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06-24-18 03:13 PM

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HP webOS tablet coming in Q1 2011
As heard by HP employees
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08-10-10 02:24 PM
08-10-10 02:24 PM

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HP webOS tablet coming in Q1 2011


08-10-10 02:24 PM
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As seen on Engadget:

"We've been trying to find out when HP would launch a webOS tablet since the company first bought Palm, and we're now hearing from several trusted sources that it'll be calendar Q1 2011. We're told Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley mentioned the date during an all-hands employee meeting yesterday, and that the project is indeed known internally as "Hurricane." (We're assuming this is what that PalmPad trademark filing was for, but we can't confirm that.) Shipping a killer tablet would be one way to change the subject from ex-CEO Mark Hurd's recent troubles, we suppose -- but we're definitely wondering if HP is actually going to support three different tablet operating systems after it launches the Windows 7-based Slate for the enterprise and the Android-based Zeen e-reader tablet for consumers as well. We'll see -- Q1 could be mighty interesting."

Full article here.

What do you guys think? Personally, I think if would be great if they did this and made it cheaper than the iPad. Through in a PixelQi screen and it's the best damn tablet around.
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