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12-15-17 12:26 AM
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Flashback - The Quest for Identity: Flashback. The Quest For Identity.
You awake in a jungle on another planet, with no memmory. Your only clue to find your identity rests in a hologram mesage that you left for yourself, and so... The quest begins!!

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08-17-11 12:01 PM
08-17-11 11:58 PM

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Flashback. The Quest For Identity.


08-17-11 12:01 PM
gameface138 is Offline
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If you like movies like Total Recall and are into adventure games with action elements, then you will love this game. Iv'e played it countless times and every time Iv'e enjoyed it. It's not a very long game but some of the puzzles will have you guessing what to do next. There is plenty of toys to play with too, like a teleporter you can place anywhere, and activate at anytime to escape hairy situations. All in all, this game is a MUST PLAY for ANY gamer that enjoys games that are fun. I give it a 10/10
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(edited by gameface138 on 05-24-15 05:55 PM)    

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08-17-11 11:58 PM
pacman1755 is Offline
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I never heard of the flashback game...but like I said to a few of these games, it sounds like a good game. I might check it out.
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Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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