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Missingno:The glitch pokemon
It's cry really scared me /:(
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03-05-12 12:08 AM
05-22-12 08:30 PM

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Missingno:The glitch pokemon

do you know what missingno is?
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03-05-12 12:08 AM
Gingercream1 is Offline
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Hello everyone. I was surfing the internet, watch stuff on my dsi (with flipnote studio) when I found something about a glitch in pokemon yellow. It was an extension of the missingno glitch, but I'll tell you that in a different post. Anyways, I went on the internet and typed in: what is missingno? I got this: (this won't be exactly as it was put in)Missingno is a pokemon with the pokedex number 000. It only appears with use of a glitch. it is a backwards L shaped "chunk of fuzz". It said that nintendo power said that if you come across missingno, it can corrupt your data and mess up your graphics. But I went and looked it up on youtube and I found the missingnoxpert. he had said in his video that missingno will not hurt your game, but might make the game crash. he encountered it and it crashed his (emulator) game. 13 tries later missingno started making a werid sound. It was made up of beeping nosies. Missingnoxpert had said this was missingno's true cry and it lasted for about 12 minutes. The point is, I really wanted to know if anyone knows about missingno. If not, look up on youtube: let's glitch pokemon yellow part 5 missingno. Thanks for reading and if you have info on missingno or any other glitch pokemon, please tell me.

The shiny oshawott
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03-05-12 02:00 PM
pokemon x is Offline
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pokemon x
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What did it sound like? Is it possible I could have link to the video?
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03-13-12 07:30 PM
claudevandog is Offline
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Gingercream1 :
I did the MissingNo glitch after beating the Elite Four on Pokemon Red on my gameboy advanced, and all of a sudden my rival (I named him John) appeared. He sent out glitchy Pokemon (one of them was missingno) and the music was like a freaky version of the final rival battle. After I beat him the normal trainer victory music played, then the game was normal again. Normally doing the Missingno glitch gives you more of the 6th item in your bag, but it didn't do that on this version of the glitch. Then I checked my Hall of Fame, and it was really glitchy. Thanks for reading this post. ~ claudevandog
I'm a crazy Earthbound, Pokemon, and Spongebob fan!

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03-13-12 07:58 PM
Diana4281 is Offline
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Missingno still remains a mystery. I guess we can classify it as the 'glitch' or 'mystery' pokemon. Even I don't know much about it
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05-22-12 08:24 PM
Odd Chrono is Offline
Link | 212 Words

Odd Chrono
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Here's Wikipedia's answer to confronting a MissingNo.;

Encountering a MissingNo. Pokémon is the result of three computing events:

first is the game's random battle encounter system: each area assigns
values to Pokémon in a data buffer, which the game accesses for the
player's encounters with wild Pokémon. However, no values are assigned
to this buffer on the east coast of the Cinnabar and Seafoam Island
locations—the information from the previously visited area is used

The second factor is the in-game tutorial, which
temporarily stores the player's name in the data buffer. This causes
the game to access the hexadecimal values of the player's name for
Pokémon encounters at Cinnabar and Seafoam Island.

third factor is the game's error handling system; if the game selects a
value from the data buffer that is not an existing Pokémon, a subroutine
is triggered that causes the appearance of a Pokémon named MissingNo.,
short for "Missing Number".

A captured MissingNo. is a fully
functional Pokémon, and appears in the game's Pokémon index as number
000. All MissingNo. possess consistent abilities, type, statistics and
sounds. The Pokémon commonly appears as a scrambled "d"-shape, but
certain encounter values cause it to appear as one of three sprites not
used by other Pokémon.

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05-22-12 08:30 PM
legacyme3 is Offline
Link | 27 Words

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This really belongs in the Vizzed Pokemon Fan Club...

But we also have a thread just like this.

So instead of moving it, I will close it.
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