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My Rant pt 2
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10-31-10 01:04 AM
04-28-11 10:15 AM

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My Rant pt 2


10-31-10 01:04 AM
ff_freak is Offline
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Ok, so in my last "Rant" I talked about games, well in this one I want to talk about the guides that go along with those games. SO here I am playing a game and I get stuck, right? Well where do I turn to but the guide..(or internet) but in this case the guide. Well what really grinds my gears is when the guides do not follow what I'm looking for. Example: The Last Remnant. great game...DUMB guide. In the guide it tells you that in order to get all achievment, you must defeat the fallen before taking on the mission in Undewalt...well that's a big FAT LIE. You must defeat the fallen before you even ENTER the place. I was soooo upset when I found this out and had missed out on my chance for getting all the achievments. Sooo many hours of game play DOWN the drain for me.

Another example: I'm currently playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadows...well isn't this guide just a mess. They have repeats of strategies and where to find Gems on multiple pages in multiple areas of the game. I really think they should double check these guides before printing them!

Anyone have any related stories?

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10-31-10 03:56 PM
billythekidmonster is Offline
Link | 65 Words

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Guide = noob. So no I do not use them. I would only use them if the game sucked and I did not want to actually try to beat the game other wise I just go on and play it trial and error style. I have heard that many guides are just terrible and that it is becoming a problem though. Not my problem! :)
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10-31-10 09:38 PM
KlawedFlaw is Offline
Link | 112 Words

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Um... This is why we have Gamefaqs... Because gamers actually played the game... Now if you mean the guides Nintendo Power made when they still made them, those were actually pretty good for guides. Now the Brawl guide I have is decent, but it says Wolf is a bad character. What? People say he's a good one. >__>

I prefer Gamefaqs guides over "professional" ones. At least the people who took the time to make the guides on Gamefaqs didn't just do it so they could make money. Guides always have been pretty bad from what I've heard. The Final Fantasy 8 guide has been called something you'd buy for the pictures.
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04-14-11 08:37 AM
TheOmegaDragon is Offline
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Asking for advice from other gamers who have beaten the game itself would help you greatly sometimes the guide book is one way of doing things but can be misleading depending if it's an official guide or not.
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04-18-11 09:40 AM
UserMike is Offline
Link | 59 Words

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Are you an achievement whore? Do u try to get all of them? I actually have used game guides and other means to speed up the time I spend playing doing everything. I like to try to figure things out before consulting guides. Lol yeah I hate it when they are wrong sometimes. How is the new Castlevania game?
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04-19-11 10:45 AM
Bobbynibbles is Offline
Link | 139 Words

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I do agree that if a company is going to make a guide they need to make sure it is perfect, because many game guides out there are wrong. If you paid your money for a guide, it better be right. I remember when I bought the guide for FF9, which was way back when I used guides, HALF OF THE GAME WAS LEFT OUT. YOU HAD TO GO ONLINE TO GET THE REST OF THE INFORMATION. Bad, bad, horrible thing to do. I don't want to spend $20 just to be told to visit the online site for the rest of the guide.

But only people that can't play games need a guide. If you need any help, and you shouldn't if you pay attention to the play and all, go onto the internet and look up something.
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04-28-11 01:37 AM
ff_freak is Offline
Link | 106 Words

Level: 58

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Bobbynibbles : I agree to a point about not needing to use guides. I really don't unless I've played the game before, but there are times when I'm playing a game that it gives me NO lead on what to do, so I like to have a guide around. For instance Castlevania: Lords of Shadows. There were a few times when I had no clue as what to do because the story just left me hanging. Plus sometimes if I leave a game for a couple months I may not remember where I left off so I refer to the guide to help me remember :)

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04-28-11 10:15 AM
Omniterran is Offline
Link | 56 Words

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I really don't know, I don't buy game guides all that much :P What I do is go to this place to find cheats and walkthroughs :LOL:

Translation: I really don't know, I don't buy game guides all that much :P What I do is go to this place to find cheats and walkthroughs :LOL:

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