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Back in the game tips
After 3 years of being with this girl I no longer needed confidence to talk to other girls well we decided to have an open relationship cuz things are going downhill a little bit got any tips
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01-08-12 10:29 PM
01-11-12 09:37 PM

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Back in the game tips


01-08-12 10:29 PM
simplytyson is Offline
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After 3 years of being with this girl I no longer needed confidence to talk to other girls well we decided to have an open relationship cuz things are going downhill a little bit got any tips

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(edited by Elara on 01-10-12 07:30 AM)    

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01-10-12 06:58 AM
warmaker is Offline
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Here's my tip: Break up with her immediately.  If you have relationship problems, having an open relationship is going to make things worse, not better.  I could go into the theory of why open relationships work for some people but it revolves around complete trust, faith, and confidence in each other and yourself, not that the relationship is crashing.

Break up with her.  End it. 

Then relax and enjoy being single where you don't have to worry about texting, calling, doing things all the time.  Play some video games, hang out with friends, do what you want to do.  When you decide to talk to girls, go out and talk to them.  Practice by saying hello to girls whenever you see them.  Just a "What's going on?" and a smile.  That'll warm you right up.

Go get 'em!
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01-10-12 07:29 AM
Elara is Offline
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simplytyson : I echo warmaker's advice. Open relationships never solve the problem, delay the inevitable, and ensure the break-up with be twice as bad because jealously enters the mix. Either fix your problems or end it now.

Also, for future reference, don't put the entirety of your post in the thread description. A post with two words only is considered spam, and I should close this thread outright because of it... but I won't... this time. I will try to edit the thread and move the information from the description into the post body.
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01-10-12 09:00 PM
Lazlo Falconi is Offline
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Lazlo Falconi
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I've got to agree with the above two posters. Open relationships rarely work out, and when they do it is ONLY because of the trust between the partners, which (And forgive me if I'm wrong) you do not seem to have. And they're right that you shouldn't try to just rush into a relationship because you've been hurt. This isn't fair to the other person.

But when you ARE ready for another relationship, there's nothing special to it. Just be open about yourself, and your life. Go out to places you enjoy, and other people will be there as well. Invariably, some of them will be girls your age (Even if you're 23 and what you're into is Pokemon cards). Don't be shy, just talk to everyone. Remember: Girls, even pretty ones, are just people too, and you should talk to them like you would talk to anyone else.
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The Shake Zula

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01-11-12 09:37 PM
BNuge is Offline
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In my personal opinion, there's no such thing as an open relationship. You two are either together or you aren't. One of my friends was in an 'open relationship.' Just as he was starting to get serious feelings about her, she decided they should just be friends. You each need to clearly define what you want, so neither of you get that awkward feeling where you both have different opinions on your relationship.

As far as enjoying single life, I agree with warmaker.
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Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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