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I have a question ? Its long? Please !!!

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I have a question ? Its long? Please !!!
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Posted on 01-13-11 10:53 PM Aj7yk is Offline     Post: 122 words - (ID: 312284) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link
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The games site I believe in my heart is great lately I would encourage the game staff cause i been encountering several problems in the rgr rooms If you be kind enough any of my pm that was tested and replay and checking my system performance have common technical problems as i sit and read the chat and others games real smoothly. I am writing this also not to offend anyone just to checkout the games. If someone also had the same issue or know that what am writing make sense to you, Please reply and you can do or said as you please as you notice or reporting a game that you know is being affected.

Thank You for your time.


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Posted on 01-15-11 08:07 PM BNuge is Offline     Post: 32 words - (ID: 312999) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link
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Can you be more specific with your actual question? Also, I had trouble understanding the beginning of your message because it was one long sentence. Can you make your sentences more clear?

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Posted on 01-15-11 09:44 PM tRIUNE is Offline     Post: 46 words - (ID: 313022) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link
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I believe this is pertaining to a PM that was sent to RGR Staff in which there was a mix up somehow with the reply not being sent correctly. However, if this is the case, the original PM has been reopened and will be reviewed again.

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Posted on 05-22-11 10:58 PM rcarter2 is Offline     Post: 84 words - (ID: 385404) - Post Rating: 0 - Report Post | Link
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I agree with BNuge. You need to be more specific. From what I got from your post, you want to play games, you are having problems, and others don't seem to have those problems. Let us know exactly what problems you are experiencing so we can have something to go off of. Saying you have problems gives us hundreds of possibilities. Letting us know exactly what you are experiencing and what you see on your screen narrows the possibilities. Hope your problem gets solved.

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I have a question ? Its long? Please !!! - I Love the site, I love the ppl, GREAT PPL, Love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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