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The New Life?
Pokemon's Story.
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01-07-12 01:49 PM
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03-01-12 09:36 AM

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The New Life?


01-07-12 01:49 PM
Vizzed Ghostblood is Offline
Link | 1093 Words

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For a while, I been making pokemon fiction fantasy story on pokefarm, and I would like to share it with you all!
NOTE: It is still in progress. When I ever get chance to make the new chapter, I will upload it to pokefarm and here as well. ^_^


Intro -New Born-

The egg's sound was cracking as everyone began to look at the egg.

"Its hatching!" A young female voice sounded happy "Is it going be a little girl?" she began to asking questions.

"Just wait and see honey." Another female voice replies to younger one. Its voice was sound a little elder, but not really like 'grandma' or something similar to that.

"Sean, go get some water and a large leaf." Male voice's sound a little low, deep-like.

"Yes dad." Young child's voice replies, a little hard to tell if it male or female, but the sounds was made and it sound like "Thump, thump, thump" but it getting lower.

The egg began to move a little more, more cracks appeared on it.

"Sean! Hurry!" Male's voice yells.

"I coming dad!" the sound was again, thump, thump, but it sound like closer. Many sound was like drops on the hard floor.

For few minutes later, The body fell though the middle of egg's shell.

"Oh my!" Female voice responded in amaze.

"N-no way... Its a boy!" Younger female voice responded with disappointing.

"Now now, nothing in life is going to come with our way." Deep voice, male one again, replies to female one.

"Dad. Look at his eyes." 'Sean' responded.

"Why is his eyes white?" He asked, questing.

"I-is he blind?" Older female voice surprised.

"I-I believe so..." Male voice replies.

"Even though if his eyes is white, let just name him." Young female voice replies.

"How about Shaz?" 'Sean' replies.

"That quite good name lad." Older male voice nods.

Everyone began to chatting about it and came to agreement with it, they chose to name the new born, Shaz.


Chapter 1: First Sight

The times has been pasting, many new thing was felt and the weather began to become hotter as the summer is coming.

"C'mon Shaz! We're playing hide-and-seek! Remember?" Shaz's best friend, Lee, called over.

"Coming!" Shaz, the one who has no sight, began to runs to where Lee's voice was yells. Few minutes has been pasted as Lee finished explains how to play hide and seek. "Alright Shaz, Uh.... I guess I'll be it, You're hide!"

"I-I guess." Shaz moved a little "I bet it going be easy for you to find since I can't see!" He complains.

Lee sighed "Fine, I'll go far first to let you get head-start."

The sound of Lee's footsteps was began to walks away.

Shaz began to walk around to find a place to hides, jumped into bushes but got feeling that it not large enough to cover whole body so he jump out, and kept looking for it.

Lee began to counting, his voice is fading a little since Shaz is kept running, try to feel a way to hides until he felt the ground began to tilts a little as he running down the hill, tripped over the tree's root and falls into the small pond, began to cries.

"SHAZ!" Lee yells, running toward to Shaz in worried, looking at him "You're ok?" He asked from the top of the hill.

"I felt the pain..." Shaz replies, looking up toward to Lee "Why are you look so dark?" He asked.

Lee blinks "How you know I was black?" he asked, confused.

"Black?" Shaz tilt his head "What is black?" he asked, also in confused.

Lee blinks "Did you... guess or something?"

Shaz shook his head "I can um... what was the word?"

"See? Feel?" Lee trying to asks.

"SEE! I CAN SEE!" Shaz jumped.

Lee blinks "How?" He staring at Shaz with sudden "How Shaz? How?" He asking

Shaz began to run past Lee without replies to his question "C'mon Lee!"

"SHAZ! WAIT UP!" Lee yells as he run toward to Shaz, while Shaz is running toward to den. How can Shaz really see after just a minute being in water? he thinking, how can it be possible for him to have vision...


Chapter 2: Family Death, Evr!

It only took them few minutes, 10 or so, to reach to their den. The sky is brightly orange, blue to the North.

