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Bible being accurate on some stuff?
Jesus birth and the arrival of him might be unknown
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01-03-11 09:04 PM
01-04-11 01:13 AM

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Bible being accurate on some stuff?

Is the Bible accurate on some stuff when Jesus was born
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01-03-11 09:04 PM
becerra95 is Offline
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I had stumble upon a sight where it says that the birth of Jesus Might be unknown or incorrect and also the events that led to the birth of him. I am not really sure about this and , in your honest opinion, reply of what you think of this site and if it is true or not.
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01-03-11 10:14 PM
pi0x is Offline
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I'm pretty sure that most of the details in the Bible are inaccurate, because the book is over 2000 years old. However, the point to get across is most likely accurate.
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01-04-11 01:13 AM
play4fun is Offline
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pi0x : You did not pay attention to what the thread is about. The website was not talking about how the details in the Bible about Christ's birth is inaccurate, it is saying how traditions of Christmas have misconceptions of the story of Jesus' birth.

Anyways, what the website said is true. Much of the telling of Jesus' birth by Christmas tradition does not accurately follow how the Bible tells it. It's a good idea to keep in mind what the Bible actually describes about it.

Here's a great example: Some many times it has been told that 3 wise men came to visit Jesus. However, the Bible never said how many magi came to see Jesus. The only time the number "3" was mentioned were the 3 gifts that Jesus received, which are gold, incense and myrrh.
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