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02-20-12 05:20 PM
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Castle of Illusion


02-20-12 05:20 PM
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Link | 447 Words

Level: 87

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Another classic platformer from Disney and one little cracker of a game.

On this iconic jump and run, the sweetheart of our hero Mickey Mouse is taken by an old an evil witch, following the kidnap the player must now head out to her help and save her, all exciting stuff you will agree. Granted, the story of this Mickey Mouse game for the master system (also ported naturally to the game gear) is extremely common, but the game just happens to also be extremely entertaining, even after 20 years!

As mentioned, it is the job of you playing as Mickey Mouse to free his beloved Minnie from the clutches of the evil old witch in a typical jump ´ n ´ run platformer manner. Overall you have to contend with six varied worlds before you face the witch. The themes all differ completely and this makes for great range in the game- ranging from the classic forest level with the concurrent trees to a confectionery world and a dark damp scary Dungeon, all are rendered in beautiful detail for the Master System. Each level offers also offers several enemies that are, surprisingly, right to the environment and a large, scary final enemy on each to deal with.

Speaking overall, the game level develops steadily and the player must constantly improve their skills, without ever really being unfairly handled by the game.

Besides additional lives, coins and more vitality there unfortunately no other extras in the game to find, this however, does not detract from this game and pleasure after finding secret chests.

Both playful and graphically the same both the master system and game gear and versions are similar, but I would recommend the Master System version because the game gear display we know is sometimes slightly muddy and cloudy.

The graphics represent the best you can get from the system all still retain great game play and feature great animations, bold colors and endless details, this truly shows us how games in the early nineties really had the ability to shine.

The sound quality is very atmospheric and fits in perfectly with the harmonious overall picture. Both effects as the melodies match the super cute comic book look and complete Castle of illusion.

In conclusion this game reinvents the genre of 8 bit gaming and is a fine example, where the expensive Disney license was used, this time perfectly, to create affine game which is a creditable addition to any collection.

The replay factor, for its trailblazer status is great too. While it may not be so much of a challenge the second time round, Castle of illusion is still certainly pretty to look at.
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