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02-20-12 04:17 PM
02-20-12 04:17 PM

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Wonder Boy III - The Dragon's Trap


02-20-12 04:17 PM
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Wonder boy 3: the Dragon ´s trap represents the fourth part of the wonder boy series and is the second game of the monster world series that started with wonder boy in Monster land at the same time. You will immediately notice a contradiction if you are an attentive reader, but I would like to explain straight away what this is if you are confused. How can wonder boy 3 be the fourth and the third part of the entire saga? Simple! A spin off as for example would be wonder boy X, this would be one possible explanation, but this is it. As it depends on the more perfunctory naming policy of Sega already one year before trying the third part of the series in the arcades Monster Lair to wonder boy 3-. Dragon ´s trap is the third part developed by Westone for home consoles that 1989 had its debut at Sega Master System. Since the two first wonder boy games were already implemented on the master system and Dragon ´s trap now the third official wonder boy games for home was, it has also provided it with the number three. That you would convert Monster Lair at home sometime times for customers, it has not considered probably at that time. By the success of Monster Lair this inevitably occurred so that one finds the name after two third parts of the saga. Because dragon has appeared after Monster Lair trap ´s chronologically speaking, the game is unofficially called wonder boy 4. As the direct successor to wonder boy 5 means and there is no official wonder boy 4, you can see this as a fact.

Some time later the name game went off again when Hudson Soft bought the license for the game at Westone to publish it on the PC engine. As previously at wonder boy in Monster land that is on the PC engine Bikkuriman world was here a new name for the game chosen because the wonder boy name legally belongs Sega, and Hudson Soft no license from Sega got or simply wanted not because two licenses for a game were not financially viable. Anyway the game, ´s curse was initially released in Japan as adventure Iceland and later on the TurboGrafx as Dragon. This one should confuse this adventure Island with escape adventure Island playing for responsible characterized first wonder boy game and since the separation of Sega bring identical copies of the wonder boy debut in incorporated design and under the name adventure Iceland among the people. The spin-off of these series of escape means new adventure Iceland on the PC engine to eliminate unnecessary ambiguity in advance. I can only assume why Hudson Soft got no problems with escape at this wonder boy part naming scheme. It is however, assumed that escape it then simply failed to secure the name for the PC engine.

After this is now resolved, we have the game I have played out on the master system and the PC engine now calmly. A game gear version of Dragon ´s trap also exists.

The story of Dragon ´s trap begins where wonder boy in Monster land stops in the castle of the evil Mech Dragon. You experienced the final battle of the predecessor, used here after the victory but with a curse, which transforms our heroes in a fire breathing lizard. Robbed of his human form and the legendary equipment man escapes following from the crumbling walls in a new adventure. The goal is clearly defined: ‘wonder boy’ man must regain its true shape. In contrast to its predecessor, which was still classically subdivided in individual levels plays first time through the use of different skills completely penetrate are leaving here in a single big world. The small adventure aspect is still present, so again diligently collects money and buys for new weapons and armor to more effectively accosting the evil monsters. This is an essential part of the game because without the right equipment you have doesn't stand a chance against the big boss. The game may therefore appear quite difficult at first. Equipment visible fortified the attack and defense values of our heroes so you very well cope with the Japanese version of the game. The charisma points defined by the number of accumulated crystals and worn armor are completely new. A very charismatic hero is preferential treatment in the numerous shops of the monster world and can access a much wider range in his shopping. Now may the one or the other but wonder, what do a lizard with the whole stuff? The different gear makes this the biggest feature of the wonder boy games.
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