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11-15-19 02:18 AM

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Have you ever read a Tokyopop Manga?
Tokyopop is a company that makes manga so you've probably read something by them.
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03-25-11 01:08 PM
07-03-11 04:13 PM

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Have you ever read a Tokyopop Manga?


03-25-11 01:08 PM
DBDonald is Offline
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Have you ever read a manga by the Tokyopop publishing company..or what ever they are.
And if so what manga was it?

For me I read Anima+, Girls Bravo, and Peach Girl. Don't laugh to hard over that last one. lol

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03-29-11 09:52 PM
XxChaosxX is Offline
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Yeah I've read Magic Knights Rayearth and Chobits. Both really good and by the same author too. Gotta love Clamp.
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03-29-11 10:21 PM
legacyme3 is Offline
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I can't say I am too familiar with them, seeing as I stick to anime anyway, but my mangas don't appear from that company, maybe later when I have more time I will lookinto them though.
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04-15-11 05:46 PM
River777 is Offline
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I've read one or two of their series. The one that comes too mind is a Korean manga called Dragon Hunter. I usually read Viz or Shonen Jump.

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04-15-11 08:30 PM
jkling is Offline
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I usually read my manga online on or, but i read a few by them.
In fact they published the first manga i read. It was Tokyo Mew Mew i think...

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Registered: 04-02-11
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04-16-11 09:50 PM
Bintsy is Offline
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Omg no but I LOVE the peach girl series I'v only read a couple of mangas before but I did watch the full series of PEACH GIRL! YOU GO MY FRIEND
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06-11-11 08:17 PM
Someone70 is Offline
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I only read Dramacon, and it isn't bad for a Western manga. It's ever written from left to right like a normal manga would be written.
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06-11-11 08:26 PM
vizwiz123 is Offline
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Nah. I barely read manga anyways, so I'm not too familiar with them.
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06-12-11 08:40 AM
JazzCoon is Offline
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Yeah, a few here and there. Not a bunch, though.
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06-13-11 07:11 AM
hackerman is Offline
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I could have I may not have known because I don't check who make the mangas
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06-15-11 08:48 AM
POKeMAD is Offline
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I remember reading one from Tokyo pop in a book shop once in the anime section but I forgot what it was, it may have been peach girl because it was the one that had been carelessly chucked onto the shelf amongst all the ordered ones :p
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06-15-11 09:20 AM
UserMike is Offline
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I wiki'ed Tokyopop and am convinced I have never read any of those, I have read maybe less than ten manga in my life so yeah...
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06-18-11 10:10 PM
Ryuzaki45 is Offline
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The first series I'd ever read, DNAngel, was from Tokoyopop and it still hasn't ended XD it's been going on for a long time. The funny thing is that they only have 15 books out (or somethingl ike that) because they only print one volume every couple years it kinda sucks

I mainly read SJ now. You know, One Piece, Bleach etc. Rereading HunterxHunter, Psyren, Yuyu ***** and all the good stuff!
The Chosen One

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07-03-11 04:13 PM
DeltaEdge is Offline
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Yes I have, but I read alot of manga so I can' really specify exactly which ones are from which company.
Namco "Tales of" Series Enthusiast

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