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04-23-18 08:48 AM

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02-09-11 09:42 PM
07-21-12 02:49 PM

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Least Favorite Temple in Ocarina Of Time?


02-09-11 09:42 PM
alexanyways is Offline
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I dislike the Water temple. It's fun, but it takes a long time.
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02-09-11 10:03 PM
YourMajestyKen is Offline
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I think everyone who has played this game will agree with me on this...

The Water Temple is my least favorite. Too much running around what seems to be in circles...
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02-12-11 06:43 PM
WarpStarFerret is Offline
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I agree that the Water Temple is lame. The only bright point about it is that the Spirit Temple can be done right after it if you want to.
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02-12-11 07:07 PM
gcvashgun is Offline
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water temple was a pain actully a huge pain, but it wasent my least favorite. my least favorite was the shadow temple, just the whole environment the sounds, and the creepyness drove me somewhat insane xD
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03-29-11 02:29 PM
crazycatpup is Offline
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I agree the water temple is the worst temple it was annoying. the spirit temple is a close 2nd cause the twins never line up for me makeing it impossible to beat them.
Vizzed Elite

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03-29-11 02:34 PM
dkmec20 is Offline
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Definitely the water level. Just too much walking around in my opinion.
Trusted Member

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03-29-11 08:54 PM
Snowdeath is Offline
Link | 67 Words

Level: 109

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Mhmm, the water level. And the way we had to swim/walk around just to use our Ocarina for the water to rise, THEN to find one more lever, etc etc etc. It sucked for me.

On a note about it, I defeated the water temple only to exit at the SHADOW TEMPLE, and when I came back, I discovered I didn't even save. I DIDN'T SAVE!!! NOOOOO!
Vizzed Elite

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04-01-11 03:32 PM
Dragonfly18 is Offline
Link | 62 Words

Level: 14

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The water temple was a huge pain. The first time I picked up the game when I was a kid I got that far and couldn't find my way out. I gave up and didn't touch the game for two years. I picked it up again in middle school and started a new game and finished the whole thing in two days.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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04-02-11 12:19 PM
Chaosflame is Offline
Link | 51 Words

Level: 21

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VIZ: 17748

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My least favorite temple was the Forest Temple. Sure, the Water Temple was long, but if you accidentally used a key in the wrong place for the Forest Temple, you were stuck. There was no going back. And I was always freaked out by those things that hung on the ceiling.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-29-11
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04-05-11 09:37 AM
alladur is Offline
Link | 42 Words

Level: 8

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I have to agree with the majority and say the Water Temple. I hated it so much! All you do is walk around looking for keys, it's so boring. The only good thing in that temple is when you fight the DarkLink.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 08-14-09
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08-10-11 07:26 PM
Marcmoney is Offline
Link | 17 Words

Level: 81

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Really? It is an obvious answer.  Water Temple was the hardest and the longest one ever. :S
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08-24-11 08:30 PM
cooleo is Offline
Link | 21 Words

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the shadow temple for reasons :S then 2nd least is the spirit temple i was annoyed most of the temple :P
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12-22-11 07:48 PM
StevenLanders is Offline
Link | 49 Words

Level: 57

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I hated The Deku Tree because the dungeon was too easy. The Water Temple was
interesting. The only thing I hated was that the Iron boots weren't a regular item like
Wind Waker and Twilight Princess and you had to constantly pop up the equipment
screen to change boots.
Trusted Member

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12-23-11 10:33 AM
HydroLovesWater is Offline
Link | 32 Words

Level: 14

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Lord Jabu Jabu's Belly because I thought it was gross and how a fish could swallow all kinds of junk like in Master Quest when he had cows in his stomach. Yuck.
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01-06-12 08:15 PM
vizwiz123 is Offline
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I forgot the name of the temple in Death Mountain, but that one. I could NEVER figure out that you had to bomb the walls that made a weird sound when hit with a sword. MAde me feel really dumb .>_>
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01-10-12 02:08 PM
Zircron Swift is Offline
Link | 78 Words

Zircron Swift
Level: 76

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Why, isn't it obvious? The Water Temple! I got stuck on that for like three hours, and couldn't progress just because I missed a huge cube at the bottom. I didn't know you could move that. The iron boots were annoying to constantly equip them back on and off again through the pause menu, why not use it with the C-Stick? That would have helped a lot. The only real problem with Ocarina of Time (apart from Navi).
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04-14-12 06:03 PM
hypermonkey is Offline
Link | 84 Words

Level: 95

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Sure the Water Temple is long and annoying, but it's not that hard. I don't like it because of the time consuming boot switches, but my least favorite dungeon is Jabu Jabu's Belly. I don't know why, but I always hated it, and still do. Carrying Ruto around, avoiding the electric Biris and Baris, those irritating Shaboms (the bubbles), that giant Octorok that makes you run in circles and bump into the spinning spikes...I just never appreciated it like I did the other dungeons.
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04-14-12 06:23 PM
becerra95 is Offline
Link | 43 Words

Level: 75

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The water temple due to it being time consuming. The dungeon wasn't that difficult but when switching gears frequently and finding the longshot hook really irritated me. Also the water level switches caused me to almost quit due to the length I spent
Vizzed Elite
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07-21-12 02:49 PM
cnw64 is Offline
Link | 147 Words

Level: 89

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It's obvious that most people would say Water Temple . But I'm
one of the people that can actually go through the Water Temple 
with out an problem at all. I figured out it's little " trick " when it
comes to changing the water level's .

Anyways , my least favorite temple in that game would have to be
the Shadow Temple . I don't like going through it most of the time. 
That's why I usually do it first before doing the Spirit Temple . The 
Spirit Temple is my favorite . The only thing I like about the Shadow
Temple is the boss " Bango Bango " . I love the beat it plays when it 
bangs it's hands on the drum like flied ( Nintendo 64 version , was taken
out in the 3DS version . Different sound is played instead ) .

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