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12-14-18 08:35 AM

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12-05-18 11:44 AM
12-05-18 09:33 PM

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Which region is your favorite?


12-05-18 11:44 AM
Lexatom is Online
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As of late 2018, there have been 7 different Pokemon regions across the series, with (most likely) an 8th one coming out this time next year with the introduction to Gen 8. Which of the 7 regions is your favorite, and why? Whether it be based on the region's design, the Pokemon that appear in that region, etc.

Personally, I really like Alola more than the other regions, but Sinnoh is a very close second place. Alola has many distinct locations and none of the areas feel samey besides the ocassional route looking the same as another route. I think the fact that Gen 7 kind of has an "open" type of feel to it (take Poni Plains for example) makes it that much better for me, and I hope to see more of this open feel in the next generation.

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12-05-18 11:53 AM
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Johto. Every place in Johto is beautiful and in HG/SS it also had both the Pokeathlon and the Battle Frontier.

Places like Ecruteak City, Goldenrod City, Bell Tower, the routes to the safari zone and Mt. Silver just to name a few. There's probably not even 1 place I dislike in this region which is more than I can say for probably every other region.
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12-05-18 02:28 PM
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Recently I came to a realization of I don't know what my favorite region is for sure but I'll for the time I'll say Kalos because my first game was Y and I'm replaying it and enjoying it. Now that I said that watch me find some part of the game I forgot I hate when I play it more.
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12-05-18 06:59 PM
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For me, It's definitely Unova.

The reason why I picked Unova over the other 6 regions, because all of the cities and towns that are in the region (both B/W and B2/W2) are quite unique in it's own way. the cities I like the most in Unova is Castelia City (love the big city vibe with a bunch of skyscrapers), Nimbasa City with the theme park look and other fun attractions, and Opelucid City, you know what, every place in Unova I love.

Mostly because Pokemon Black happens to be my first Pokemon game after returning back to the series after a 7-year hiatus.
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12-05-18 09:33 PM
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Hoenn, cause it's from my favorite Pokémon game as well as it has french horns, lots of french horns.

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