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11-18-19 01:10 PM

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04-14-19 05:07 PM
04-19-19 09:35 AM

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Stereotypically Mean Teachers


04-14-19 05:07 PM
pennylessz is Offline
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My layout is out of the picture, but the Threadpocalypse continues!

I've encountered my fair share of teachers that had issues with me. I wasn't a model student in school. But I did meet this one guy. He was basically a monetone, uneventful Walter White.
He used to work as a chemist, till he got cancer, and he lived out the remainder of his years teaching high-school. So this guy really wasn't meant for this job. Basically, he'd stand up there and prattle about a bunch of stuff, barely actually teaching us anything, then he'd throw something difficult at us and that'd be the day. Somehow though, he always seemed to walk on by when I was screwing up. Just the one exact moment. Of course, he'd ensure that you feel bad about it. Then I accidentally broke his glass ruler one day. I told him I had carpal tunnel. He called bull on that, even though he couldn't prove I didn't have it. I bombed his class, and my mom actually went in to ask him for an extension. He was the only teacher that said no. Apparently really snidely too, my mother still doesn't like him. Anyway, he retired immediately after I moved schools, and they got a great science teacher. I doubt he's alive anymore, but I hope he stopped being so condescending in his final years.
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04-14-19 05:41 PM
Mecha Leo is Offline
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Mecha Leo
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All right, sit down while I tell you about the best worst teacher I ever knew.

First thing you should know about me is how I look at math. Poorly. My style of learning was never suited for math, the bull about showing work and carrying, god the carrying. Of course in early grades this wasn't much of an issue, but once I made the shift into middle school it was everyone's dedication to rip my innocence into shreds. Mrs. Cockerham was at the forefront, and let me tell you, if you had to live your life long enough with a name like cock her ham, it would be long enough to see yourself become the villain. She was one of those scream at the class teachers, just as a hobby. Cruel, unempathetic, and I was essentially her punching bag. To paint a picture, she organized the class by alphabet. As you can imagine, whatever my last name is, I was right up front for her easy access. The kids next to me were A, some huge kid who was held back by at least two grades, I don't remember much about him other than he always needed a pencil, and B for bully, someone who never shut up about each little transgression that I committed over the course of a class.

On the first day the teacher was mean, unlike any teacher I ever knew (cept that one from 2nd grade), and made it ever so apparent I knew nothing about math in her eyes. Considering I was up front, I always got caught on for questions. You know when teachers have the methodology to call on kids who aren't raising their hands on the assumption they weren't paying attention and to call them out on it, but really more than half the time they just really don't want to answer the stupid question? That was her. And me. I was the "just don't call on me, we've been over this seven times this week" kid. By the second day of middle school, on top of every thing else that was happening, her class was the breaking point, she calls on me for something I can't answer, and I break out crying saying I don't know. And classmate B tears me apart for that. I was an easy target.

Very soon after that, she proved that she just outright hated me for no particular reason other than not being good at math when I tried sketching pokemon after finishing a worksheet. Now she never brought up a no drawing policy of her class before, she even had books for when kids were done working, but when she saw me drawing, she yells at me, snatches my drawing, and reads it aloud and shows the class. Basically like the pack leader tossing scraps to the rest of the group, because everyone made fun of my interest in pokemon. Yep, 2-3 years before I even touch the internet, for the first time having a hobby made the opposite of friends, at a time where the friends I made with pokemon were gone now.

It wasn't the last time I tried drawing though. Once I tried again, more discreetly within my backpack to either hide the fact, or at least shove it back in if she called me on it. She wasn't even kind enough to give me a warning that time, before I knew she was over me, she snatched at the paper, but I didn't let go. We had a tug of war over my drawing, and she ripped off part of it, but I grabbed the rest and ran out the classroom. It was one of those schools that has lockers, but never bothered using them, so I ended up tearing up my drawing, shoving it in through the vents of a locker, then crying about it outside, as I would rather have destroyed my things than let Mrs. C-Ham embarrass me over it. That whole school was awful, but she was the emblem of everything wrong. When I was picked up by my mom and brought home on the last day of school, I cursed the name of that place from the car window.

I haven't really trusted the school system of Hillsborough since then, I was given more reasons to hate the education board if anything, but before sixth grade, teachers were people I trusted. These days, anyone is hired on qualifications alone, and it's sheer lucky chance if they actually care about the class or not. If anyone in that school had sense, they would have seen the way Cockerham managed the class and forced her to change or fire her. At least now she makes a good punchline.
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04-19-19 09:35 AM
Snodeca is Offline
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Mean teachers ? No, I've never had any. Strict teachers ? Definitely. Do I like them ? Sure I do, except one anyway.

The first strict teacher I had was a teacher that thought how to modify chunks of wood. Not sure how such a class would be called in English lol. He was super strict and I guess he was old, but God he was a great teacher. Second strict teacher (after moving classes) was a cooks teacher (they both retired btw). Literally everyone hates this teacher. Everyone.

Quite honestly, she was one of my favourite teachers. I guess I like strict teachers lol. The third strict teacher is the one I don't like, though. He's a great teacher in my opinion but he talks too much and I don't think he realizes that what he says sometimes is painful for others. "You're dumb", he says, noticably hurting the student. He didn't apologize. Luckily it doesn't happen too often and next to that he's a great teacher, yeah. But he should be more careful with what he says.

So I guess he's a mean teacher. Although in reality he does have a kind soul and really doesn't mean it when he says you're dumb, it's just that he shouldn't be sarcastic like that. I don't like him as a teacher.
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