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12-15-17 12:18 AM
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08-08-11 04:09 PM
08-08-11 04:09 PM

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Why haven''t I been on in a few months?
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08-08-11 04:09 PM
Reddragonluke is Offline
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Hello guys, this is Lucas Johnson. I have been M.I.A cause of a lot of reasons so here they are: Reason 1: I found a few emulators straying a ways off from this site. Reason 2: I have been recording YouTube videos for the past few days. Yes, I have a youtube account now... but they don't sponsor Vizzed one bit. I was gonna give up then, but I had to provide the people with SOMETHING! So if you want to see the videos I have uploaded right now, go to my channel page here: These are the emulators that I have: DeSmuME, Jnes, ZSNES, Gens32 Surreal, VisualBoyAdvance and Project64. If you don't know what these emulators support, Here they are: DeSmuME=Nintendo DS emulator, Jnes=NES Emulator, zSNES=SNES emulator, Gens32 Surreal=Sega Genesis emulator, VisualBoyAdvance=GBA, GB and GBC combination emulator, and Project64=Nintendo 64 emulator. I'll be on here to post poetry for you once in a while so don't fret! Don't forget to go to my YouTube Channel Page as soon as you read this. This is Lucas Johnson, and I'll see you next time!!!



Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 12-11-09
Location: Durham, NC
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