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10-07-19 09:41 AM
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Alien Slaying Trilogy

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10-07-19 09:41 AM
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Hello there and welcome to my review of Alien Trilogy.

A game based on a movie can be good, but what making a game based on three movies? Sounds even better, right? Many things can and probably will go wrong, but, thankfully, not as much in here. Time to dive into Alien Trilogy.

For a game released in early 1996 its graphic design isn't as bad as one would think. Down to its core, Alien Trilogy is "just another Doom clone". Well, yes and no.
On one side the game's mainly sprite based, as indicated by both your weapons and enemies.
On the other side, the environment the player gets put in is quite detailed. The amount of objects the player can interact with includes but is not limited to: interactive switches, a destructible (e.g. crates, barrels, walls) as well as hazardous (e.g. steam/heat streams, lava/acid pools, insta-kill pits) environment.
Some areas (especially in the last "episode") tend to be too dark, but otherwise the light levels aren't as excessively dark or bright.

Most of the sound effects, such as xenomorphs screeches, colonists and weapons, are sampled from the movies. Not to mention the soundtrack created by Stephen Root, which adds to the atmosphere of the game. Unfortunately, after finishing the 1st "episode" the music becomes a bit too repetitive, however a new track or two may play during the course of the game to provide some variety.

Alien Trilogy is and will remain one of my favorite games up to this day. It's one of the few games I've spent more than 100 hours playing, and I've enjoyed every second of it. The feeling of discovering new secrets, weapons to eviscerate any alien in front of you, as well as the brutality of it in the last few levels is something that can't just simply be forgotten. Even now I keep replaying it and finding ever new secrets and possibilities of playing the game.

The game is loosely based on the first three Alien movies: Alien™️, Aliens™️ and Alien™️ 3. I'm saying "loosely", because the order in which you play as well as what you'll be facing isn't exactly what you'd expect. The order of "episodes" is as follows: Aliens -> Alien 3 -> Alien and somehow, based on the cutscenes, everything seems to be happening on the same planet as Ripley goes around in a vehicle from one point to the next. The only cutscenes appear to be the ones after finishing an "episode" and the ending.

As far as the amount of content in this game, there's quite a lot. 35 levels in total, with 3 boss levels and 8 "bonus" levels, varying size of these levels, some as big and spacey such as The Garage, others being small and claustrophobic (yes, I'm looking at you, Lead Mould) with vast majority being relatively unique.
Not to mention the amount of enemies such as xenomorph facehuggers, chestbursters, warriors, even dog aliens! But, as was to be expected, it's not just xenomorphs that will impede your progress. There are also humanoid enemies ranging from a petty security guard through Colonial Marines up to Synthetics and Weyland's alien handlers.

As far as difficulty goes, it gets a bit random at times. At first it's constantly increasing, then there's a downward spike and afterwards it only gets harder.
The controls kind of add to that. (tank controls anyone?)
Enemies' difficulty largely depends on their amount, placement and which level you're playing. In one level (Lead Mould of course) xenomorphs are extremely tanky while in another they're very fragile.
Human enemies on the other hand are some kind of a joke. All their projectiles deal just measly 1 point of damage, however because of health and armor ("armour" in-game) even such small amount of damage will still knock you back quite a distance, potentially pushing you into hazards (such as damaging floor or steam).
In terms of difficulty setting there are 3 options:
-Acid Reign which serves as "easy mode" of the game. You can see all projectiles, enemies' carcasses full of acid don't damage you when you step on them and enemies themselves take a bit extra damage.
-Raging Terror which is normal difficulty setting. You can see your porjectiles, but not your enemies', carcasses damage you for 1 point when stepping on them and enemies have their "default" amount of health.
-Xenomania - the "hard mode" of this game. You can't even see you own shots, enemies RESURRECT if you get far enough away and then come back (the worst part is that their "corpse" is still in the same spot...) as well as enemies having even more health. If you're hoping for "casual" playthrough on Xenomania, then you may be disappointed, mainly because of the ammo problems which you may run into if you don't pay attention. On any other difficulty it's relatively easy enough to stay with maxed out ammo for all weapons.
Spoiler warning for boss fights below:
Alien Queen isn't exactly the hardest boss they could've come up with. It's SO EASY to stun-lock her, even with a pistol. Also don't bother with explosives, you'll need those later on. Trust me.
As for the levels themselves the biggest difficulty spike you'll encounter will be on the Boneship, the 3rd "episode", where layouts become very confusing with some of the traps being seriously unforgiving (with Secrets being the worst offender). Otherwise the overall difficulty is alright, but not too easy.

Alien Trilogy was one of first games I've ever gotten on Playstation. Hell, it was one of the first FPS games I've played on that system. It was a pleasure playing it every once in a while. And even now I return to it when I feel bored to relive all those memories.
Of course it's not like it's the best FPS game released for PS1, but it's definitely a game I can come back to very easily. It always feels nice running and gunning all over the place and killing every single xeno in your way...

Would I recommend playing this game? If you're into FPS games as well as Alien franchise fan, this along with Alien Resurrection would be my first recommendations.
As mentioned before, this is one of my first PS1 games and the one that shall forever remain my favourite.

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