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Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles in Streets of Rage 2

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03-11-18 10:37 AM
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Streets of rage 2 was a popular video game for Sega. The game was the second installment in the Bare Knuckle Series (Streets of rage). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a popular series that has its own video game series. TMNT has had lots of comics, video games, and even movies done on them. This is a hack where you can play streets of rage using the Turtles. 

Story: 8

A year has passed since the crime boss Mr X was defeated. Suddenly crime breaks out again and Adam gets ambushed and kidnapped. Mr. X sends Axle and Blaze a letter challenging them. However, they will be going against tougher criminals than they did last time. For assistance the Bare Knuckle team gets the Teenage Mutant Turtles to help them out. Now Leo, Don, Raphael, and Mike set out to take down Mr. X. After all fighting ninjas and crime is what the Turtles do best. 

Okay I really like the plot here. It maintains part of the original game plot which made the original game great. But I like the turtles being inserted in the plot. I mean the turtles fit this game nicely. It should also be noted that the Turtles had their own beat em up game around the time the original streets of rage 2 came out Turtles in Time. So it makes sense why they would be in a game like this. Therefore I give the plot a solid 8 out of 10. The reason I do not give it a 9 or to a 10 is I really would like to have seen how they contacted the Turtles in the Plot. Like the plot could have shown the Bare Knuckle team reaching out to them by calling them, meeting them or etc. Still a good plot overall. 

Graphics and Controls: 9 

The graphics are pretty much the same as the original game which is good. Streets of Rage 2 had some of the best graphics among the Sega games and really showed what the Mega System was capable of at its peak. The way the city lights light up reminds you of an actual city at night. The backgrounds really fit the stage themes very well. The sprites are amazing as well. The Turtle's Sprites are very good and similar to the Turtles in Time Sprites. Since both games where 16 bytes I really think the maker/makers used Turtles in Time sprites for this game and it shows. 

In the original game the controls were some of the best controls among Sega games well with the exception of Sonic games. The controls are very smooth just like they where in the original game. The controls do not seem to slow down or change speeds. In other Streets of Rage 2 hacks the controls could change speeds at times. It does not really matter which Turtle you use the controls are about the same. Thus, I give the graphics and controls a solid 9 out of 10. 

Sound: 9 

Streets of Rage 2 had a very good soundtrack. The stages music would sometimes make you want to take a break and just listen tot he music. Yeah, that is how good the soundtrack is in this game. The sounds the characters make are priceless and nicely done. Enemies will moan and groan as you knock them out. Also when they hit you with weapons it makes a pow sound. When you get hit your character makes a sound as well. So, nothing has really been changed in this hack. Since there has not been a change I give the sound a 9 out of 10. 

Replay Value 9 

I do not know which game I had more fun playing the original game or this game using the Turtles. I can remember me and my cousin playing the original game a lot. After playing the original game at my cousins I saved me money and bought it myself. I would play the original game a lot. I also had Turtles in Time for the SNES and Turtles for the NES. I played those games a lot when I was not playing Mega Man, which is my favorite video game franchise. So when I learned that there was a streets of rage 2 hack where you could play as the Turtles. I thought I have got to play this. It turns out this game is on par with the original game, which it amazing , considering this is a hack. I really liked this game and had fun playing it. Especially since I played the game different times with two of my favorite Turtles Leo and Donatello. It does not get much better than this. Overall, I give the replay value a 9 out of 10. 

Depth: 4 

If the game really suffers its due to the lack of depth. On the other hand, this is a beat em up fighting game. These types of games are not known for their depth like Mega Man, Mario and Donkey Kong Country games are. Still there is some things that keeps me from not giving the depth rating a zero or a 1. The stages are pretty long so each stage esp the latter ones will take a while to clear. Also there are hidden 1-ups that can be found. So that is what keeps me giving the depth a lower rating. I like it that the stages take a while to clear as it makes you enjoy the music more. I give the depth a 4 out of 10. 

