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06-25-18 10:34 AM

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08-12-10 08:31 PM
Toad 004
08-18-11 12:25 PM

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Cartridges Need A Comeback.


08-30-10 07:03 AM
alexanyways is Offline
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TheOmegaDragon : The graphics only take up more space, and since that technology has evolved a ton over the past 10 years, I was thinking that there are 32GB SD cards out there, and the capacity of an average Xbox 360 game is 8/16GB's, and the average PS3 game is 25GB's (Blu Ray is a bit more space demanding), so the cartridge would be either GBA game size or DS game size. Back in the age of the N64, the N64 cartridges only held a few MB's, and today, the average Xbox game is a few GB's (Which would've been huge back then).

metal572 : I know! That's a huge reason to bring them back, virtually no loading time.
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08-30-10 08:46 PM
seeron is Offline
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Blue ray would be a nice alternative to the scratching problem but those discs are just too damn expensive.
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09-20-10 11:30 AM
billythekidmonster is Offline
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they could go back to the cartridges but im sure whoever tried it would take a while for people to really trust it was better people would see it as a step back.
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09-20-10 01:06 PM
KlawedFlaw is Offline
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Lagslayer : They are using DVDs, with the exception of the PS3. The PS3 uses Blu-Ray, I think. Either way, the purpose of optical media in gaming is obviously the cheapness. We are so scared of losing a bunch of trees, that we only let the Chinese use plastic anymore. I mean, sure, trees give oxygen, but do we need to be a bunch of wusses over it?

At least gamecards will live on for a bit... As much as I find them annoying in size.


Unless you lose cases that easy, and are a hemasn in strength, CDs are only as dainty as the owner. They lose the ability to work properly over years just like those cartridges we love so much, that we blow into. I mean, you can damage a Pokemon game for the Gameboy fairly easy if you are stupid. Same with CD and DVD based games. Not sure how durable Blu-Ray is yet, but it probably is like all optical media.

Really, the only discs that are like the panda bear population is the Gamecube games. I mean... I have freakin' discs just like those for my old PC. Those things are tiny, and just ask for death. I even got the same type of disc with an MP3 player I own. No joke. The only reason for making such little discs on Nintendo's part had to be the longing to out do the child it abandoned(the Playstation consoles). All it did was outdo the minds of idiots who wanted to play heman with the games.
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(edited by KlawedFlaw on 09-20-10 01:16 PM)    

10-03-10 08:06 PM
retro_lover is Offline
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Yeah cartridges rule cd's drool I mean at lest cartridges don't get scratch and read disc error all the time.

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10-03-10 08:21 PM
SilverMaestro is Offline
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I think that Cartridges need to be the new thing, I find them easier to keep track of them than ds games, and they don't get ruined as easily as Disks do.
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10-04-10 03:16 AM
Didowe is Offline
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I agree too, they should come back, I had to buy games so many times because the disc broke, and now patches are preventing to use of a no-cd crack.

I believe that Cartridges will help lower no=cd crack uses and well.... won't it be cool to pop a cartridge into my PC ?
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10-04-10 11:56 PM
KlawedFlaw is Offline
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Most of these claims that discs are too easy to break seem more like waabulance calls. I've been using optical media since I was a little kid, and I was able to take care of the games. Yes, discs are easier to break, but saying they are so easy to break, you can't hold them crooked is just saying you broke it and it was your fault for leaving it out or not putting it in cases. Yes, they need cases to live longer, but a simple jewel case for CDs is easy to buy.

A cartridge in a computer sounds cool, but what about us who are big users of our computer? What if we has, say, a burned copy of Microsoft Paint and then it overheated. Cartridges are more prone to overheating, and dust. A CD is only as fragile as the owner's ability to care for it. If you had to buy multiple copies of the same game just for snapping it in half... That is no fault of the CD. The only time it can be the disc's fault is when it's one of those shaped ones some bands put out.

Cartridges are very easy to break if you're not careful. Plastic molded around a chip? That can be a bad idea in some cases.

Retro, how many times have you had issues with a non-used disc? Please, tell me. If it wasn't for a new system, or is taken care of poorly, you are the cause. Not the disc. Also, that chip in the cartridge... That thing is pretty easy to break. I've broken those things in electronics, and have taken apart a controller. I know.

If Cartridges become the new thing, how can that make sense? They were dying out for a reason. Technology advancement. They could be made to hold the entire four discs of Final Fantasy 8 in one somehow, but who really wants to bother? We left cartidges for discs, and now we are going to become big in digital media. Times change.
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I am a woman of taste. I think.

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10-05-10 12:15 PM
MusicVideo is Offline
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Cartridges do not need a come back, I can remember many times playing Sega Genesis or Sega 32x or Super Nintendo and N64 and the games would FREEZE up in the middle of heated GAMEPLAY, CDs just get scratched and that is usually the users fault.

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10-05-10 01:09 PM
metal572 is Offline
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KlawedFlaw : I agree that people should take care of their disks, but sometimes a game system can grind a disk. I've heard multiple stories about xbox 360s grinding disks. But yes, people should take care of their disks.
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10-05-10 02:22 PM
KlawedFlaw is Offline
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metal572 : Yeah. I know of those consoles. The PS2 has had issues with that, but mine isn't one of those, luckily.
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I am a woman of taste. I think.

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10-05-10 03:08 PM
jmc1097 is Offline
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Meh, I personally disagree. Don't get me wrong, the N64 is an amazing console, but I don't personally enjoy blowing on games to make them work. I have enough of that with my SNES, which I'm surprised even works, because I've had it since I was 3.

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01-07-11 10:31 PM
diabeticzach is Offline
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I want cartridges back i hate cds
Vizzards United

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01-07-11 10:35 PM
alexanyways is Offline
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diabeticzach : That's kinda a spammy post. why do you want Cartridges back? Besides hating CD's.
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01-08-11 04:42 AM
Xado_Shikazo is Offline
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I am in total agreement with cartridges, i don't care how many times yo gotta blow in and pat them down into the system when you get it working it continues to work, the problem with my wii is that it cannot read the disc, and after we FINALLY get it to work 3 seconds later it cannot read the disc.. YOU WERE JUST READING IT WII!! Cartridges definitely need to make a comeback!
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01-08-11 12:32 PM
pieman9 is Offline
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Totally. I finally beat Event Match 51 on SSBM and i went to play it today and it was scratched! >:( I love cartridges anyway.
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01-19-11 10:10 AM
bigNATE is Offline
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cob : Actually, we aren't that far away. DS games are pretty much specialized SD cards :/.
jmc1097 : Um, don't forget rubbing those CDs/DVDs clean :P.

So, yeah, I'd be all for it :P.
I mean seriously... the only reason that we switched in the first place is that CDs used to hold more... but looks like that's been reversed, eh? At least cartridges can't be destroyed by letting them sit on the shelf for too long.
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01-19-11 02:37 PM
Oldschool777 is Offline
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I liked carts for the reason that you could abuse the crap out of them and with a little alcohol and a q-tip they'd work. I think you forget you have to put the name of the game onto the sd card and unless you have super eyesight,you cant read the tile or cover art. CD's and DVD's are nice but just take care of them and you should be okay.
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01-19-11 02:41 PM
Sports 10 is Offline
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Sports 10
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yes cartridges need a comeback best games are on cartridges lox oot

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01-21-11 11:47 AM
cob is Offline
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bigNATE : Yeah good call. Scary stuff man! Scarrryyyy stuff.
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