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05-25-18 01:38 PM

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02-24-13 10:18 AM
02-24-13 10:18 AM

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tutorial on how to get mortal kombat pc cd working on dosbox


02-24-13 10:18 AM
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  the title pretty much explains everything so let this tutorial begin     step 1 just in case you don't have it download dos box here , .

Step 2 download mortal kombat 1 and 2 full cd is from here , note depending on how fast your Internet is the download will take a little bit

Step 3 
now you will need to use a program to get the game mounted I recommend magic is to get the files out. I would recommend damen tools pro but it always has an error with this game . anyways download magic is from here . and install it.
once that is done  find your    mortal kombat 1 and 2 full cd iso.    and open the iso file with magic iso. Note it will try to make you buy the full version if that happens. Just click try it . 

Step 4 Grab and drag a folder by the name of Kombat 1 . Dragging it to what location is your choice as long as dos box is able to run the game

Step 5 it will ask for a cd  but that's were the crack files come in. Put the mk1crack in your kombat 1 folder . You can drag it to the dos box icon or do your mounting stuff. .. If you wanna mount it put the kombat 1 folder in your c drive . In dos box  you need to type mount c C:kombat 1. Type C: again to switch to the c drive . Type in mk1crack it will say  cd patch successfully applied . Then start mk1 and your good to go

Step 6 before starting mk1 you need to go use set sound in order to get the cd audio working   use sound blaster 16 is recommended . I would use gravis but for some odd reason the cd audio with gravis goes off sync when I play the game,

If you want mk2   just use the same steps in the tutorial  but with the mk2 crack and you dont need to use setsound that is already in the options menu. Have fun Mk fans 

any questions or feedback post here please

the reason i did this was because i heard and saw many comments about people trying to find this game and get it working
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