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04-23-18 02:20 PM

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01-06-11 06:52 PM
01-25-11 02:50 AM

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Birds and fish dying randomly in Arkansas, New Zealand, Sweden, and NOW Italy?


01-06-11 06:52 PM
jmc1097 is Offline
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I have heard of birds and fish that just die for no reason in large numbers at a time, going on in the places I listed above. What do you think is the cause? It's kind of creeping me out to be honest.

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01-06-11 07:57 PM
becerra95 is Offline
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jmc1097 : I know the dying in arkansas are only drummer fish. I don't know the other fish species dying in these listed locations, but it is creepy
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01-06-11 09:19 PM
pi0x is Offline
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jmc1097 : Oh my God! 2012 is already starting to effect us! Ahhhhhh! lol. That really is strange though.
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01-07-11 02:28 AM
M!cH@3l 001 is Offline
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That's wierd man o_O I dont know what can be causing that. I didnt hear about it though or know much about the story. Because I dont what that much tv or the new's :S
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01-07-11 08:59 AM
YourMajestyKen is Offline
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I think it's a another sign of the end of it states in the bible. Birds falling out of the sky...large amounts of fish dying etc. Yeah it is creepy, but the truth.
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(edited by YourMajestyKen on 01-07-11 09:00 AM)    

01-07-11 02:30 PM
Alexlike is Offline
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I personally think it's not the end of the world. The climate and sun are changing cycles.

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01-09-11 11:55 AM
MegaRevolution1 is Offline
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Yeah, this is REALLY creepy. The last time when there were mass outbreaks of dying animals was when the dinosaurs were wiped off of the planet I think. I even remember in a show on the end of the world of it talking about fish and birds dying in this way... and we are nearing 2012... It's either a huge coincidence, or we caused our own doom (because this all was because of wars and such that we caused).I don't believe in the religious part, but this is all to sudden to take to lightly. and as a joke. But, its too early now to judge whats happening, and why its happening. I guess we'll just have to wait a year to find out...
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01-09-11 12:50 PM
drag00n365 is Offline
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i thought this was really creepy at first but i found out yesterday that this happens everyso often it has something to do with a disease or sickness i think.
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01-09-11 04:27 PM
lmnade44 is Offline
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it says in the bible when the wold is near end birds will fall from the sky and fish flaot to the surface creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepyyy

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01-19-11 02:28 PM
XxChaosxX is Offline
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Well let's think about this. Whenever the government of any country makes a new weapon whether it's bio or nuclear, they always test it on animals first. And since some species of birds only hang around with their own species, there could be a new bio weapon being tested on certain types of birds. Now as for the fish, that could be anything. The water could have changed temperature. It stands to reason that if only one species of fish is dying then maybe something happened to the water that that one species of fish couldn't handle. Everyone has their own theory. That's mine. I don't believe in the 2012 nonsense so yeah. I don't think it's the end of the world or anything (The reason the Mayan calendar doesn't go past 2012 is because the Mayans were wiped out before they could make another calendar to go past that. Not because the world's gonna end.)<---------Placed in parentheses because it's a bit off topic.
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01-21-11 06:36 AM
aili is Offline
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The only thing that got me thinking was the frequency. Birds have fallen from the sky in all the centuries and fish have died, frogs and other weird stuff have fallen also.
But more often as time passes.
Climate is changing, that is for certain and we have a big part of it, but not only.
I mean, nothing lasts forever. Planet Earth is just another object in space. Like stars - they are born and then they die. Earth can easily just cease to exist one day. Another millions of years, I'd say for the Mayans, their predicitons have been pretty accurate before, but I don't believe that in december of 2012 we all diea or something like that...maybe the Arctic ice will melt by then and sea levels rise 6 meters and half the land is flooded, maybe earthquicks become everyday routine in some places and make them unlivable etc.
I think that whatever happens, is because of the changing climate.

But as always, can't wait, I'm too curious haha
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01-21-11 07:50 AM
alexanyways is Offline
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Somewhere, in the Bible, it says that the birds will fall and the fish will wash before the rapture, hopefully that won't happen. But it's probably because they're just not used to the tempurature. The birds in Arkansas died because they flew through the fireworks and got startled. The fish in New Zealand died because of a chemical in the water. Don't know about the rest.
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01-25-11 02:50 AM
BTowns is Offline
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The deaths of some of the birds was recently discovered to be that large quantities of farmers have begun setting out poisoned food to kill the birds, so that the birds don't poop on and land on their stuff. Rather selfish, really. Also, climate change is ruining everything. I say it's too late now, unless we managed to instantaneously wipe all humans and all our constructs from the face of the earth in one fell swoop.
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