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05-22-18 02:25 PM

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03-12-12 05:20 AM
03-12-12 05:20 AM

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another for yet another ff net story


03-12-12 05:20 AM
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Yes yet again I seek help lol this time all I remember is Harry is young,is visited by I think time and fate after midnight on his birthday were he feels a lot of pain and wakes up in a white plane (I think) he then is told of his powers and how another like him will be his lover he is then sent to one of the final fantasy worlds where he is attacked by a wolf like creature and is saved by a girl and her father while after being treated by them they give him a new name when he says he forgets it which he doesn't really he then lives with them for several years but must go back to this own world to go to Hogwarts and while getting to the trains station he meets his other half (which is Ginny) and that's all I really remember other then some other bits and pieces. Oh and this was/is on the website fanfiction (dot) net
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