Shaz arrived to the front of den, looked back and seeing Lee, who is also arrived.

Lee panting a little, sweat dripping down his head "S-Shaz... you're faster than me..."

Shaz staring at the cave.

"Shaz?" Lee repeated, then look at the cave. He gasped softly "N-no...."

The cave was filled with bloods, scatter everywhere on floor and wall. Along with the Umbreon, Espeon, and Eevee's body lays on the floor, on top of the pool of bright red blood.

Shaz's eyes began to filled with water "W-what happened?"

"T-they.... dead...." Lee then began to cry.

Shaz cries his eyes out, began to run away.

"SHAZ!!" Lee called out "DON'T GO!"

Shaz kept running, getting smaller and smaller from Lee's sight until he disappeared.

Lee then sat down, staring at Shaz and Lee's family bodies, scatter everywhere. "W-who did this.... why?" He whisper, began to cries again.

"HAI THERE!" The voice yells behind Lee.

Lee then quickly turned to the pokemon who yelled, seeing a young blue eevee. with a silver furs around his neck and tail. He sighed "W-who are you?" he asked, try to hide his tears.

"Uh... name is...E-E... EVR!" he yells, smiles as he replies to Lee's question.

Lee shook his head "Why are you here?" He asked, the voice became cold, upset and almost rude.

Evr blinks, then began to laughs "I have no ideas!"

Lee began to shake his head. What is the hell is wrong with... this... pokemon? He thought himself, wondering why is he so strange.

Evr's head then began to turning, as he look like looking for something "Who was um... the other one?" he asked

"Who?" Lee blinks, not quite understanding what Evr really mean.

"I heard another voice.." Evr explains, in confused, questing tone.

"That... oh crap! Shaz!" he jumped, began to run in direction of where Shaz, the young shiny eevee, went.

Evr blinks and then runs, keep the pace behind Lee. He is also smiles, have no clue on what is going on but thinks it all funny.

NOTE: Credit goes to user named Weejon on Pokefarm for character ideas: Evr.

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01-07-12 04:52 PM
Someone70 is Offline
Link | 53 Words

Level: 145

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Oh, interesting. I like how it's from the Pokemon's perspective. Though I'm a bit confused. Are the people at the beginning humans looking at a Pokemon egg? And what species of Pokemon are Shaz and Lee anyways?

So far, it's not bad. I'm wonder who could've performed that cruel act at the beginning...
Vizzed Elite
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01-07-12 05:03 PM
Vizzed Ghostblood is Offline
Link | 52 Words

Level: 76

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POST EXP: 59674
LVL EXP: 3964807
CP: 1652.6
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Someone70 : They're not human, all of the characters in this plot are happen to be Pokemon, and I could list all of the characters.

Lee: The green rings Umbreon.

Shaz: The shiny white eevee.

Evr: The blue colored eevee.

As for the family death, well... it going tell later in plot. ^_^

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01-08-12 06:20 PM
starwars293 is Offline
Link | 13 Words

Level: 100

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I like this and find it interesting.Can you make more chapters of this?
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01-08-12 09:57 PM
Vizzed Ghostblood is Offline
Link | 8 Words

Level: 76

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LVL EXP: 3964807
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starwars293 : Aye, I will soon as possible. ^_^
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02-28-12 11:28 PM
Jcs1 is Offline
Link | 11 Words

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This is really cool.I hope you can make more chapters soon.

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02-28-12 11:58 PM
Diana4281 is Offline
Link | 21 Words

Level: 33

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I like it thought you should have the characters introduce themselves and describe them in the story. Great story overall ^-^
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03-01-12 09:36 AM
Vizzed Ghostblood is Offline
Link | 20 Words

Level: 76

POSTS: 1291/1743
POST EXP: 59674
LVL EXP: 3964807
CP: 1652.6
VIZ: 24222

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Diana4281 :
Jcs1 :

Thank you too, I will make another chapters soon, school been blocking me from do it so... >_<
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