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05-04-10 04:25 PM
04-19-11 11:20 AM

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Downloadable Content and Prices


05-04-10 04:25 PM
JusTReaL is Offline
Link | 142 Words

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*So today is the release of the Map Pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It includes three all new maps as well as two old maps from the first modern warfare for 15 dollars. XBOX as many may know, had an earlier release due to Microsoft bribing Infinity Ward to give them an earlier release then the PSN*

Anyways, I am really writing this in regards to the downloadable content and such. I have some questions for you guy's to answer including:

- Do you think the DLC on consoles these days is overpriced?

- Do you think there should be more content on the DLC's coming out these days?

- What are your problems with DLC's?

- What do you like most about DLC's?

*Also feel free to add anything I might not have covered within my post here...

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05-04-10 05:23 PM
Alucard962 is Offline
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I do think DLC is way overpriced, considering sometimes that companies speed up a game and leave things out knowing that they can add it on later and charge for it.

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Registered: 04-23-10
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05-04-10 08:30 PM
mdynasty926 is Offline
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I find that the DLC's pretty overpriced, but i definitely don't like what they're doing more often now, and that's this... "episodic DLC" thing. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is like that(which is why i haven't gotten it yet), and the upcoming Sonic 4 is going to be like that too... does anyone agree with this?
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05-05-10 01:52 AM
apsham is Offline
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- Do you think the DLC on consoles these days is overpriced?

Nope - I don't really have a problem with what they charge a lot of time time - I'm going to take DLC and downloadable standalone games as one in the same, because in some cases you can get more out of DLC than you can out of an Arcade/PSN game and vise versa. Of course, just like with games that you pay for in store there are expections, but for the most part there are two or three decent blocks of pricing/points and content usually makes it to the right one.

- Do you think there should be more content on the DLC's coming out these days?

Once again, it depends on what game and what DLC - but I've been satisfied for the most part with everything that I've downloaded recently. The Stimulus maps raised a lot of concern - and even though I don't own or play MW2 anymore, I probably would have still picked them up. There are thousands and thousands of players out there who also would have and I'd like to have full access to the maps that they play on. MW2 can get away with stuff like that for this reason - their DLC is going to be heavily populated, putting even more strain on the servers.

- What are your problems with DLC's?

I don't like pre-order and console specific DLC. It's a pain in the ass most times, and being a multi-platform gamer I don't appreaciate having to pick and choose based off what exclusives I'm getting. This is the main reason that I ordered UFC Undisputed 2010 for PS3 instead of 360 - the bonus fighters and the blu-ray that I wouldn't get with the 360 version.

- What do you like most about DLC's?

I love expanded content on a game that I already love - there's nothing better than being able to play more of something that you like and I like the idea of being able to add onto something to make it more useful weeks and months down the road.

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05-16-10 02:38 AM
DarkHyren is Offline
Link | 212 Words

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What are your problems with DLC's?
I'm starting with this cause it is most relevant.
DLC for the most part makes game developers lazy.
Think about it. These days you dont have to work hard to release a console game by it's deadline because you can just release anything that would have normally been in the finished product as a DLC pack.

Do you think the DLC on consoles these days is overpriced?
Yes I do. In alot of cases, game makers get extra money for something that previously would have been included in the game as an unlockable.

Do you think there should be more content on the DLC's coming out these days?
Yes, considering that the games themselves are overpriced, and that you have to pay for content that should have been on the game disk anyway, yes they damn well should give you more for what you have to pay.

What do you like most about DLC's?
Not much actually. While it would be ok for games if they released the final version, game companies dont anymore, instead choosing to use DLC as a way to add "new" areas to the game, areas I might add that would have been included if said game was on an older system.
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05-17-10 04:44 AM
coneill987 is Offline
Link | 33 Words

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When The Passing for L4D2 came out Xbox360 uses had to pay 560 Microsoft Points while the PC users got it FREE...

Microsoft are money-hungry pricks..

-Although i DO use the PC Version-

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Registered: 04-28-10
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(edited by coneill987 on 05-17-10 04:45 AM)    

05-18-10 03:57 PM
iBOCK is Offline
Link | 129 Words

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I dislike Download Content sometimes. Why?

-The way some companies use it. For example:
>Rushing a game, putting it on store shelves with DLC, which makes you purchase the "new" content (AKA the content they couldn't make in time, and therefore cut out of the game to get it by the release date deadline without further delay).
>Making something deliberately more time-consuming without the purchase of DLC. For example, the Tales of Vesperia EXP curve is intentionally high and a huge grind in-game, for the sole purpose of making DLC purchases to "purchase level-ups" for like $1 per level. Now if you're extremely lazy, you can buy the game for about $35, and THEN spend $100 just getting a character to level up.

