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Play Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Online
Put aside your childish pastimes; stop eating dots and chasing ghosts! A ripping revving chainsaw is at your command as you wear the leather mask of a madman! Your victims come face to face with a living nightmare as you wield the ultimate weapon - an unrelentless chainsaw! Let your most wicked fantasies go wild! Know the total pleasures of destruction as you pursue your victims with the razor sharp teeth of a hungry chainsaw! The story is true, the movie is chilling, the video game is horrifying! System: a2600
VSS, Inc.
Wizard Video Games
Rating: 6.9
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Ratings
Overall Graphics Sound Addictiveness Depth Story Difficulty
Average User Score 6.9 3.2 3.2 5.7 4.5 3.8 3.8
ZacharyPiskura's Score 8.2 2 1 6 5 5 4
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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Posted on 08-09-11 12:57 PM ZacharyPiskura is Offline     Post: 207 words - Spell checked - (ID: 436197) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link | Reply to Post
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Defiantly not the greatest Atari 2600 game to exist, but not the worst either. Basically you go for points, and you earn points by killing people. Graphics- not very good. The house and car in the back round look like kindergarteners drew it (No offense to the game designers). Leather face looks very comical and funny. The mutilation of people just basically turns the pixels upside down and red pixels pour from the top, or bottom in the upside down case. A common question is the high pitched BEEP when you approach a person, I think I have an explanation. Remember is Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 when the girl (I forgot her name) fell into the room of bones, and when Leather face came charging out of his room and there was music that played for about a second that sounded very much like that BEEP, tell me what you think. This game is not very difficult and there is not a bit of storyline. The only reason I played this game is because I really enjoyed the movie, and I saw it featured on an Angry Video Game Nerd episode. Play the game if you like, but I wouldn't spend too much time on the game.

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Posted on 08-09-11 02:46 PM thenumberone is Offline     Post: 12 words - (ID: 436253) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Abuse | Link | Reply to Post
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there was a game for that?man,and i thought the movie was bad...

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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