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Spanish Cucumbers
German Bean Sprouts
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06-08-11 07:21 AM
06-12-11 12:45 AM

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Spanish Cucumbers


06-08-11 07:21 AM
Totts is Offline
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E Coli this

E Coli that

What is the world coming too?

How many more people will have to suffer?

How many more will die?

Don't ask me why??

There is a natural mystic blowing in the air and I am worried for the health of everyone who has come into contact with this.

Do you think it should have been handled more sensitively and that the Germans should have taken responsibility earlier before the poor Spanish farmers were put out of effective business.

I love sprouts asĀ  a health food and my friends have visited Europe recently,

When are we going to get some good up to date news on this?

They say it can take up to ten days for the bacteria to multiply and for a person to show any signs of infection

and it is one of the biggest food poisoning scandals in terms of people taken ill and dying in these modern times.

What is the world coming too? People have been poisoned in the past in exactly the same way and what no lessons were learnt?
The path to enlightenment is not a path at all, it's actually a metaphor for the time it takes for you to allow yourself to be happy with who you already are, where you're already at, and what you already have - no matter what.

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06-10-11 08:25 AM
POKeMAD is Offline
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I think this is a poem so I'm going to say wow thats a nice poem it shows how theres so much wrong with the world but what is there to do good job :)
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..should probably be doing something

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06-11-11 09:12 AM
Elara is Offline
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The media coverage on this outbreak is kinda scare isn't it? But yeah, these E Coli outbreaks are just popping up everywhere, which makes me wonder if it is the world farming practices, the use of pesticides, or just mother nature trying to cull the human population.
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06-12-11 12:45 AM
kali is Offline
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I think I saw some news today about bean sprouts responsible for the outbreak.

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