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08-16-11 03:40 PM
08-16-11 03:40 PM

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Pokemon Blue Glitches: Walk Through Walls Without a Gameshark


08-16-11 03:40 PM
Yoshi123 is Offline
Link | 174 Words

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Step 1: have only 1 pokemon in your party and get it poisoned.*
Step 2: Enter the safari zone.
Step 3: leave and re-enter the zone twice and save in the safari zone.
Step 4: when you leave again it should ask if you want to enter. say no.
Step 5(hardest part): Time your 500th step outside the safari zone to be when you jump over a ledge.
Step 6: If done correctly, there will be weird symbols below you while the "time up" message shows. you will be back at the safari zone gate.
Step 7: let the poisoned pokemon kill itself**
Step 8: you respawn at the last pokemon center you healed in. you can now walk anywhere without a gameshark!***

*I suggest using a level 100 okemon for this glitch.
**if you walk into the black or leave the safari zone gate room, the glitch is ruined :(
***some spots cause the game to crash, due to them being originally inaccessable.

Step 9(optional): Have fun pretending to be a god XD
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