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02-12-13 11:27 PM
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04-28-13 01:21 PM

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Wii U Deluxe - $350


02-12-13 11:27 PM
Sun-Wukong is Offline
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Yeah, I still don't have one of these bad boys yet. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, but a new console just isn't in the cards right now, especially after getting a 3DS not too terribly long ago. Why do I want one, though?

Well, my brother--who lives a few states away from me--got one around Thanksgiving and I had the opportunity to play it. All expectations met, and all concerns put to rest. The Game Pad was light, comfortable in my hands, and most importantly, introduced new and exciting ways to play games, just like the Wii did. Even better, it can do everything the Wii did (short of using a Game Cube controller), and in HD!

Have I mentioned that I love playing games in HD? I mean, I love the Wii, but my PS3--up to now--has offered something that Nintendo just couldn't deliver; not anymore, though! I must specify that I'm not talking about the quality of the graphics; there are Wii games that are gorgeous in HD, when using the Dolphin emulator, such as No More Heroes 2, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and both Super Mario Galaxy games, and while the Wii U doesn't run Wii games in HD (even though it totally could with a little tinkering on Nintendo's part), the main point I'm trying to get across is that games on the new Sony and Microsoft systems having better graphics (more than likely) won't make this selling point moot, since I'm only talking about display resolution. At least it won't matter until UHD TVs get cheap...

As for specific games, Nintendo Land was a blast, Wind Waker HD looks great, and I have every expectation that the new Super Smash Bros. game will be a winner. Whatever the next Mario game, Zelda game, and whatever else Nintendo makes, it'll be tops, not to mention Retro and hopefully future efforts from third parties like Ubisoft and Sega (who were huge supporters of the Wii). As you can tell, there isn't much out in stores that has me clamoring to get a Wii U; that's why I'm content to wait instead of going out to get one already--you know, in addition to overall lack of money. The quality games will come, though, and again, with an awesome controller to play them with.

More recently, an improved Virtual Console has been announced, which only makes the deal sweeter. Being able to play older games in HD? You bet I'm excited. A way to get EarthBound in English legally without spending north of $200? Not confirmed, but I'm really fraggin' hopeful that we get it over here like the Japanese!

Oh, and I guess improved online play compared to the Wii will be nice. Not that I ever played online with my PS3 that much, but maybe I'll feel more enticed by some of the games on the Wii U. Being able to play a Smash Bros. game online without a full second of button-lag will be lovely...
The Monkey King

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04-28-13 01:21 PM
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Nice, I think now, they lowered the price already, so, yeah.
OwO whats this

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