A bit ridiculous in my opinion.
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05-29-10 09:11 PM
metal572 is Offline
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i dont like dlc the way it is now. i hate gamestop and their exclusive pre order crap. i think that if dlc was more like an expansion pack then a add ons it would be more understandable (i wont pay $15 for a map pack, but if it was an expansion pack with a new story i might consider it). also there are reports that people dont always wanna charge for dlc but microsoft makes them
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05-29-10 10:44 PM
xfighter1138 is Offline
Link | 73 Words

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The idea of DLC just makes me wanna go like especially when EA decided to release DLC a DAY after Dragon Age comes out, while I think the idea of adding more maps and classes is cute I don't think MW2 needs to have a new DLC pack EVERY two months.

It's also a reason why I dislike Uncharted 2 online, you can't finish around 5-6 trophies without buying the DLC pack.
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05-30-10 07:07 PM
chugchu is Offline
Link | 75 Words

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I personally don't like DLCs because they should take more development time and put that crap in the game. They haven't yet, but I'm sure ff13 will have many quest DLCs. I can't download them all and it angers me that companies just put out games that aren't completely done, and use DLCs to steal even more of your money. DLCs are only okay if they come out on seperate discs also, like Fallout DLCs.

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06-13-10 08:47 AM
big fat cat is Offline
Link | 66 Words

big fat cat
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why do they charge so much for DLC? i mean why do shouldnt it come free with the game or are sony and nintendo who really have enough money as it is charging so much when it should be free.and then 6 months later they re release the same game with the DLC already on it as they charge 10£ more than the original games price!

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08-28-10 03:27 PM
TheOmegaDragon is Offline
Link | 40 Words

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If it were me, I would prefer everything to come free with the game because I payed sixty dollars to buy a single game and they had to go and take more of my money. What's the world coming to?
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08-29-10 12:58 PM
MegaRevolution1 is Offline
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yeah i think they are over priced, especially on the PSN, i almost paid $30 for a game that i thought was a demo :P
yeah they should have way more DLC being released if they were to go price them that high [im just lucky Nintendo doesn't make me pay for DLC on pokemon :S]
i actually like the DLC i get, they don't get ruined [thank god] and they usually are better than discs for the actual game download. the only problem is with the PSN [i only have a ps3 and wii so i don't know about the xbox] they overprice their stuff to $20 while the wii gos up to a reasonable price of $15.
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09-22-10 05:41 PM
CountDruckula is Offline
Link | 26 Words

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Rock band decides to make us pay 10 more dollars to import songs into a new game (The songs we already bought for one game already).

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09-22-10 07:51 PM
billythekidmonster is Offline
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dlc is a nice addition to alot of games but when i hear it will be availible like weeks after launch i feel it should have been in the game to start i also feel it is way to expensive
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04-15-11 04:07 PM
TheOmegaDragon is Offline
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I think it is ridiculous to charge people money for DLC when they should have included it in the game we spend $60 to play. If you want to sell games online then that's fine but I'd be even more grateful if they just give it away free of charge. I know that the people who work on games need to make a living too but at the expense of us gamers who too have to earn money to get games and find out there is extra DLC needed to get the most out of a $60 game we bought.
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04-15-11 05:05 PM
Sephitard9001 is Offline
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I don't really like a lot of DLC, but some I actually think is worth it.For instance, I bought a map pack for Black Ops that costs $14 for 5 maps. I then purchased a similarly priced DLC for AC Brotherhood that includes a bunch of Story missions, a couple MP maps, and few new characters for MP. Why are these priced the same when the AC DLC is far superior? I also bought MvC3 DLC for $4-5 for a new character. If the game itself is $60 with 30 some-odd characters, why is a single character a whole $5?! The math doesn't work out.
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04-18-11 09:46 AM
UserMike is Offline
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I myself have paid for DLC that I thought was overpriced but hey, I'm supporting them. I do feel that some things should at least maybe go on sale at one point, or have one at all (ike StarWars Force Unleashed(1) for PS3 hello?? they did re-release an ultimate edition but its hard to find and its over 50 bucks for one usually. I paid 20 dollars for the game, and there is 4 DLC 10 bucks each). More sales please. Or at least go down in price over time depending on wat it is.

Depends on the DLC.
If it's game data that wasn't included in the original game to cut corners, development time, or even just so they had SOMETHING to charge for as DLC then yes, that kind of stuff SHOULD be free.

If however it's legitimate extra bonus content that wouldn't have been included in the original game, such as LittleBigPlanet's vast DLC collection for example, then they have every reason to charge for those, there's no reason why they shouldn't get paid for that extra work.
They are after all supporting the current game, rather than jumping straight into a sequel so you can buy the same game all over again in a different style.
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04-19-11 11:20 AM
Bobbynibbles is Offline
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I do not have a next-gen system yet, but I can comment on this. It really depends on the quality of the DLC. Is it something that should have been included in the original? Does it bring significant improvement to the game or is it just the developer squeezing out some more money?
I remember a time when a game was released it was "finished" whether it was complete or not.
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