Difficulty: 7 

Just like the original game the difficulty really depended on which character you use. This hack is no differ as it depends on which turtle you use. I will give each turtle their own difficulty rating as I feel like that is the best way to do the difficulty rating.  It should be noted the game depends on which difficulty level you choose. I play the game on normal which is the default difficulty. Enemies just love to gang up on you and beat you up. They also carry weapons at times and can ambush you. The bosses especially after stage 3 can be very hard. The boss of stage 5 gave me a lot of problems. The final boss can be a real pain they even have him taunt you as he hits you. The game though gives you plenty of 1-ups and even if you die you can still continue playing by selecting continue. Overall, I think the difficulty would be a 7 out of 10. 

Playing as a different Turtle can add to the difficulty so as I stated I will be giving each turtle their own difficulty rating. 

Leo 7 out of 10- Leo pretty much is the well rounded Turtle as his swords have a good reach to them. So his difficulty is pretty much standard for this game 

Donatello- 6 out of 10. Playing as Don I found the game a little bit easier. The main reason is Donatello uses a bo staff as his weapon. He can beat up the enemies before they get to him. Since his bo staff has a long reach. He can also use his staff to clear out a lot of enemies. 

Raphael- 8 out of 10. Raphael can be difficult while playing with him. His weapon is a very close range weapon so enemies have to be right up against you for you to hit them with. This can get you hit a lot esp since the enemies like to gang up on you. 

Mike- 8 out of 10. Mike can be difficult to play with mainly for the same reason as Raphael is his weapon you have to be right up to enemies to hit them with his weapon. 

Overall 9.2 

Wow can you imagine a hack coming close to beating the original game ? Well, folks this one in my opinion does that or comes very close to accomplishing that. I really liked this game it combined two out of three of my favorite beat em up games. I really liked the original streets of rage 2 game, I also really liked Turtles in Time.  My other beat em up game I liked was the Stone Protectors game. So it was nice to see two of my favorite beat em ups combined. This game has a lot going for it as I will explain. The game has a few minor issues too. 

The game's graphics are on par with the original game. I have played some Streets of Rage 2 hacks and the controls while not bad did seem a little bit off. This is not one of them as the controls are very smooth. I also like getting to play as the Ninja Turtles I think the maker was really trying to combine the two games. I also think they were taking an old game and trying to make a new game out of it. If that is what the maker intended he or she did an excellent job. As the game gives you the impression you are playing a new game using an old game's background. I also like how the sound was left unchanged. Streets of Rage 2 had some of the best sound on the Master System (Sega Genesis ). The difficulty is just about right for this game and it depends on which character you use just like the original game. 

Now for the negatives, again they are very few. The first negative is why in the plot you know the Bare Knuckle Team contacted the Turtles. I really would have like to have seen how they actually did it. Did they call them, write them a letter, meet them and etc the possibilities are endless here. It is not really a big deal but I think that could have been included in the plot. Also I would have like to have seen a little bit more depth included. Yes, I know this is a beat em up type game, still the maker could have put in power ups found in Turtles in Time in this game. That would have been so awesome to get to use the Turtles power up items that where found in their beat em up game. 

Overall I give the rating a 9.2 . This game has a lot going for it: getting to play as the Turtles, the graphics, sound, and difficulty makes this game a good one. What you would expect in a great game is what this game has. The maker really did a good job. One can also tell how the maker put a lot of effort and development in making this game. The issues this game has is very minor and to most gamers it would not even be an issue. As for recommending this game would I recommend this game? Yes I would this game is fun for the entire family. It is also a good game for the young, and old. It is a very solid game overall and while the game has its difficult moments. Its not going to be a game that makes you frustrated that you do not want to play anymore. 

In conclusion, Streets of Rage TMNT hack is a very good and fun game to enjoy. I hope you take the time to play this game and I hope you enjoy it like I did. Blessings in Christ and happy gaming.  
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03-11-18 10:57 AM
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It is amazing that the TMNT crew would be in the hack version of SoR2! Must be really popular for some reason!

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