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Zircron Swift
02-06-12 03:07 AM
02-06-12 09:31 PM

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Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Review

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02-06-12 03:07 AM
Zircron Swift is Offline
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Zircron Swift
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Kirby is one of those Nintendo characters that always seems to make people happy. Just one look at his adorable face and you'l be overwhelmed with utter least, that's what I feel when I see him. I haven't played many Kirby games, but Kirby and the Amazing Mirror gave me a new meaning to adorableness. If you saw cute in the dictionary, a picture of Kirby will be there.....*looks it up*.....well, he won't be there.....but you get my point. Anyway, I thought I'll have a look at what this game has to offer.

The game tells you the start of the story via menu screen, where high above the skies of Dream Land, the Mirror World requires help, as there is some evil monster unleashing terror and chaos. Meta Knight is going to stop it, and enters the mirror world via.....a mirror (of course, how else would you enter a mirror world?). However, Meta Knight appears in front of Kirby (awwwwwww!), and looks somewhat different. He then slashes Kirby into four different colours (awwwwwww!) and flies off. Kirby - or rather, the Kirbies (or would it be Kirby's?) - then gets on a warping star and follows Meta Knight to the Mirror (awwwwwww!).....and that's where the game should start. So you go to the main menu, and.....AWWWWWWWWWW! ^^      The Kirbies are jumping and flying around the menu screen. That's a nice touch.

You have a selection of mini-games at the start, which feature (in a nutshell): eating, smashing and surfing respectfully. All fo these can be played with a friend or on your own. The first game is basically being the first to eat everything on the table via "sucking it up". When the food is shown, you just press A, so it's a test of reactions. I love how they are holdign a knife and fork, yet they don't use it (awwwwwsocutesocutesocute!). It can be really funny to see their expressions when they inhale bombs instead of those yummy apples. The second game is where you have to make the biggest crack in the earth. You are Ryu Kirby for this (I know it's called "Figher Kirby", but he bears too much resemblance to Ryu off Street Fighter, with all those hadoukens and shoryukens and of course, the red bandana, but I digress), you just need to press A at the right time to charge you attacks, and then release that energy on the right spot. The third is really just a race on water on a surf-board, and pressing A on the tip of a ramp will give you a boost (very much like the recent Mario Kart games).

You can also collect items found in red chests. This can range to different colours to wear or listening to different pieces of music (when the music player is found). Some of these chests are easy to find, and some are harder. Look out for big red chests, and they'll mostly contain maps that will help with navigation (wait.....Navi-gation? Is that why the fairy in OoT was called Navi, to Navi-gate Link? I digress again, sorry) throughout the area. You start your adventure in Rainbow Route, as you are chasing what appears to be Meta Knight. My first reaction, you ask? Well, first, it was "awww", then it was "awwwwwww", and then, when I sucked up some angel with a bow, I was "AWWWWWWWWW! I'm Cupid Kirby! Look at those wings, he is just so adorable!" Cupid Kirby is infact my favorite power for Kirby, as it bears much liking to Pit.

Anyway, getting more serious now, you suck up enemies an take their powers. And to all those average-joe enemies, you get no powers if you suck those up. You can, however, spit them out as another attack. But there is one enemy you do not want to suck up. It's called a scarfy, and it looks like a harmless adorable floating head, but if you try to suck it up, the head will go demented and will chase after you. First time I came across this little fellow, he scared me a lot. I almost grew a phobia against them. You can easily kill them with a puff of air. You come across switches that open door to the next seciton of that levels and doorways to the Hub world, making tranportation easy. You can call your "friends" to help fight enemies, which is nice, but they often go walk abouts and are scattered all around, so you have to call them again. It's cute to see Kirby with a mobile phone to call for help, and you need to recharge it after every three uses.

Anyway, once you clear the first part of the game, you come across the Mirror that you saw at the beginning of the game, and Meta Knight, who doesn't appear to be himself and slashes the Mirror into eight different equal shards, and they scatter all around Dream Land. This can't be Meta Knight, and I'm pretty sure that by now, you would have noticed that he has this dark tint to him. So your objective is to collect all the Mirror shards, enter the Mirror world and defeat the menace that threatens Dream Land....and I guess save Meta Knight while your there. The whole place is one big maze. You need to find the map system otherwise you'll be playing a very cute version of Metriod. I think this game was intended to be played with more than one player to split-up and explore the entire area, as it is a rather huge place.

You will find mini-bosses, which you can suck up to get their powers if you can defeat them, as well as.....wait a moment. Is that.....master Hand? Master Hand is in this game! It's a reference to Super Smash Bros.! Boy, what power could I get when sucking him up? Maybe I'll be in a hand suit and preform various hand attacks or something. What is the power you get when sucking up Master Hand? Does Crazy Hand make an appearence? Well, play the game and you'll see =D     You will also meet bosses that guard the Mirror shards, as well. This can range to a mole, or even a stone wall with a face (much like Wispy Woods).

The graphics are adorable. Nearly every enemy has a cute charm that begs to be hugged, but hugging them in game will result you in getting hit. In fact, just touching them will make you get hit. There isn't even a hugging attack, what am I thinking? The attention to detail in the background is nice, and the surroundings fit the area well....Mustard Mountain? Olive Ocean? Cabbage Caverns? Carrot Castle? It's mostly named after food! Is that what dreamland is? Just a collection of food featured areas? I don't know, it's probably not important.

The music is nice and settling, yet I can't help but feel that something is missing. The boss music sets the mood, and the music on the go is rather catchy, yet something is bothering me about it. The game is rather challenging, but only if your reckless, and besides, the game is rather generous with pieces of chicken tomatoes cake and 1-ups, and even if you die, you only return to the start of that section. You only return to the Hub world if you lose all your lives. I like how it doesn't waste time with a Game Over screen.

Overall, I give this game an 8.5/10        It's adorable, and it's cute. Those are my highlights, but other than that, it game has fluid controls, a huge variety of different powers that have amusing out-somes, and most importantly, it has a lot to offer, with secrets around every corner and hidden passages in only the eagar will find. It's a fun game, and can be a joy to see that cute little guy all the time. If I ever want to smile, then this game does the job every time.
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02-06-12 09:31 PM
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Kirby games are always fun, and this game never proved me wrong. This game is just like every other Kirby game, a fun experience
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