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Writing a book
Help me with writing my book
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11-03-10 02:05 PM
11-03-10 02:57 PM

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Writing a book


11-03-10 02:05 PM
Ellert is Offline
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So I´m writing a book and I´ve been working on starting the project for quite some while now, collecting ideas and making a base, the book will be a fantasy book that happens in an alternative universe but in an almost medieval setting (not much technology, no guns but perhaps something as sophisticated as crossbows and wooden building and bridges and such) and while I may already be starting off with a cliché here I still want to write my story in that setting, so anyway I need beginner tips, I´ve never written anything longer than 10 pages and as I understand it the first book you write often goes through heavy editing and still ends up being mediocre compared to the books a skilled writer may write, so what I want from you guys is to tell me what you guys like and hate in stories, what kind of scenes bore you and what scenes captivate your interest, do politics bore or thrill ? Is love cliché or exciting ? Is a dark setting dull or mysterious ? And so on and so on.

Obviously I´m not expecting to write like R.A. Salvatore or Margit Sandemo or perhaps even J.R. Tolkein, however I don´t want to write badly either, so what pitfalls do you guys think I should avoid and what would you personally want to see in a story that you´ve not seen yet ?

All suggestions are welcome and the more detailed your opinions are the better :)
Edit: Oh sorry about putting it in the wrong place, didn´t notice :S thanks for moving it for me :)

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11-03-10 02:57 PM
noelia is Offline
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I have to admit that I'm not a fan of medieval era, so I might be a bit biased,lol

I think that the first thing that you must do, is to make a general plan about the story(basically it's a plan of the main incidents). This way, you'll have a direction all the time and you'll not get lost in your thoughts.
Another thing that I think it would be good, is to add different kind of incidents (I mean don't add only fighting scenes, but also a few dramatic, romantic etc). I think this might make it more interesting, and less one-sided. Variety is always a good thing, in my mind;)
Good luck:)

By the way, this thread fits more to "Stories / Simulation / Art / Music" forum.

[moved to "Stories / Simulation / Art / Music" forum]
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