
Overall, I give 'Depth', an 8, due to a buck load of things you are able to do in one game.

I've got to say, although this is a hack, the Pokemon levels have increased slightly, making the game a little bit harder. Example, a wild Wooper is level 12. In this game, they would appear to be around 14 or 15. And there's a lot of trainers you can battle here, including Team Magma & Team Aqua, Re matches, Re matching gyms, re-matching Elite four and the champion, catching all Pokemon etc. There's so many things to do, but it doesn't mean it's all easy stuff. It takes a while to beat the whole game, including all the re matches, including catching ALL the Pokemon and ledgendery Pokemon, and filling up the whole pokedex. It took me months. And it wasn't all easy, So I got to say, the game's difficulty is perfect.
I give this 7. And It's not a 7, because it's not as that hard, as some of the Pokemon games which are being made nowadays, but this isn't easy as well.

Overall, for this game, I give a 9.5. I HIGHLY recommend you to play it. It's a game which will totally blow your mind. Its a remake of the original Pokemon Emerald, and made a lot more better, also allowing you to catch all 386 Pokemon which you weren't able to do back in the Original Pokemon Emerald. The game never gets repetitive, and you can play it over and over again constantly, due to so many Pokemon available to catch, so many trainers to battle, and lots and lots more! There are also new starter Pokemon to get at the start of the game, and other starter Pokemon will be seen in s few routes, and will be ran into commonly, meaning you can catch all starter Pokemon from generation 1, generation 2 and generation 3. How awesome is that? There are also new maps, and new locations and places. 
I think you should play a game if you like long lasting RPG games.
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05-31-13 05:24 PM
Dean2k13 is Offline
Link | ID: 807562 | 40 Words

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That was the best review I have ever read! Well Done I like how you went into the detail with every point you made, you explained everything quite well. You covered all/most aspects of the game! Great Review. 5/5
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06-01-13 05:29 AM
Likki is Offline
Link | ID: 807906 | 11 Words

Level: 44

POSTS: 413/497
POST EXP: 23927
LVL EXP: 586251
CP: 1261.3
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Wow! Really? Thanks a lot for the comment and rating! 
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06-01-13 05:30 AM
jaws123 is Offline
Link | ID: 807907 | 12 Words

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Hey! Very well done Likki! I enjoyed reading it! Keep it up!

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06-01-13 09:17 AM
Barathemos is Offline
Link | ID: 808019 | 15 Words

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Welllllll. that was great. I loved all the detail you put into your review, thanks!
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10-10-14 10:29 AM
gamerforlifeforever is Offline
Link | ID: 1088812 | 14 Words

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Likki : This is a fantastic review. It has great length and detail! Good job!
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10-10-14 12:57 PM
ghostfishy is Offline
Link | ID: 1088837 | 99 Words

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Nice review with nice details and depth!

If I am thinking about the correct hack, this hack also provides you all of the starters in the beginning of the game. Correct me if I am wrong. I do like how some of these hacks like this one, allows you to capture all the Pokemon from the Pokedex without having the frustration and struggle to trade in order to evolve and I like how it was removed. I've played this hack a long time ago and I really enjoyed playing it. One of the best hacks that I ever played.
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